The Krill Report

In 1988, a person named O. H. Krill published a report that supposedly was trying to summarize the UFO situation and came up with the Krill Report. I have seen a copy of this report on numerous UFO FTP sites and finally saw it again on the i_ufo-l list sponsored by SearchNet. Most of the people who have read this report feel it is total disinformation, my opinion is that there is some information contained that provides some good perspectives on what the heck is going on. In any case, it is good reading just to stay up on the history of information that is being released.

I have divided the report into four sections and shown on this page comments from people who have read it, including Dragonbane, who sent it to the list as well as a few others.


The Krill Report

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 19:59:19 -0600
Subject: Krill Text

The following posts is from a file from the Net, at the FTP site... it seems complete, but I have't looked at it for about a year now, so I can't remember if anything is missing. Should all be here, though...

Warning: Some if this is probably disinfo, so don't believe everything. Analyse all relevant data, and then make you conclusions.


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The Krill Report - Part I
The Krill Report - Part II
The Krill Report - Part III
The Krill Report - Part IV

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About the Krill Report

Personal Conversation
with Rich Boylan

From: (Rich Boylan)
Date: 29 Jan 96 19:48:08 -0800
Subject: Krill Files

JS> Why do you feel they are disinformation?
JS> do you have some evidence to support this.
JS> I ask because I am considering adding it to our UFO
JS> web site ......

J. Shapiro:

The "Krill Files" is hoary old disinformation generated by John Lear as a test of UFO-philes' gullibility, and then repackaged by Miltom William Cooper as "his" find.

The evidence for its phoniness is twofold: 1) intrinsic ridiculousness of the content, and contents complete variance from the findings of professionals who research ETs; and 2) the Krill Files origin at the hands of disinformation extraordinaire authors like Lear and Cooper would make it of dubious worth independently.


From: (Rich Boylan)
Date: 30 Jan 96 13:24:08 -0800
Subject: Re: Krill Files

JS> you say that the krill file was done by Lear and Cooper (and it
JS> sounds like you are convinced both of these gentlemen are not
JS> genuine and sharing dis-information) ... do you have some proof
JS> of this ...


The "proof" of disinformation comes from the discernment of the reader/listener, who discerns that what is being relayed is fraught with disinformation. Since the nature of UFO/ET matters is an area where physical evidence is not left behind, or if it is, is confiscated by the Cover-Up apparatus, traditional "smoking gun" evidence is generally unavailable.

JS> my opinion, for what it is worth ... is that throughout all of the
JS> information given about the Greys, abductions and the secret working
JS> of the government with them ... is that it is probably true ... this
JS> is a gut feeling (trying to listen to intuition and also expanding
JS> my energy ...

I find useful to distinguish positive disinformation from negative disinformation. Positive disinformation involves important truths marginally contaminated deliberately with modest amounts of falsehoods, to provide deniability or refutation if necessary..

Negative disinformation is the spreading of major false content, with just enough truths imbedded that the unwary swallow the whole package.

In my analysis, Cooper and Lear traffic in negative disinformation. Jaime Shandera traffics in positive disinformation.


From: (Don Allen)
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 07:13:20
Subject: About the Krill Files

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Frm: (Don Allen)
For: Steve Hudgeons
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Wednesday January 24 1996 16:43, Steve Hudgeons wrote to Rich Boylan:

SH> *** Quoting Rich Boylan from a message to Heather Dewitt ***

RB>> Heather:
RB>> The Krill "Files" are a classic disinformation offering.
RB>> - Rich Boylan

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SH> What you are saying is that the KRILL FILES are a bunch of "BS"?
SH> If so, what makes you say this?

Rich is right. This is a joint fabrication between John Lear and John Grace (aka Val Valerian).

Somewheres I have a message by Bill English that explains this in detail, but suffice to say, the entire OH. Krill doc is pure BS.

Some of you folks would do well to learn discrimination.


... Even the finest teaching is not the Tao itself.

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