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In March of 1989, the first and only edition for our book, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed,  was released on behalf of the co-authors by J & S Aquarian Networking in California.  At that time, some people considered this to be the definitive book about the crystal skulls.  Currently, the book is now out of print, although we do have a number of copies left in mint condition. 

We were able to include a few small pieces from this earlier book, in our new book on the crystal skulls, Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer (click here for details), but for the most part, the most special and powerful messages and information we included can only be found within this classic book. 

We (the co-authors and the publisher of this book) did our absolute best to share the most profound and interesting insights into these mysterious artifacts known in the 1980's.  Additionally we offered a number of theories which discussed the purpose of the crystal skulls and how they were created and by whom.   This book has more of a "chanelling" flavor to it than our current book but it also discusses a few crystal skulls that are not known to the public. Ten thousand copies of this book were initially printed in 1989 (the English version, in the U.S.) with a Portuguese edition was published in Brazil in July of 1992.  It is highly unlikely that this book will ever be re-printed again.

Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed includes over 40 pictures and illustrations (by Michael Abbey and Alexandra Kokorich) and is 320 pages.  The cover is in color and lamenated as shown above but there are no color pictures inside.  Besides interviews with its three co-authors, there is an interview with Steve Mehler, who is a psychic archeologist and Egyptologist; a short intro about channeling by Jon Klimo (who wrote the definitive book on this subject some years ago) and information given by two channels (Michael Kant and Neville Rowe, deceased, on behalf of the dolphins).  More then ten different crystal skulls are discussed.

To wet your appetitie a bit, we have included below a few excerpts from our first book on the crystal skulls, so you can an idea of what is included in this special book. We only have several hundreds copy of the book remaining, so if you wish to obtain your own copy, please contact us shortly.  All the information how to order your copy, is contained below on this page. Due to our appearance on the Coast to Coast Radio show (broadcast June 29th-30th), we may not have any copies left, as this is one of the most listened to radio programs in the world that deals with the paranormal.

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Thank you for your interest in our first crystal skull book.  We hope you are enjoying your visit to our website.

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Joshua experiences with two Crystal Skulls  
Comparison of Various Ancient Crystal Skulls  
Download More Extensive Excerpt File (Text, 85k)

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