Star Knowledge Report
by Robert Perala

( Center of Attention
Newsletter #41 June/96 )

The report included on this page was published in the Center of Attention Newsletter #41. I have had a contact with the Center and they are working hard to report on the Global Transformation. See below for contact details or how to receive their newsletter. It was written by Robert Perala and I am happy to see confirms one of the stories I heard at the conference about an incredible cloud that appeared during a group meditation. In any case, Joe Mahaney, out of the Atlanta area, who I met there in May (he attended our Crystal Skull Lecture at Trish McCannon's UFO Forum), sent me a part of this report (which I gave the wrong credit to its source) and now has sent me the complete report which is shown below. So here is another view of this memorable conference -- (according to Richard Boylan, Standing Elk is planning another one in 1997!)


Extraterrestrials Fly
Over South Dakota
( Report by R. Perala )

Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 22:01:25 -0400
From: Joe Mahaney {}
Subject: Full Report by Robert Perala
re: Subject: COA#41 Extraterrestrials Fly Over South Dakota

HI Joshua,

I was just viewing the Staknowledge section on your home page. I am attaching the full report by Robert Peral . I picked up the report from a post of the COA news letter. John Winston had posted part of report but I did not see the authors name listed in the report.

I was surprised to see the post of the report I sent 'great' .


Extraterrestrials Fly
Over South Dakota

submitted by
Robert Perala
edited by Jason

June 12th-16th,
"Star Knowledge Conference"
Wagner South Dakota:

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Subject: COA#41 Extraterrestrials Fly Over South Dakota
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 01:39:21 GMT

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The phone rang, I picked it up and Sheldon Nidle, author of "You're Becoming a Galactic Human", was on the line telling me that a ship touched down on an Indian reservation in a remote area of New Mexico over the weekend. "Humh???", I said, "what is it?", not quite comprehending.

He said that it was a Sirian ship, which of course, didn't surprise me coming from Sheldon.

"Could it be true", I thought to myself. That's when I heard the word for it for the first time. He said the Hopi Indians call it the Blue-Kuchina. He said it means Blue Star. I had to adjust my thinking to all this. He said that it was a Mother ship.

That's how it all started. Over the week I started getting all kinds of phone calls asking me what I knew about the Blue-Kuchina. My curiosity was racing. How could so many people be talking about this when only a few days earlier I'd never heard the name before?

Something inside me said I would find my answer in South Dakota. I kept hearing how all the top brass in the Extraterrestrial business were going to be there, along with 500 people from many different countries. They were holding a five-day conference in Wagner, which is a place in the middle of nowhere! It sits down at the bottom of the state near the Missouri River, just outside an Indian reservation, which is run by the Yanktown Sioux.

After days of not deciding whether to go to this conference or not, it finally came down to the night before it was to start. The phone rang and it was Tricia McCannon, who had just arrived on the reservation and was to speak the next day. She just said, "You're going! Stop your whining and drop your business and get on the next plane!" Around midnight my good buddy Angela Browne-Miller phoned. She was in New Mexico and demanded, as a good friend would, that I be in Sioux Falls within the next twelve hours. I made reservations at once and found myself leaving San Francisco the next morning. I couldn't believe I was doing this. It just seemed crazy but the rumor was we might see our celestial visitors.

A two hour drive from Sioux Falls and we were at Wagner Community High School. No doubt about it. We were in the middle of nowhere, and for the next few days, this is where we would chant, meditate, pray, and attend the sweat lodge, for purification.

As Angela and I went for our first day of lectures we were just stunned to see who was there for the conference. The biggest names in the business were there: Robert Dean, John Mack, Whitley Strieber, Barbara Marciniak, Paula Underwood, Dr. Richard Boylan, Randolph Winters, Leo Sprinkle, along with Medicine Men, Robert Morning Star, Fast Thunder, Wallace Black Elk, Roy Little Sun, Deerman, and our great host, tribe leader and good friend, Standing Elk!

Tricia McCannon just blew them away with her lecture and slide show on the historical aspect of our E.T. guides on Earth and Angela Browne-Miller left her audience with their mouths open when she performed an implant removal in her lecture.

Then it was time for something real special. With little fan-fare or introduction, out onto the stage walked Drunvalo Melchizadek. In only five minutes the entire audience was weeping with tears of joy. Rarely have I seen a man bring such hearfelt emotion to an audience. We laughed and cried and experienced such a sense of wonder as this beautiful man presented the most incredible lecture I ever saw.

The day was filled with one great speaker after another: Darrel Sims, who presented medical and scientific evidence of alien encounters; UFO Researcher and Journalist Martin Keller; the incredible Dr. Richard Boylan and Randolph Winters, who both spoke so beautifully; and the others who were all wonderful.

As the sun started to set, I met up with Elizabeth Graylen Baker, the associate editor for "Body, Mind, Spirit" magazine, who, with two other friends, needed a ride to get out to the sacred spot on the reservation called "Sundance". That's where we would meet up with the other members in the conference for chanting, meditation, prayer, and the sweat lodge for purification.

It was a beautiful sight indeed, and you could sense, right away, that there was magic in the air. You know that feeling when you know something really mystical is about to happen? I met up with Tricia McConnon and a wonderful guy called Star Sparks, who knew the way of the Yanktown Sioux, Mayan calendar mathematics, and the secrets of Turtle Island. He told me he had been traveling through a number of reservations with his son and had been watching the star tribe dance........ you know, space brothers.........

Then it was time. You could feel the silence as Standing Elk stood up and asked all the invited guests and tribe members to step forward in a circle. As we all stood there, he announced that the blessing will be given by someone very special, who has come here from Europe. I had heard of this guy! It was Giorgio Bongiovanni, the Italian with the full "stigmata". I had never seen anything like it! The stigmata is a very sacred and holy sign that was given to him by a female luminous being who gave him a message for humanity and gave him a physical sign of such contact on the palms of his hands. More on that later. As Giorgio turned to face us, one had the feeling he truly was a holy man. He kissed the ground and then stood up and held his hands to the sky and gave thanks to the cosmic intelligence and asked for the blessings from Jesus Christ, the Mother Mary, and the Great Spirit. All this being said in Italian and being translated into English by his interpreter.

Standing Elk then said "now we will begin the sweat for purification". It was my first sweat. I was a little nervous. I had heard the chanting and was committed to this purification and transformation. As my turn arrived, we all sat inside in the circle with Standing Elk, as burning hot rocks, the size of bowling balls, were thrown into the pit. When this was complete, the entrance was closed and Standing Elk began the prayer in his native tongue. Then he began to chant as the first bucket of water was thrown onto the fire. Man it was hot!! I kept thinking what Tricia had told me, "stay low and hold your focus. Trust the spirit!"

The second bucket of water was poured and I just hung on. When the third bucket was poured I screamed. I was committed to this to the end. After a while, the sweat was over. I stepped out and with one breath felt a rejuvenation like I had never had before. I felt as though I went in one guy and came out a different guy. I've never felt so present and so grounded. Tricia looked up at me and said, "well, how was it?" I told her I thought Standing Elk was gonna find out who the big bears were and who the little bears were! As a Westerner, I felt like a little bear cub who just discovered something wonderful!

I then met up with a twelve-year-old boy named Takawa, who was Star Spark's son, and was the one that would guide me to a place where we could get a real good view of our otherworldly visitors. We walked barefoot in the middle of the night to a remote area away from the fires. This kid had eyes that were razor sharp. He said, "see that blue star? Watch, that one's going to move." And all of a sudden there it went. Something like an "S" formation. Then another went streaking across the sky. One right after another! After all the waiting, the rumors, the long search, there they were..... the space brothers! I saw anomalous occurrences in the sky on an unprece- dented scale! I'm telling you it was so wild you couldn't believe it. Wherever these cosmonauts come from, I can truly tell you this, these pilots are the greatest in the world! I was humbled as I watched them, somehow knowing they were watching us, too, and were just as curious who we were, maybe. They mostly flew at extremely high altitudes. One did something that looked like a checkmark in the sky at what must have been over 5000 miles an hour! No earth man flies these patterns!

I kept thinking what I would tell the people in my lectures and workshops once I got back to civilization. More than anything else, I felt the overwhelming presence of the spirit. The time has come where our culture and their culture are starting to meet. Perhaps, at first, in this way just to get used to the idea. I felt God is great and has a plan. A return of the spiritual hierarchy is truly imminent. I am truly grateful to God for leading me to this historical moment.

All the way back we giggled in the car. "Did you see that?!.... Wow, what a night!..." There was only a couple of hours left before the Sunrise. I never slept a wink that night.

On Friday, I had breakfast with Pulitzer-prize-winner John Mack, who was really wonderful as well as very curious about the drawings I showed him, of extraterrestrial hieroglyphics, that had been given to me some time ago by a guy who claimed to be an extraterrestrial.

When I arrived at the morning's first lecture, the room was a-buzz with what happened the night before. People felt a sense of hope and wonder as Deerman presented his talk on the Yanktown Sioux, love, the Great Spirit and the difference in our cultures. Then it was time for Giorgio to speak. His interpreter showed us film of what the stigmata represents. As I said before, a luminous female being stepped out of a globe of light and presented him a message for humanity and as promised, gave him a physical sign of the contact. Here's what happened:

Two rays of light from her hands struck his hands, piercing them, forming two holes from which blood was flowing. During this contact, the Being, as well as revealing to Giorgio the Secret of Fatima, also confirmed to him that the Universe is abundant with intelligent life; and that men from other planets are visiting the Earth, coming with highly advanced disc-shaped craft. Two years later, during a contact with Jesus, he was again stigmatized. This time on his feet. On May 28, 1992, he was stigmatized on his left side, and on July 16, 1993, on his forehead, in the form of a cross. Since 1989, Giorgio has been bleeding daily, and has direct contact with Jesus during these bleedings.

As he took the stage, the bandages that covered the stigmata over his forehead were removed. To my astonishment, there was somehow burnt, into his forehead, a great, big, cross! I was completely blown away. I had never seen anything like that before. As he addressed the audience, he imparted an incredibly beautiful message about love. Loving ourselves and loving one another was the message, but it also came with a warning to stop our nuclear involvement and to take drastic action to care for our environment. We need to be more conscious of our Mother Earth. We must take care of her!

People hardly know who Giorgio Bongiovanni is. But thousands who live in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and France, line up just to touch this man. For some spiritual reason, he has healed thousands. I will never forget him.

The German, Michael Hessman, showed us amazing footage of other crafts seen over Europe, including a crash site in Germany in 1964. He presented most of the 45 minute "Alien Autopsy" film, including never-before-seen footage of the instrument panel of the craft! It was a board where you put your hands directly on an imprint of six fingers. He said that the hieroglyphics on an I-beam were a derivative of ancient Phoenician Hebrew-Egyptian. We've seen these same symbols on temple etchings and the famous crop circle formations.

At the end of the day, the "big daddy of UFOlogy, Robert Dean took the stage and gave an incredible 90 mi- nute talk that was powerful, emotional, inspiring, thrilling, and very hearfelt. Bob is just a wonderful, and sincere human being. He will be presiding over the opening of the new UFO museum in Japan, scheduled to open this July. He mentioned that the Japanese were going to display a complete scout ship and two alien occupants that were recovered. However, the rumor is, that the US government put pressure on them to exclude it from the museum and they apparently agreed to comply, rather than risk retribution of an unknown nature from the U.S..

As the evening opened up, we all went outside and held hands in a field and formed a huge circle. As we began to chant Ommmm, Star Sparks addressed the Great Spirit in his native tongue. After about 45 minutes of this, I looked up and to my complete astonishment, I saw the clouds begin to form an identical circle above us! We were actually moving the clouds. It was a real miracle! Everyone there saw it. It is something I will never forget as long as I live. It was filmed in an interview by the same people who did the Sphinx, with Charlton Heston. They were shooting a documentary so you might see this cloud circle in the future, on TV.

There were so many people that brought so many beautiful teachings or something to show us that I didn't get to mention here. Many blessings to you all. I love you! I want to personally thank Standing Elk for sharing with us the ways of the red-man, and the Yanktown Sioux. Your people's hospitality will never be forgotten. You and your tribe are the most beautiful, peaceful people on Earth. Thank you for bringing your wisdom to us.

By the way, another conference in the very near future was discussed while we were there in South Dakota. No commitments were made, but it looks promising.

[Editors notes:] Robert Perala is a very special friend of COA, he has a local TV show called "Space Cities", gives lectures and presentations on the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena. He has had many unusual experiences, himself, and gives lively and entertaining presentations. If anyone out there has a desire to increase awareness of the extraterrestrial phenomena I recommend you contact him and make arrangements to set something up in your area. He's a very pleasant guy and will welcome your questions and details on the above or other subjects. You can reach Robert at: United Light Group, P.O. Box 112467, Campbell, CA. 95011 or Call him at (408) 370-1991. If nothing else, call and let him know you enjoyed his article. I know he'd appreciate it.

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