A Visit to Montauk

( Ken Wheaton, March, 1996 )

Here are a few emails received from Ken Wheaton who lives on
Long Island and tried to explore the abandoned base at Montauk.


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 22:31:03 -0800
From: cajunken@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth J. Wheaton, Jr. )
Subject: Montauk Project (from Montauk)
To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com

To whom it may concern,

As a resident of the East End of Long Island for the last five years, I've heard a bit about the so-called Montauk project. In 1994 I went to the abandoned Camp Hero base with a couple of friends and turned up nothing. Contrary to the claims of Nichols et al, the radar tower was not sealed shut. But as it is a concrete building and probably has lead-lined walls, we could not see much -- it was a day trip and we had no flash lights.

But I have been in the tower itself. On March 17/18 of this year, some friends and I went to the base (still no activity) and climbed to the very top of the radar tower. Only two things of interest were found. The first was that the view from the roof of the building is probably one of the best on Long Island. The second was a small bronze plaque within the main rotor-drive of the dish (located on the top-most inner level of the structure) that read, simply, "Philadelphia." Of course this could have been a reference to Philadelphia textile. Still, it did provide a thrill -- especially when an obviously upset pigeon scared the living daylights out of us.

But the fact remains that the base, for all practical purposes, seems abandoned. Six large turbines that probably powered the base have been destroyed. And judging by the drives that rotate the dish itself, that part of the base has not been used in awhile. As to the claims that the underground is being used, I have no proof either way. Most of the bunker entrances (they were set up as fortifications during World War II) have been sealed with concrete. I'm moving away from the area in two weeks, but I plan to go back out there and see if I can gain entrance to the underground. On our first trip we did come across and interesting building that appeared to be a small guard house. This building had a ladder going down to a lower level. The lower level, however, was filled with stagnant water. It must also be pointed out that the cliffs of Montauk literally ooze with water that is apparently trapped within these old bunkers.

The State of New York technically owns the Camp Hero base and is supposed to use it as a state park. Most of it is used thusly, but the authors of the Montauk Project are right in stating that the inner base itself is off-limits. But in my three trips out there (went again today) I have yet to be harassed. And judging by the amount of grafiti inside the radar tower, not many other people are harassed.

I wanted desperately to believe that there is a Montauk project. The Philadelphia Experiment fascinates me as does time travel and UFOs. But after reading Montauk Revisited and the Pyramids of Montauk (oddly enough I couldn't find a copy of the first book), I've just about given up. Aleister Crowley, Atlantean Montauk Indians? As far as pyramids are concerned, anyone walking around the Montauk area -- especially in the Nappeague stretch -- can point out literally hundreds of dunes that look exactly like the "pyramids" discussed in the third book. As far as a particle accelerator is concerned, I haven't searched for one thoroughly yet. But there are numerous concrete circles scattered about the base that used to serve as the foundations for large guns.

It may be of interest to your readers that the State of New York is currently conducting feasibility studies to consider the possiblity of turning much of the Camp Hero property into a golf course. Whether or not the Montauk Project is true, I think that a golf course on the site would be a tragedy. As managing editor of the Montauk Pioneer (a Dan's Papers publication -- both of which are mentioned in the books), I have written editorial opposing the golf course. The property, though somewhat in shambles after years of military use, does provide for an interesting day. It's sort of like a nature walk and archaeolgical expedition combined.

Anyway, as stated above, I'm moving from the area in a couple of weeks. I've enjoyed what I've read of your site so far and I hope that these pages are kept up. As for what I've written so far, I just wanted to shed some first-hand light on the subject.


Kenneth J. Wheaton, Jr.
17 Canal Road
Hampton Bays, NY 11946

- or -

577 Sandpiper Lane
Opelousas, LA 70570

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 20:21:20 -0800
From: cajunken@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth J. Wheaton, Jr. )
Subject: Re: Montauk Project (from Montauk)
To: "Joshua Shapiro" {rjoshua@sprintmail.com}

Dear Joshua,

Feel free to use what I write you, but I'd like to make on correction or addition. I mentioned that the bunkers were flooded and that the author's of Montauk Project had neglected to mention that. But upon reaching the final chapters of Pyramids of Montauk (the third book in the series), Preston Nichols did mention that the bunkers were indeed flooded within the last two years.

Ken Wheaton

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:04:23 -0800
From: cajunken@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth J. Wheaton, Jr. )
Subject: Re: Montauk Project (from Montauk)
To: "Joshua Shapiro" {rjoshua@sprintmail.com}


I just wanted to make it clear that upon completing the third book, I realized that Nichols had accounted for the flooding. I think that I had mentioned that he didn't in my first e-mail.


Ken Wheaton

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