Santilli Vs Kiviat

Santilli Takes on Bob Kiviat
Producer of "Alien Autopsy, Fact or Fiction"

Bob Kiviat is supposed to be doing a new program on Hoaxes. Included as an example is the AA film. Following is Santilli's reaction to that.

But what is even MORE interesting is Ray's comment about how a comprehensive response, and a new show Santilli is working on which will tell the "BIGGER STORY" will embarrass Kiviat.


Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 23:42:26 +0000
From: Philip Mantle 
Subject: Ray Santilli V Bob Kiviat

Hi all,
I just thought you might be interested to know that in either May 
or June TV producer Bob Kiviat (Alien Autopsy - Fact or Fiction 
?) will be producing for FOX a documentary on hoaxes. In this 
program he will feature a segment on the Alien Autopsy film now 
labelling it as a hoax. As yet I do not have a date for the 
broadcast nor do I know a great deal of the program's content.
What I can say is that I recently solicited a response from Ray 
Santilli regarding Bob Kiviat and his new program. It is as 

Dear Philip (dated 9 April l998),

Thank you for your fax today. Firstly I ackowledge that Bob 
(Kiviat) will make an entertaining show but no matter what we 
come up with he will still direct his show along the lines 
dictated by the commissioning from FOX. In other words he will 
make a show about hoaxes and include the AA story no matter what. 
It's the kind of person he is.
I am not concerned about any additional information that Bob may 
have as it cannot effect the AA film, I include in that anything 
he thinks he may have found relating to the Tent Footage. The AA 
film is untouchable!!
For your information, Bob does not have the right to use the film 
or any materials that are owned or controlled by this company 
therefore permission to use clips of the film will be refused. In 
addition notice will be served on all concerned that any use of 
our materials will be treated as a breach of copyright (copyright 
which has already been ackowledged by both Bob and FOX).
Secondly when the time is right (after Bob's transmission) we 
will respond so comprehensively that Bob can only find himself 
extremely embarrassed. For my part I am sorry to see Bob jump 
ship as he would have been my choice to make the show relating to 
the 'bigger' story.

Kind regsrds,
Ray Santilli.


Please make of it what you will. No doubt you will have the 
opportunity to view Kiviat's new shopw long before I do, but I 
hope someone will make me a copy on video so that I can see it 
for myself.
All the best,