Star Knowledge UFO Conference
Interview with Marc Davenport
( with "Illinois" Shapiro, June 1996 )

Star Knowledge
UFO Conference
June 14th, 1996
Wagner, South Dakota

( J: - Joshua Shapiro; M: Marc Davenport,
transcribed July, 1996)

J: We’re here with Marc Davenport, who is going to tell us how one can define him.

M: Uh, how I’m defined. . .well I’m a lifelong UFO investigator, an investigator of abductions and contactees, that sort of thing. I’m an author, I’ve written a book called "Visitors From Time: The Secret of the UFO’s", also another book called "Dear Mr. President: 100 Earth-Saving Letters", and of course several others that aren’t published yet. I’m a publisher, I’ve published books on this subject. Also we are a bookseller -- we sell every book in print in the U.S., fiction or non-fiction, all subjects, by mail order. That pretty well wraps it up, I guess.

J: Okay, Marc. Of all the things you’ve explored or investigated related to UFO’s what things do you think are most important for people to be aware of right now?

M: Boy, that’s a long one. Right now it’s important for people who are not awake yet to become aware of the fact that the Physical world is not all there is, it’s just a tiny portion of all there is, and the rest of it is probably much more important than the physical world. In other words, we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and because of that there is a whole lot out there in the universes that we are not normally aware of, but it’s important that we become aware of it and the UFO’s are part of that.

There are beings that are much more advanced than we are that are capable of traveling to and from other parallel dimensions. They actually literally warp the structure of space and time physically with some type of machinery in order to carry their environment around with them and, apparently, some of these beings are able to do it without any form of machinery whatsoever. Some people on the Earth have apparently evolved enough to where they can do it without machinery. They can actually travel to other realms, other places, or any other point in space and time with a few exceptions. And, because these craft apparently have some kind of generator aboard them that’s able to warp space-time, this is what allows them to come here easily, not only from other planets but from other stars, other galaxies, other parallel dimensions that exist side-by-side with ours, which quantum physicists are just now getting across to the public that these things really do exist, including perhaps the place where we go when we dream, and the places we go when we die, as well as being able to travel into our own future and our own past. I think our future is a very important part of this because I think many of the people that are visiting us now are from our own future.

J: Is there any research or evidence that you have uncovered related to the UFOs ability to time travel which you discuss in your book?

M: Oh, yeah, the book is filled with evidence and since I wrote the book people have been coming to me with all sorts of new evidence. I’ve got all kinds of videotapes that deal with this subject. For instance, just to give you an example, and these are all controversial figures of course, but Bob Lazar, says he was employed by the U.S. government to reverse-engineer captured flying saucers and he says that these craft work by using Element 115, which is bombarded with protons. This process creates a gravity wave and that gravity wave literally warps space-time. That’s what allows the spaceships to fly.

Al Bielek says that he was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment back in 1943, where the U.S. Navy made a ship, the Eldridge, disappear. They were trying to make it invisible to radar and they inadvertently hooked up with another experiment going on in 1983 at Montauk, on Long Island (NY state) and accidentally created a wormhole through space-time. That's what happened to this ship. Apparently, according to the witnesses, it went 40 years into the future. They had to destroy the equipment onboard the ship to get it to return, because they had no idea what they were dealing with or how dangerous it might be. That’s very controversial, but a lot of other people now are coming forward and saying that they were involved in these experiments also. Preston Nichols, and a number of others such as "Drue". Apparently our government did stumble onto the mechanism back then, and they’ve been working at it ever since. Now they have become quite proficient at it and have been all over the universe with this same technology and been in contact with ET’s, from various different places.

J: Have you had any personal experiences yourself with UFO’s or this idea of time-travel by ET’s?

M: I saw my first UFO when I was 10 years old, in 1962. It was a cigar-shaped, fuselage-shaped thing, far away, way high up, maybe 60,000-70,000 feet I would guess. I thought it was a Goodyear Blimp. I rode my bike home and said "Dad, I’ve seen the Goodyear Blimp" and he said, "No, it’s in Ohio". We were in Missouri at the time. He called the airport to make sure -- there were no flight plans filed. And, of course, the thing had no gondola hanging below it or anything else, but it was a huge, huge blimp-shaped thing which just hung in the sky with no fins, no engines or anything. And it hung there for a long, long time so it obviously had some kind of propulsion in it that was not a normal propulsion system.

I’ve seen several UFO’s since then, always at a great distance, nothing close up, at least nothing that I remember. I always use that qualifier because I’m pretty sure that I have been aboard these things several times but I don’t have any memory of it. I’ve had people tell me they’ve seen me aboard these things. I’ve had a bloody nose and the missing time which are all the earmarks of other people who have had contact. And of course, not the least of which is the compulsion to do what I’m doing, to investigate these things, to write about it and to educate people about this subject. It’s quite a compulsion with me. Everything I’ve written has been necessary -- I could not avoid writing what I’ve written, and what I have shared in my speaking engagements. To give you an example of this, before I did my first lecture I feared public speaking worse than death, really and literally. But I never once shied away from it because I knew I had to do it, and eventually I got used to it but it was a terrible thing to overcome. It’s that strong of a compulsion.

J: Do you feel some kind of guiding force or something that’s helping you to decide what to share, what to speak, or how to work?

M: Very definitely, yes. In fact, Lea Haley, who is an abductee and is my wife .. she and I were brought together by some outside force. We did not want to be together. I was happily married to another woman, her husband had just left her, abandoned her, she didn’t want any kind of relationship with another man. She didn’t want to ever have a relationship with a man again she was so hurt by that. Nevertheless our paths kept crossing and we couldn’t do anything about it -- it was just happening. We knew that if we got together it would break up my marriage, which it did. It’s just we were supposed to be together to do what we are doing now and as we look back on it, both of us, our entire lives were spent preparing us for what we’re doing now. She’s a CPA, she taught English, she has a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I ran a shipping department, I learned computers, and I’ve been a writer and an editor of many books on this subject. I edited, for instance, "The Allegash Abductions" and several other books. Incidentally she knows nothing about computers. All of our skills fit together so well. And, also, I don’t know of anyone else who is dedicated enough to stick with this as long as she has, and she doesn’t know of anyone else besides me who would have stuck with this because it’s been very, very difficult to make a living at this, and most people would go back to the 9-to-5. I’m an engineer -- I could go back to manufacturing/engineering. And she could go back to being a CPA. We don’t because it’s a calling -- that’s what it is. We can’t not do it. But, yes, we were guided, some people would say manipulated. And, I have since found, as this is one of the things I lecture about, is that there is a worldwide program of this, and I guess it’s universal wide, as we are experiencing this all over the planet. It’s been going on, apparently, for thousands of years. There’s a social engineering program here, and we’re all part of it. The first thing I found out was as I checked with other major people in the UFO field, key investigators is that many of these people were brought together in the same way. John Carpenter, for instance, who’s the director of abduction studies for MUFON, was married to another woman, Denise, who actually was running UFO conferences at the time. The first time he saw Elizabeth, a voice in his head said "You will know her", and when Elizabeth saw him, a voice in her head said "He is the one". So these people got divorced and then married each other, and they are blissfully going on along their path. John is of course a very important cog in this UFO thing. Pam Meyer and Bryan Christie , who run Blue Water Publishing, met in much the same way. They didn’t hear a voice in their head but they knew instantly that they were meant for each other. They were actually told through a channeller, by an ET named Raj, that they were supposed to go out and publish UFO material. And they said, "who us, we’re not publishers"? But, of course, their skills fit together perfectly too -- Bryan is also a computer person and so forth.

Bob Girard, who runs Arcturus books, he and his wife were brought together in the same manner. So you see, I can go on and on, there are many major people in this field that this has happened to. Some of them don’t want to talk about it publicly. The last two people that I heard about were John Mack and Colin Andrews. I have not gotten a chance to ask them yet if that’s true, but that’s what I hear from other people. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Elton Turner, Carla Turner’s husband, he and his first wife were actually taken aboard the ships, implanted, and forced to be mates. They tried to love each other but they never did. It just never did work out. They finally split up and Elton married Carla Turner. I guess you know all about that story. When we open a can of beer and watch the game on TV and think that’s all there is to life, we are really deluding ourselves. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, and I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface on what it all means. But it has something to do with our spiritual growth. Apparently we are all fragments of God, or as some people in this Conference would say, "All that is", which is the same thing really, and we are meant to progress and get closer to the Source and this is all part of our process of doing that.

I don’t have any conscious contact with any particular being. I have had psychics tell me that there is a being standing behind me and tell me it looks like some kind of extraterrestrial. But I don’t have any names. Leah for instance has a being called Ceto that she’s met many times and many of the other abductees have a particular being. Michelle Levine has one called Hatar. These beings (ETs) seem to stay with these people for long periods, perhaps throughout their lives, perhaps throughout several lives, and guide them and so forth. If I have these guides I don’t know them, I don’t know who they are.

J: The sales of your products -- are you getting orders just from the United States or what areas of the world?

M: It’s worldwide -- we sell worldwide. We don’t get as many foreign orders because so far we haven’t had the capital to advertise in foreign countries. Of course, almost all of our products are English and almost all of our videotapes are VHS, so that kind of limits what we can sell. But yes, we sell all over the world.

J: Which products do you sell that are the most popular at this time?

M: OK. There’s a new book out right now called "Unconventional Flying Objects" by Paul Hill, a Nasa scientist, thats probably our best seller right now.

J: What do you think is the importance of the Star Knowledge Conference and where are we going in the future with UFO’s?

M: I think the conference is extremely important, first of all because it’s the first one that I know of where the Native Americans have volunteered to help us learn what’s going on about the UFOs. Many of them have known all along what’s going on. It’s been their tradition for thousands of years, and I think they’ve been rather amused by us stumbling into the knowledge here and there when all we had to do in the first place was ask them. So for me, this is very important. There are people here from all over the world to learn what’s going on and to talk about what we can do to awaken the rest of us. Also what can we do to progress farther along with the UFO issues rather than just giving in to some kind of negative energy that’s tearing the planet apart and all that. There are a lot of people here who are very advanced spiritually and they’re helping many other people to open as well. We’re all going to be teachers. All of us here at this Conference are going to go to other conferences and we’re going to write and speak and everything, and we’re going to help awaken other people as to what’s going on.

J: And as far as the future of UFO’s, where do you think we’re headed?

M: I think the U.S. government is beginning to leak information out about the UFOs. In fact, I think there’s been a widespread, systematic program of government acclimation going on since the Roswell crash. I think it was planned all along. I think there are two factions, at least two factions. The first faction does not want any information out, the other wants it all out. So they’re kind of working against each other, but it’s coming out. I think we’ve reached critical mass now, and this Conference is one of the evidences of that. But whether the government does anything about it or not, it’s still going to happen. The UFO’s are going to be seen more frequently, and we will see more sightings. They have told this to many of the people being contacted, including Leah. They’ve told us that they’re going to be coming here more, and they don’t want people to be afraid. So we need to educate people about this. People think they can run, but they can’t hide -- it’s going to affect all of us. We’re in for a transformation on this planet. Economically, physically, geologically, and biologically in every way we’re going to be transformed into something different than what we have here now. We’re going to be much more aware of the unseen, the subspace, the spiritual and we’re going to be living much more simply, without a lot of unnecessary, polluting technology. But before that happens we’re going to have to go through a period of very painful change. That’s what we need to be prepared for. And that’s one of the reasons that many of the ET’s are here, I think, is to help us through that period. I think there are also some bad, negative ET’s that are here to capitalize on our pain and suffering also.

J: Alright, thanks a lot, Marc.

M: Thank you.

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