Jane Doherty, holding
"Maya" for the camera!


A Crystal Skull from Mexico
( Jane Doherty, Caretaker,
S. Plainfield, NJ )

Eight years ago, Jane Doherty, was walking in a store in Mexico and spotted some interest quartz crystals that were calling to her from a glass case. As she neared this case, she saw that contained within were two crystal skulls. She felt such an affinity to these pieces that she had to purchase them.

About the time she acquired these crystal skulls, Jane began to look at other ways of making a living, as she was a school teacher at the time and found that she had an interest in more metaphysical or paranormal subjects. She started to find that she could do spiritual consultations, and would receive clear information about other people and their lives. Also she noticed that the larger of two crystal skulls was always near her while doing these sessions). So somehow, the crystal skull was acting as a catalyst to allow Jane to work with her natural spiritual gifts.

At the present time, Jane is the President of the Jersey Society for Parapsychology, and does Ghost Investigations and clears haunted houses. She is going to be offering a Haunted House Tour in the New Jersey - New York area in October (1995). She has also been featured on "Sightings" and other special shows on NBC and was a honorable mention in two books dealing with ghosts.

How I became familiar with Jane is indirectly through Internet. A person by the name of Robert Rouse, had been posting copies of the Center of Attention's newsletters (A New Age Center in Santa Clara, California) to one of the mailing lists I am subscribed to. One of this center's members, Wayne Nicholas, went to attend the sacred Mayan Sunrise Ceremony, on March 21st, in Uxmal, Mexico. This ceremony was held as part of a prophecy that new energies would start to be infused into the earth. The gathering drew people together from all over the world. Wayne reported that he met Jane at this gathering and she brought a crystal skull with her. Wayne described in the center's newsletter some of the powerful ceremonies conducted with the skull, while they were there.

One of the Maya Elder at
Uxmal, Mexico holding "Maya".

So I called Wayne, begged, asked, pleaded, to receive Jane's phone number, so I could obtain more insight into who she was and what type of crystal skull she had. Then one day at my job, I picked up the phone and there was Jane Doherty. Amazing, I thought, the universe is working doubletime!! In any case, we began a friendship which at the writing of this article, has only been over the phone but in less then one month, we have setup between us, nine crystal skull lectures in New York City - New Jersey, Wisconsin, Chicago and Indiana for September (1995).

Some additional information I learned from Jane: She had read our crystal skull book ("Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed") and was thinking of contacting me for over a year. (Must have been the right time aye?) In addition, Jane told me about the two skulls she had. 'Maya', the larger of the two skulls is clear quartz crystal and has some indentations in the temples, similar to the Amethyst and Mayan Crystal Skulls discussed in our book. "Maya" was the crystal skull that Jane brought to Mexico and she calls it "Maya" because she felt that in Uxmal, this crystal skull became re-activated and also because this skull has the feel of being feminine. The smaller, second crystal skull is a rutilated skull that calls "Alden", the middle name of her close friend Ron in California, who felt it was extremely important that she go to Mexico, so she honors Ron by naming this second skull after him. So "Maya" and "Alden" really have not been shared with the public too much, but this coming September, Jane and myself will begin to work together to offer a lecture that discuss many of the known ancient crystal skulls today and to also provide people an opportunity to work directly with an ancient crystal skull. We will also begin to do some research with "Maya" by working with sensitives and scientifically minded individuals, in order to gain a better understanding of how these skulls were made and for what purpose.

Crystal Skull

( September, 1995
during lecture tour )
Picture of "Maya" (clear)
and "Alden" (rutilated) together.

In September of 1995, Jane Doherty and I offered a number of lectures in five states (of the US) with "Maya" and "Alden". In addition, during our trip to the Midwest, Jane offered a personal reading, which she does with the crystal skulls. In Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, all these private sessions were booked. Also, we were able to conduct three research sessions with the crystal skulls in Brooklyn, New York (at the home of Ellie Crystal, a psychic reader and UFO reseacher as well as promoter of our New York City talk); Janesville, Wisconsin (home of Debbie Smoker, our Wisconsin Coordinator) and in Des Plaines, Illinois (our own home for V J Enterprises). We had about forty people participate in the research and we were able to record their sessions on video and audio tape.

Almost each person who worked with the two crystal skulls felt some energy or received some information related to the history or purpose of the crystal skulls. About half of the individuals who worked with the skulls felt they were very old and some people (including a Peruvian Shaman doing a reading with cocoa leaves) felt it was a recent skull. My own experience with "Maya" indicated that this crystal skull was channeling a great deal of energy, on a level similar but not as intense as some of the human size ancient crystal skulls. I felt that there also was a spiritual being who worked around Jane and the crystal skulls (sort of like a triangle, as Jane has some very powerful energy around her as well). In any case, when I held "Alden", the rutilated skull, the two skulls canceled out each others energy.

There were three men who worked with the crystal skull, Marc Whitford from the Washington, DC area, and two friends in the Chicago area, who after working with "Maya" we noticed that the quartz was much clearer inside. In the case of Tom, who was one of these three individuals, in a private session with Jane, she said that smoke was coming from "Maya" when he worked with it. Some people saw an old man connected with the sculpting of the skulls and other people were transported to times in the earth past seeing temples and strangly dressed people. But I think most people felt that "Maya" was more gentle and had a feminine energy and "Alden" held a more masculine energy. It was absolutely amazing watching all of these sessions going on, as Jane was taking pictures and controling the tape recorder while I for the most was the video camera person.


A strange sequence of events while we were in the Midwest led us to an opportunity to take aura pictures of ourselves without holding a crystal skull and then another picture when we did. Here is how it happened (just an example of a very intense period of time in working with the two crystal skulls):

During the lecture we were giving at Heart and Soul, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, my slide projector was having some problems. The light bulb began flickering and eventually it wouldn't come on. I was speaking at the moment (Jane and I took turns sharing our stories) so I asked Jane if she could check the projector and see what is wrong. When she just touched the projector, the light bulb exploded (Jane has a habit of strange things going on around her due to the strong energy she channels as a gifted psychic - so she agreed not to touch the projector any more after this, believe me!). Fortunately, one of the people who was attending our lecture lived closeby and had her own projector which we used and she allowed us to use for the rest of our Wisconsin lectures.

When we returned to the Chicago area, to prepare for the lectures we would be offering, we needed to go to a Camera store to see if the problem was a bad light bulb or the projector's itself. When a new bulb was placed inside the projector, it worked like a gem. So we were all set. As we were discussing with the salesperson why this was so important and a little bit about what we were doing, I noticed a woman off to our right who was listening to us. As we began to speak with her we found out that she is a local psychic by the name of Dianne Reddington (she said she was picking up on our energy also which caught her attention) and that she was in the store to buy some supplies for this very expensive kirlian camera she just bought. We were astonished how the universe was working on our lecture tour, because Jane and I had been discussing what other tests we could conduct with the crystal skulls and I mentioned that kirlian photography might be good, that a woman who worked with "Max", the Texas Crystal Skull, had some very interesting results. So lo and behold our prayers had been answered. I quickly got Dianne's home phone number to call her before Jane had to return to New Jersey, to setup a session. We arranged for about an hour session with the crystal skulls on Wednesday, September 27th, before we need to go for our lecture in Highland, Indiana. My wife Vera accompanied Jane and I, and the session with this special camera was quite interesting. How the camera worked is that you sat in a chair, and in front of you was a pad with metal contacts that your pressed your fingers into. The camera was connected to a computer that also printed out an interpretation of the colors that appeared around you. The colors produced by the camera was based on reading the energy through your hand. So Jane and I each took turns, having a picture taken without holding a skull, then we each held "Maya" and also we had some other variations. I have been given permission to share on Internet the pictures that resulted from this session, so below are links to two pages, one for Jane Doherty's pictures and the other for myself. These pages will link back to the next section immediately.

( September 27th, Park Ridge, IL,
with Jane Doherty and Joshua Shapiro,
photographer - Dianne Reddington )

Jane Doherty Session (unavailable)
Joshua Shapiro Session

For those of you who live in the NY or NJ area (US) and would like to have your own experience with "Maya" or "Alden", or just to receive a reading from their caretaker Ms. Doherty, you can contact Jane at:

Jane Doherty, 2325 Plainfield Ave., S. Plainfield, NJ 07080 (908)889-2508 (NJ)

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