LAKE * T I T I C A C A * O P T I O N
( Peru Journey, June/September, 1996 )

In addition to our normal two week Peruvian Journey, we are offering an additional five day journey to the magical Lake Titicaca. The dates for this option are June 25th to June 29th, or September 13th to September 17th. Please find below the iterary for this optional journey.


June 25th: CUSCO/PUNO,
September 13th: LIMA/PUNO:

In the morning we will catch our flight to Juliaca, the closest airport to Puno City. Puno is set in the extensive Callao Altiplano, the high plateau shared by Peru and Bolivia, on the shores of Lake Titicaca which is an immense inland sea. Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest at over 2 thousand meters. The Lake connects us to one of the most powerful feminine energies of our Mother Earth. It is believed by the natives that the Lake was the place where the holy couple, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo emerged from its waters, and gave birth to the Andes Civilizations. Today many spiritual people connect with this Sacred Lake and used its power and energy to raise their vibration and balance their Feminine and Masculine Energies. It is also believed that Titicaca is a doorway for our Space Brothers and Sisters in their spacecraft (UFOs), to enter the inner world and exchange knowledge with an underwater civilization. This day is free to the rest and relax. The elevation is approximately 13.000 feet high.

June 26th / September 14th:

PUNO/UROS/AMANTANI/PUNO: After breakfast, a boat will take us to the floating reed Island of Uros. This island is the home of the Aymaras, ancient islanders that due to their singularity, arouse a great deal of curiosity. They use totora reeds to build their huts and rafts, and fish with rudimentary nets for survival. For the last decades they also sell handicrafts made by women and children. They are quiet people but allow us to visit their homes and share our love. Our next stop will be the ancient Island of Amantani, also known as the Island of LOVE, where we will enjoy a splendid view and interact with the local native who have preserved the customs of their ancestors for all these years. A special shaman will guide us in an Offering Ritual to the PACHA TATA, the energy and beings of/within the Mountains.

June 27th / September 15th:

PUNO: Another special place nearby is the "Dimensional Door of Lord Aramu Muru (God Meru)", for those that have read the book, Secrets of the Andes, they will be familiar with this entity. Lord Muru was one of the great Lemurian sages and the Keeper of the Scrolls during the last days of doomed Mu. We will visit and meditate in the place where Lord Muru was last seen in this dimension, a truly powerful experience. Our next stop will be in the Temple of the Fertility, where we will meditate and give thanks for our holy journey and ask for prosperity and abundance in our lives as well as for blessings from the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.

June 28th / September 16th:

PUNO/LIMA: We catch our return flight to Lima. This is a free day. Lima has many museums, so if you wish to visit one, this can be setup for you.

June 29th / September 17th:

MIAMI/LIMA: Our return flight home leaves Peru at 8:30 a.m. and we will arrive in Miami at 4:30 p.m., EST.

Welcome Home After A Wonderful Journey!!!

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