July-August '96
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As has been reported on our site by Dr. Richard Boylan a UFO museum is opening up in Japan in July (1996). We recently found an update of this special event in the ISCNI Flash on-line newsletter. Information is contained on this page if you wish to subscribe to this find newsletter that contains a multitude of the latest news related to UFOs.


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Subject: ISCNI*Flash -- Vol. 2, No. 4, Part 1 -- May 1, 1996

ISCNI* Flash -- Vol. 2, No. 4, Part 1 -- May 1, 1996

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Former Astronauts Cooper, Mitchell Keep Speaking Out
Chupacabras Reports Spread on U.S. Mainland
Monster's Cult Popularity Grows; "It's hot...like Brad Pitt!"

Wingfield Accuses Possible Makers of Autopsy Film
Japan's Space & UFO Museum: Shape of Things to Come
Ghostbusters Called into London's Albert Hall

Japan's Space and UFO Museum: Shape of Things to Come

[ISCNI*Flash thanks Deon Crosby for sending this story, which was published by a British UFO museum called "UFO Reality."]

The Hakui City [Japan] Space and UFO Museum is due to open to the public in July 1996. Built primarily as an education project for both international visitors and the Japanese community, this extraordinary project has received 90% funding from the Japanese Government. The remaining 10% has come from local government.

Located in Hakui City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, the UFO Museum will carry space and UFO-related information and artifacts, including recently declassified archive material. According to Johsen Takano, who is Head of Construction and Director of Planning for the museum project, the topics on display will include studies in aerial phenomena, alien abductions, crop circles, UFO contacts, and radio transmissions related to SETI. Mr. Takano told us: "Inside we will show much UFO and Crop Circle information. This is the first phase of a government program which has a budget of 5,400,000,000 yen, approximately 50 million US dollars."

This is not the first time the Japanese Government has shown the way in the field of 'alternative research'. They have already poured millions of dollars into researching the UFO and Crop Circles phenomena.

Indeed, Nippon Television are possibly in possession of more UFO and Crop Circle footage than any other major national TV network. Aside from Mexico's own TV networks, [Nippon] are the only major network to have investigated and filmed the current Mexican UFO wave. They are also consistent visitors to England during the 'Crop Circles season', and to Area 51, Nevada, where they have captured some extraordinary footage of secret military aircraft.

This latest project is expected to pressure other governments worldwide into revealing heretofore classified information regarding UFOs and the space program.


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