Picture taken by Joshua in Grants Pass, OR
in September of 1981 during his travels
In this section I am sharing a re-print of the section of my UFO book that shares some of my early UFO experiences from the years of 1982 (when I first traveled from Chicago, Illinois to California on faith) and up to 1987, when the book was published. I thought this might be of interest to our readers, to have a better idea of why I have had such an intense interest in UFOs and why I know without a shadow of a doubt, that we have had contacts with a variety of extraterrestrials.

So sit back, dear readers and let me take you to 1982 when it all began for me, as Illinois Shapiro was coming out of infancy into a seeker of Truth ... a networker for the New Age ....



One of the greatest controversies in our time is whether sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in our skies are really spacecrafts from other planets in our universe. Almost anyone will tell you that they feel there is a good probability there is intelligent life somewhere else (where, who can say?). The problem has been gathering sufficient evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that UFOs indeed do exist. But a question to pose, early on, is how can we prove these phenomena if these objects are inter-dimensional, or do not really reside in the same vibrational dimension as those of us here on Earth?

The purpose of this essay is to share some personal experiences and opinions, plus take a long look at other samplings of contact with Extra-terrestrials, especially what is called channeling (i.e. - telepathic communications). We will try to answer such questions as: Why would beings from other planets or dimensions be interested in our world? Why haven't they just landed and get it over with (make direct contact with us)? What are they like and how do their home planets compare to Earth life? It is not the intention here to convince you they are real. All I can do is be another example of someone who has had some amazing experiences, as 1981 was my time to seek and receive a few answers. So, if you're ready, it's Up, Up and Away!




On March 30th, 1981, the night before my close friend, Randy P., and I were preparing to leave for California, we attended a meeting of New Age people in Chicago. It was a networking meeting, to bring like-minded people together and share some of our spiritual experiences. Anita DeBeardamaecher, associated with a local metaphysical bookstore/center at this time, began to describe a wondrous dream. In her dream, she astrally projected to two very highly developed technological cities; one located in the mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other in Denver, Colorado. These cities were built by very advanced beings (we assumed Space Brothers). Her feeling was, it was a real experience, that the cities do exist and have a means to hide themselves. She was shown these things, because in the dream she was told that her future work would be there. After the meeting, I turned to Randy and asked, "You don't suppose Anita's story is an indication of what is in store for us on the way to California, do you? Maybe a few UFOs? No, couldn't be!!" Randy just smiled. This was the prelude to one of the most unusual trips, like one I have never known, nor to the date of this writing are such experiences stopping!

During the afternoon of March 31st, while driving through Southern Illinois, I spotted white 'X's in the sky. We saw at least four or five. Sometimes they were just made out of clouds or a combination of a jet stream and a long thin cloud. In any case, it certainly focused our attention upwards. Next, Randy started to notice that some of the clouds were doing highly unusual things. Moving around, stopping, splitting in two or three, disappearing or taking on recognizable forms (like flying saucers for one). These strange clouds seemed to have a pinkish purple tint to them. We felt compelled to play electronic/synthesizer type of music on Randy's portable cassette player; like Alan Parsons or some of the New Age music that is using a lot of synthesizer and keyboard instruments. And the words of the songs contained messages for us. During the trip, each of us had a special album which represented our individual purposes for this trip. Randy like the Rush Album, "Moving Pictures (we sure were seeing moving pictures in the sky)", which by the way is a metaphysically-orientated group. For myself, it was Styx's album, "Paradise Theater" and especially the song, "The Best of Times". The song was an inspiration to spread Light and Truth whereever we go and give others hope, even though the news is bleak at times, that we are fast approaching a Golden Age that will be The Best of Times!!

A Light show started to appear while we were driving in Missouri, during the first evening of the trip. First, various colored lights (Blue, Purple-Violet,White, Gold) in the form of lines, streaked to our right, our left, above us but most clearly was seen near the street lights. Both of us were seeing these lights so I knew it wasn't just our imagination. Besides, this had been a common phenomenon for me when driving around Chicago at night. Around Springfield, Missouri, Randy pointed out an emerald colored star in the sky, directly in front of us. It was the only star(?) I could see in the sky from a normal driving position without lowering my head, which means it was very low. He said it had been moving around! This was very interesting because I had already been drawn to it, just because of its unusual color, so this couldn't be a coincidence. We both watched this star-UFO slowly travel across the night's sky. Its flight pattern was intermittent and it was flashing a multitude of colors (red,blue,green and white). After a bit, an idea just came to ask telepathic questions of our visitor, with the instructions that a 'red' flash would be a 'no' answer and a 'white ' flash would be 'yes '. Sure enough, it worked. Both Randy and I felt that the commander of this ship was an old friend, someone we knew in a past life. I got the impression the ship might have something to do with the people reportedly living in the Inner Earth {the Hollow Earth Theory}. Another interesting aspect of the journey is we were starting to get inner guidance which route to take and which cities to pass through.

About 2 AM, we made a rest stop somewhere in the boonies of Oklahoma and after about half an hour of napping, I awoke and peered into the sky. There were three red lights in formation flashing at me, sending a suggestion, it seemed, to move on. So, I woke up Randy and we pushed on towards Amarillo, Texas. Just before entering Amarillo, there were two lights directly in front of us, that should have disappeared because it was already daybreak. It appeared as if we were being escorted. Oh I know, some readers might say I have quite an imagination, but all I can do is just report these experiences. Any-ho, we stopped for breakfast and then headed on to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Upon our arrival, we had driven for about 28 hours straight with only a few short rest stops. If someone would have told me we were going to do that much driving before we left, I wouldn't have believed them, probably not even gone on the trip at all!!

In Alamogordo, we were both familiar with the Southwestern College of Life Sciences (now in Santa Fe). While in Chicago, an acquaintance of Randy's had told him, one of her friends would be taking a class at the college during this time. Randy wanted to meet him. I was just interested in investigating a college/school that taught metaphysical subjects, unheard of in Chicago (although it is changing). Robert Waterman, the director, was not in when we arrived, so I just sat and waited. Just as I was ready to leave, in walks Mr. Waterman. In our conversation, we mentioned to him about our UFO adventures. Immediately, he handed us the phone number of Daniel Fry, author of the book, "To Men of Earth" and consultant for the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", who just happened to live in Alamogordo. Do you suppose this was the real reason for our visit here? Life is sure a strange series of events. So, we called Mr. Fry and made an appointment to see him later that night, as we finally paid to stay in a local hotel room. Just before entering Mr. Fry's home, oh about 7:15 PM, just outside of his home, I saw something glide over us, two red lights, not making a sound. Must have been about 50-60 feet above us. I wasn't sure what it was but later in a conversation with a woman in Iowa City, Iowa, who had also seen a similar phenomena in New Mexico too, she claimed it was some type of observation craft, probably remote controlled. The two lights we had seen before entering Amarillo, also were quite visible at this time and still it wasn't dark yet. We pointed them out to Mr. Fry, who merely nodded as if this was common place for him and seemed to know a great deal about it, but wasn't telling. He gave us a copy of the above mentioned book {which I highly recommend, he has written several others} and spoke to us briefly about his trip on a spaceship. This experience has been called, "The White Sands Incident".

After our visit, Randy and I became extremely curious about the mountains which were right on top of the city. So, we drove fairly high up into the mountains, and after parking turned our attention to the lights in the night's sky. We stayed there for 2-3 hours, boy was it cold, but we were determined to see UFOs or better yet have one land and take us for a ride!! We did see two lights, one red and the other white, descending and moving around like two jelly beans. We felt sure, after visiting Daniel, we were being set up. But at last, it was not meant to be. At least not this time.

The morning of April 3rd, 1981, we arrived in Los Angeles and for the following week constantly peered in the sky, or found someone else to look with us, to see if we could find our new-found friends. We always saw the unusual clouds or flashing lights. Even asked where a local mountain of the greatest height was, and went in hopes of further contact or a chance to be picked up. Sure, we found the dancing lights there too but that was all. After a week in the City of the Angels, Randy started to run out of money and decided to head home to Chicago, but I chose to remain to do more networking and investigation. You don't give up when things are just starting to get interesting, I reasoned. And the UFO experiences did not stop after he left.

During my search to find other spiritual or metaphysical people, I met a very interesting young lady (we shall keep her nameless). She was very interested in Ancient Egypt and worked at a local metaphysical bookstore. Anyway, after a time, I found out that she had a personal experience with UFOs. So, we got together one night for dinner and eagerly I listened to her story. One evening, she had been picked up by a spacecraft in the Topanga Canyon mountain area. She was teleported into the ship and described it as being totally whited-out, versus being blacked-out I suppose. When she regained her consciousness, she was lying on a table in the presence of two eleven-foot men. They stated they were not of the Earth and that their physical bodies were being borrowed so certain work could be accomplished on the Earth level. The place she had been taken was in Idaho and the sick feelings she had upon waking were the result of her body re-adjusting to the physical vibrations. Teleportation involves raising the body to a higher vibration temporarily. After a short time, the effects of the teleportation beam wore off. Other than this, she didn't remember any more. Her feeling was that when she was taken, they gave her certain information and training that would be used later. For now, it was blocked until the right time. At the end of her story, she asked if I would like to go to the very spot she had been teleported from. Are you kidding, of course I agreed. Oops, almost forgot, she was missing for three days.

As we neared the spot of her departure, she pointed out the energy barriers the Beings use to protect this location. And, I definitely felt some powerful force pressuring my body. This ground used to be sacred Indian ground, the Indian essences/spirits were still very prevalent. Before we left, my Third Eye was zapped by what seemed to be a powerful energy beam (this is the inner image I saw) coming from the mountain directly in front of us. Then, one of the friends in the sky, dipped down below the clouds as another signal. On another trip to Los Angeles, I had an opportunity to return to this area and saw a mini-light show. First, noticed a light directly overhead that seemed to be descending and communicating with me on other levels of consciousness. Next, I saw another light streak across the sky and hide behind a cloud. A third light moved off to my right and just turned off!! Later, I met a young lady from Santa Cruz, who was staying at the same home, and was able to show her the lights of the sky, and how they moved. So dear friends, if you are ever going to visit Los Angeles, take a side trip and see the Topanga Canyon Mountains. You won't regret it, besides who knows what you will see?

Other experiences in Los Angeles revolved around a book called, "UFO ... Contact From The Pleiades." A man named Billy Meier, living in Switzerland, had been contacted by beings who claimed to be from the Pleiades and allowed him to take photographs and 8 mm movies of their ships. This began back in 1975 and went on for several years; he may still be receiving contacts today {see later on in this essay for more current experiences in this case}. A scientific investigation was conducted, led by Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens (USAF Ret.). Colonel Stevens is one of the most prolific UFO researchers in the world, having written several books on many different contacts. The research team went to Switzerland and meet with Mr. Meier. They explored the terrain, examining the physical evidence left by the spaceships, and especially, put his photographs through every conceivable scientific test possible and could not prove they were forgeries.

Now how this book found me is as follows. While visiting Thomas' Metaphysical Institute and Bookstore, I saw this record-size book with incredible photographs of UFOs. This visit occurred within the first week of my stay to Los Angeles, so my recent UFO experiences were fresh in my mind. The book caught my attention because of the very clear picture of a UFO on its cover. I was so excited that I forgot to look at the title of the book. I just wanted to compare the pictures within to the one that Daniel Fry had given us. Now, everyone in Los Angeles was humming about this book and every time I tried to find it in other bookstores, they had sold out.

Two weeks later, I had dinner with a new friend, Bill Everone, who had done personal research on the Pleiades case. Bill had been in contact with the investigation team in the Arizona area. During the meal, the first thing Bill does is pull out a picture of a UFO. I said, "Oh, you have a copy of that type of spacecraft too!", quickly pulling out the picture Mr. Fry gave us. Next he showed me a copy of the Pleiades book and I was dumbstruck as I realized that was the one I had seen at Thomas' Metaphysical Center. Next, and I couldn't believe this {guys, somebody must have liked me upstairs in UFO-land, or knew I would share this kind of information}, he gives me a copy of an extra book he just happened to have {this book, because it is out of print, is selling for $100 or more, today) and then goes ahead and pays for my meal! My personal opinion of the book is that it is an accurate account of a genuine contact although I am not sure the UFOnauts intention was for our highest good. It is the most controversial UFO case to date. In addition, there is a second volume with additional information and Col. Stevens came out with his own book on additional research he had done separately, containing many conversations between the Pleiadians and Billy Meier. Also, there was a documentary that was made, but has never been released.


MT. SHASTA: The very first night staying in Mt. Shasta, Memorial Weekend of 1981, I went directly toward the mountain. I just sat in front of it, surrounded by trees and grass, and watched the sky. There were at least 50 flashing lights, the same type of UFO lights as described before. Sometimes, I could tell if the light was a ship by the feeling of its energy. A UFO light feels as if it is alive, like a living being, having an intelligence, while a star or planet felt dead, very still. A series of lights formed a horseshoe pattern plus two or three others were moving all over the sky, like bouncing mexican jumping beans. A few shooting star effects as well. The strangest part of this experience was after a bit, I just passed out, maybe 10-15 minutes. When I came to, I had a strange taste in my mouth, which is an indication to me, I was taken out, maybe into the city that supposedly is above (or below ) the mountain, or taken on one of the crafts, and had some type of information imparted. The last day I spent in this area, on this particular trip, I finally had a chance to go onto the mountain. I saw a large cloud which felt like it was concealing a ship behind it. Also, some of the local spiritual groups have some of the most incredible photographs of clouds that look like UFOs, appearing over the mountains. This is certainly a power spot for the planet!!

SEDONA (AZ): At Rainbow Ray Focus, a New Age center, through telepathic communications with Celestial Beings and Space Brothers, they have received there is an Etheric City over their location. When I projected a portion of myself over their location, I definitely felt an inner connection with some type of energy. Also, while inside their sanctuary, through the mind's eye, I saw many different colored rays of light coming from above {thus giving the center its name}. You see, when dealing with things such as UFOs or etheric cities, it becomes very important to attempt to verify information through the use of one's own inner senses. I know some readers may have difficulty accepting these spiritual experiences, but all I can do is share my understanding and perhaps something here may ring a few inner bells. Lady Harmony, one of the caretakers of the center, invited me into a special room with a large crystal which imparted energies associated with the Buddha. She suggested I meditate, so I started the meditation in a semi-lotus position. The energy was so intense in the room, that I had to lay down. When I was finished, I went back to the car to collect my things, as permission had been given to stay overnight. Before going in, I casually glanced skyward and never have I seen so many twinkling lights as I did then, flashing multi-colors and the whole works. I felt a wonderful loving energy surround me and a feeling of peace and completion, as if I was on the right path for my growth; as if my effort to reach Sedona was the marking of an important step in my spiritual work.

A side note here, off our subject, just some background on Sedona. I was drawn to Sedona because the creation of this city was totally unplanned. One day, certain people just felt the call to move there. At a Dick Sutphen seminar {he is known for his past life regression and using hypnosis to help resolve unconscious blocks}, in Sedona in the summer of 1985, we were told that there are four powerful energy vortexes that all meet within this area. There is nowhere else in the world where so many vortexes cross. The people who live there claim if one goes to Sedona, they should be prepared to go through intense periods of emotional cleansings and openings to the spiritual essence of their being. Other stories told include that during the time of Lemuria there used to be a vast crystal city, which is still there hidden under the ground. And that there is also a very large theater, where they performed dances and music in one of the mountains. Of course, this area is sacred ground to the Indians, so with all these things, no wonder it is an area for a large amount of UFO sightings!!

ALBUQUERQUE (NM): At the beginning of this essay, we mentioned a story told about a city inside the mountains near Albuquerque. Thus, on route back to Chicago, on this incredible trip west, I stopped in this large city. I decided rather than spend a night in a hotel, I would sleep on the mountain and check it out. I forget the name of the mountain, it is a Spanish name but in English it means Pink Watermelon. Why? This is because when the Sun rises up in the early morning over the mountain, it makes the mountain look like a pink watermelon.

So, I went up the mountain as high as I could and found a parking lot and got out to survey the territory. I sensed energy coming from all directions. Even from under the ground where I stood. Yes, friends there was something definitely here. Fear crept in briefly as I felt invisible presences around me, beings of a higher vibration, possibly guardians. This did not deter me from staying. The most remarkable visible manifestation was the formation of two groups of lights in the sky, over in the direction of Albuquerque. At first I thought they were street lights but when they started to bounce around, I knew what they were. The set of lights to my left had six red lights, a bright one in front and five fainter ones in back. The one in the front, the leader as I called it, moved around and went from bright to faint, to no light at all. Then the leader moved towards the other group of lights which contained three white lights, two behind and a very bright one in front. As the other leader light was doing, this white one moved around and almost gave me the impression it was going to come over to my spot and say hello! Well, I figured since they are here, I must be protected so I went into a sound sleep.


CHICAGO: As soon as I returned to my hometown (at this time), Chicago, I checked the skies to see if the lights were in Chicago too. And sure enough, there they were. The main place I felt pulled towards was Lake Michigan. There were some stories circulating that there was a pyramid under the lake and it could one of the places the UFOs use as their base. One time while at the Lake, I felt my head and Third Eye tingle as if a ray of energy was being beamed from the sky. Many times while looking at the lights, and watching them do their usual tricks, I would see thin lines of violet, sort of wavy - irregularly shaped, just appearing in the air quite close to me (still do!!). However, the most remarkable experience occurred when my friend Gregg and I actually saw a ship by the Lake. Up to this point in our narrative, I have only spoken of lights and clouds, which is not all too convincing. But now we get to the real McCoy!!

One night, during the fall of 1981, while staying at the home of my friends at the Euranian Way, a spiritual group, I just got this mad impulse to go to the lake. I asked Gregg if he wouldn't join me and he agreed. Both of us were quite familiar with the UFO lights so we scanned the night sky, seeing some of the old friends. Just barely above the water, was one red light, quite bright and seemed to just hang there. Then all of a sudden Gregg cried out as it turned to bright white and started to ascend. Of course this held our attention and before we knew it start coming toward shore. It went about 800-1000 feet (hard to estimate) over our heads and then went inland. As it was approaching us, I thought, "Alright!! They are going to finally land, GREAT!! " Nope! It just glided by us, not making a sound and we could see red and white lights on the craft, not flashing too much. The side of the ship appeared rounded like the hull on a submarine. In my mind's eye, it appeared like a cigar-shaped vessel. The ship returned to the Lake and seemed to be circling all over the city. If only it had come a bit closer I could have told you more of its form. Oh gee, maybe next time.

Another interesting series of events occurred with a friend named Becky Harmon. Sonja Caliendo, a mutual acquaintance and New Age healer/masseuse, introduced us at the bar where Becky worked. Upon gazing into her eyes, something inside said I should get in touch with her again. So, one bright evening, we decided to meet after she finished work at 10 PM. Fortunately there was a spiritual meeting near the bar, and another person I met at this meeting named Carole, decided to come with us. So off the three of us went to another local bar and talked for about three hours. We talked about all kinds of things, including UFOs of course, but the most interesting portion of it, to me at least, was when I held Becky's hand and attempted to channel for her. Suddenly, I saw the outline of another face, not a human face, in front of her. The face just had two eyes, but no mouth or nose and seemed to be very white, no hair and quite smooth. During our conversation, Becky had mentioned she had read the Pleiades book and was very drawn to the Pleiades constellation. While still holding her hands, I began to see another planet, another race of beings, her home planet (see later in this essay on Star People). In other words, it appeared that Becky's soul was not a native of Earth. Her planet appeared like Saturn with a ring around it, the people do not experience emotions there and are very advanced technologically. It felt like this world could be somewhere in the Pleiades, which is probably why she loved the book so much. My speculation was, that the reason I could zero-in on this information is perhaps at another time, I had an opportunity to visit her home and her vibration triggered these memories, maybe even this is where I knew Becky from originally. Becky felt very comfortable with all that was said and didn't feel I was a nut or something. So the lesson is, go with what you receive inwardly.

The next time I saw Becky, we went to see the movie, "Quest for Fire." The movie provided an example of what life would be like without our modern conveniences, plus a look at a possible representation of man's past. Becky was very troubled by the movie's intense violence. She just couldn't comprehend why such behavior exists at all. To me, her reaction is typical of people who come from other worlds, planets that live in total harmony with all forms of life and with nature. To them, violence is unthinkable. After the movie, we decided to go out and eat dinner and stopped at a small restaurant. During the meal, a strange tingling sensation came over the whole right side of my body (which, since I am left-handed, represents my feminine or receptive side). For a moment or two, I had difficulty focusing on the physical world. In my mind, there appeared to be a man communicating telepathically with me. I sensed he was inside some type of enclosure or vehicle. He was relaying a message to Becky, and somehow I was just picking it up. I could only repeat two lines as it was coming very slowly. Then an inner suggestion came to just hold her hands and allow this energy/message to flow through me to her. And, indeed, she received some information. Through later conversation, we discovered that earlier in the day, we had both had an inner type experience approximately the same time. My experience was in the mid-morning; I had just finished showering and just as I was getting out, I felt a wee bit woozy, so I leaned against the shower doors to rest. For a brief instant, I felt myself slip into another dimension, or another state of being that was not physical. It was like passing into a different vibrational level. At the same time, in Becky's bathroom, she started to receive an inner message about her mission on Earth.

After dinner, we returned to her condominium near Lake Michigan. My gaze was directed toward the sky and I began to point out to Becky the lights I knew so well. They did their bouncing movements and we had another believer. While inside the condo, she showed me a letter sent to her from a friend in Oregon. It was channeled from a Space Brother named Krysane of the Pleiades. It basically talked about that they were working with Becky. In addition, she had been sent a doll of what the Pleiadian people look like. The color of the doll was silver and had on a spacesuit. The head was pretty close to what I had described to Becky the previous night, except there was a mouth and nose. I took Krysane's letter and felt the vibrations, trying to establish connection with the author of it. My body became surrounded with a love energy and heat, as I felt a strong connection. The impression received was that Krysane was the one who I channeled earlier that evening. The day concluded with a trip to the Bahai Temple,in Wilmette, IL,a north suburb of Chicago. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Bahais, in their religious services they honor all religions of the Earth. This temple is one of the most beautiful sites of Chicago. In the evening, when the temple is lit up, its pure white color illuminates the night and is breath-taking. It is like the white color of purity is being sent out in all directions. As I studied the structure of the building and went within to understand its origin, I felt like this structure existed somewhere else in the universe and had been brought to the Earth. That somehow, this race of beings, maybe Becky's home planet, had inspired the builders to bring this symbol of beauty and truth to our Earth. Of course, Becky was very drawn to the temple. The energy of the temple is very peaceful and calm - -with tremendous love pouring forth!!

Lastly, one final experience in this area, revolving around the book, "The Secrets of the Saucers" by Orfeo M. Angelucci, written in the late 1950's. When I visit my friend Roman Nacht, who is an avid UFO researcher and has a tremendous collection of books/publications plus some very powerful personal experiences, we always exchange new information and toss books at each other. Well through Roman, this interesting book came into my hands and I couldn't put it down. It was an autobiography of Mr. Angelucci's UFOs experiences. He learned that he is one of the souls from the planet Maldek, which destroyed itself long ago (according to G.H.Williamson; during the time of Moses) and the remains of the planet are the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He is contacted by some of the people who were able to escape the destruction, and through the time interval since, were able to become very advanced spiritually. One chapter of the book discusses airplanes that disappear in the sky, are flat-surfaced and do not reflect the rays of the sun. Well, one evening I was just sitting in my room and had my attention drawn to a light outside the window. I watched it move steadily across the sky as a normal plane would and it flew directly over our house, and not that high above us, as I could clearly see its features and hear the engine. Again, a few minutes later, I saw another bright yellow light just kind of hang in the sky (the same light?). It too came toward the house and flew directly overhead. Nothing unusual here right? Well, not quite. You see in the 20+ years I have lived in my parent's home, there have never been any planes that have flown that close over our house, let alone two in a row. So, to check this out, I spontaneously opened up Mr. Angelucci's book and sure enough, turned to the last page of the chapter sharing his similar experiences. This experience opens one's eyes up to another way the Space Brothers will manifest without creating panic. They also probably knew if they did such a demonstration, since I am a writer, I would report it. They can be very clever to try to share all kinds of information with us. Mr. Angelucci explained that the planes he saw were some type of visual/audio projections; that the Space Brothers (& Sisters) have the ability to use their technology or mental powers to construct any shapes and manifest them on our level. Like having a movie screen in the sky. I wonder if Mr. Angelucci knows any angels too?

(NEAR KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN): I hate to say this dear readers, but the following story is one sighting I did not see, even though I was right there with a front row seat! During the return trip from Detroit, in February, 1982, with two dear friends, Mary and Linda, after networking that area to death, we had a most incredible incident. I was driving, Linda was in the back seat and Mary was up front, slouched down with her head resting on the seat, gazing into the sky. All of a sudden, she gave a shout, and all I saw was the sky lit up, like when there is lightning. There was no thunder. She looked transfixed. "Mary, what is it?", I asked. She said, she saw a hole appear in the sky with rainbow colors emitting from it and then a spacecraft emerged out of the opening and hid behind a cloud. Darn, the metal frame of the front window had blocked my view, but it was a good thing because knowing me, I would have just looked in the sky and forgot about focusing on the driving. After this, all three of us saw lights flashing on and off, all over the sky, changing their direction, appearing here, appearing there. I later learned through the good old inner voice, what Mary had experienced was a spacecraft materializing from their dimension into ours (ala the movie Star Trek, when they go into warp drive). Also, the lights flashing every which way in the sky, could have been the ship instaneously moving from one point in the electro-magnetic energy grid in that part of Michigan.

IOWA CITY (IO): During my first visit to this city, I had an opportunity to give an informal sharing of New Age information collected on the networking journeys. This was in April of 1982. Of course, UFOs and Space Brothers was one of the main topics. After the meeting, I took outside three or four people and showed them the dancing lights, which all clearly saw. Some people have asked me if I have some special connections with the crafts and can just summon them. I think it must be the other way around. They send me a message when they are ready, and I just spontaneously act on it. Oh well!! Kathy Walden, who had attended the talk, shared with me the following week that she had a dream about UFOs that night. In her dream, she saw most of the people who attended the sharing, driving down a certain road in Iowa City, and while they were driving they saw spacecrafts appearing all around them. Then, they were directed to a specific location and three people at a time were teleported aboard the ships. Kathy felt the ships all had very high vibrations. Each person was given some type of information, which Kathy could not remember what it was about, and then they were returned to Earth. The pictures she drew of what the spacecrafts looked like were very similar to photographs of ships I have been shown by other people.

The night before leaving Iowa City, Kathy and I called an informal meeting to share with others her dream, and later went to the exact spot where the people had been teleported. The meeting was spontaneous. We had a little live music, a bed meditation (please, do not ask what this was) and a regular meditation. It was just a wonderful sharing period on many subjects. During the regular meditation, all of us felt surrounded by extremely powerful energies and sensed the presence of unseen but loving visitors. John Lake and a woman named Annie, both channeled some information for us, talking about the times and how the Light/Love is creating a beautiful and harmonious world. Also, I shared a few pieces of information, as I received key word prompts, which I expanded into full sentences. Annie verified this information, as she said it was sent to her and voiced through me. A different kind of experience, you might say. Finally, six of us walked to the spot in Kathy's dream. We joined hands and did a meditation and Kathy had visions of spacecrafts during this time. Oh I almost forgot; just before this meeting Kathy, a mutual friend of ours, Nancy, and myself had gone to dinner, and while eating, I had the same situation as with Becky where I started to receive information for Kathy from a man of pure loving light . We held hands and let the information flow through me. She did receive the energy and a few new insights.


So now you know how I got started with the UFOs. For the last part of this sharing of personal experiences, I would like to briefly mention a few other UFO exposures and insights. To sort of get you updated, as it were. Ok, let's start with the end part of 1982, where I was living in California, married and completing our spiritual book.

The first version of our book, "Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker" had been published in November, 1982. Afterwards, we went on the road, selling it to bookstores and doing a few informal lectures. Just before we left for this journey, we attended a party at our printer's place. While we were all having a good time, we spotted in the sky, directly above us, this light being chased by other lights. Then, all of the sudden, the pursuee exploded into white dust or smoke. I thought to myself, "Come on guys, we have the book on the presses, don't do this to me!!" Another fascinating incident around the book, was while in Mill Valley, California, sitting outside and working on the drawing which accompanies our book called, "Patri Mia" {My Father, in Latin}, out of the corner of my eye, above me and slightly to my right, I started to see a spaceship or should say saw the top part of it, the bubble and rounded hub of the craft. When I looked at the spot, with my eyes straight on it, there was no ship. So my conclusion was, somehow, the ship was connecting into the energy of the mandala pattern I was drawing, or was lowering its vibration enough that I could see it with my inner vision, but not slow enough to see with physical eyes. To confirm a UFO connection with our drawing, while visiting Anchor of the Light Retreat, in Grants Pass, Oregon, a visitor there mentioned that he had seen this pattern in Ontario, Canada. Another man had drawn it, claiming he was receiving it from the Space Brothers. My dear friend Ruth, while living in San Jose, had a very similar pattern given to her, done in fabric and thread, hanging on a wall in the house and had been told it was a Native American pattern. While in Phoenix, earlier this year, I had sent a copy of the drawing (through a young lady) to the Hopis, who she knew intimately. One day I hope to go to the Hopi reservation and see what they think!!

Through some friends in Phoenix, we were given a number of contacts in Prescott, hospitality spots. One of our friends giving us shelter, Sylvia, suggested I should go on a spiritual quest and be in nature, by myself, for three days. There was a national park near by, which seem to fit the bill nicely, so I chose it! This was a new experience for me, camping out alone. There was a certain fear to deal with. I also decided to have a juice fast. The main problem was keeping the fire going during night time, which I had no success with at all. So, I just went to sleep when it became dark. The first two nights, I slept in a shallow cave, called Tent Rock, because it looked like a tent, but I got inspired the last night to sleep out in the open, under the stars. There was a special tree I seem to have long discussions with, sort of like a teacher on nature, and very loving, a protector; so I figured I would camp out by it. I had trouble sleeping, and noticed directly above a light gliding along with no sound. Next, I start to feel my body vibrating fiercely, and thought, maybe they are getting ready to teleport me, and quickening my vibration!! I became alarmed, so the vibration stopped. Finally, off to my right, I saw a Golden Light flash by me, and thought maybe it was a meteorite or something, and waited for an explosion or crash sound, but none came. Of course, while here in this area, I saw plenty of clouds that looked like UFOs. Arizona is quite well-known for this.

After returning from this nature quest, besides being quite hungry, I had a sequence of coincidences around my birthday. First, I was helping Sylvia, re-type a book called "The Impending Golden Age" by Sanctilean, to make copies for others, since the book was out of print. This book was completed on my birthday, April 17, 1947, eight years before I was born {the number 8 is the number of the Aquarian Age, representing infinity on its side, perfect balance; when you draw it you never need take your pencil off the paper and happens to be the number of chapters in our book}. Of course, we are very interested in information about the Golden Age being prophecized. Next I had several conversations with Rev. James Milton, author of the book, "Take Me To Your Leader," about his conversations with many UFO contactees and well-known individuals exploring metaphysics and parapsychological phenomena. He told me, that his mother had died on my birthday and his wife's father had died on my birthday. And the last profound item of interest was, I picked up one of George Adamski's books, "Inside the Flying Saucers." It was from Sylvia's collection, and something inside said, look at the back of the book. Well, the last page had a biography on Mr. Adamski and can you guess what his birthdate was? April 17, but 1890 something. Of course, James Milton had a chance to meet with Adamski and was a good friend of his. Sandra, my spiritual companion, and excellent spiritual reader, believes that the series of coincidences were inner symbols preparing me to be taken aboard a spacecraft, and I feel that it could have taken place after I finished Adamski's book.

Upon leaving Arizona in April, 1983, the UFO activity started to settle down. I guess after a certain amount of activity, the Space Brothers, feel they need to give you a rest or the higher vibrations will burn you out. I came back to Calfornia where, other than a few short trips, I have been since. Although, I did attend the Star People Festival, held in April, in Los Angeles. Star People are those people who feel their true home is another planet or in the stars, and are here to help the Earth in its transition into the Aquarian Age. It was a fascinating conference, put on by a woman, who herself is a powerful channel and star person. I met Andrija Puharich, who talked to me about his experiences with Hova (UFO contact) through Uri Geller, and many other people he had worked with who had abilities like Uri. He said 99% of the star people never complete their missions to Earth or never realize who they are. Spoke with some New Age musicians and Lavandar, author of the book "Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View." She gave me 6 tiny crystals, which she said came from a spaceship and were in the Great Pyramid. They really vibrated in my hand, but today I have passed them on, as two sets of three crystals. While speaking on crystals, it should be mentioned that many of the channeled materials, the Space Brothers discuss the crystal as the most important tool for storing information on many dimensions/levels. They use crystals for their computers, which was illustrated in the movie, "Hanger 18." Also, many contactees report being able to communicate, or having their telepathic frequencies greatly enhanced by using crystals. I'm briefly mentioning them here because UFOs and crystals are very connected. Authors Randall & Vickie Baer describe crystals quite nicely in their book called, "Windows of Light."

Two interesting experiences in 1984 occurred in the San Diego area. One of these was the meeting of Marge Ludeman of Lakeside, near El Cajon. She was a channel for a Space Brother, named Captain Hilarion, not to be confused with the Ascended Master, and had a different way of channeling. She did not go into trance, the Captain would just speak through at any moment, and the personality changed, as if he shared the body with her. Got some good advice on some personal confusion and had a good feeling about the Captain. Sort of a fun person to be around. The other remarkable incident was during the combination lecture/sky-watch from Virgil Armstrong, who used to work for the CIA. In the lecture he shared various personal experiences and books, and one thing he mentioned that's worth noting is, he said he has received information from the Space Brothers that the destiny of the Earth is to eventually become the second sun of this solar system, sort of like the movie "2010" portrays. That as a solar system becomes of a higher vibration or of more Light, two suns are necessary to keep this higher energy. Thus, we will not be permitted to destroy our world through nuclear methods. Also, he told us a story about some houses he found near Grass Valley, California, which in the evening, changed their forms and went underground. He discovered, that the UFO people had a base in the area, and used this to disguise some of their ships that are on the surface. As you can see, he is indeed a very interesting man. Anyway, he took us east of San Diego for the sky-watch, into some of the mountains {sorry, I forget the name; about a hour or so from San Diego} and we camped out in an open spot, doing a meditation to summon the ships. All of us saw 10-15 lights, either streaking across the sky like shooting stars or moving around like mexican jumping beans, swaying to and fro. A person who attended this sky-watch, said at the next one he did in the San Diego area, the circle the group formed was surrounded by extreme heat, even though it was quite cold that evening. Also, the car we drove into the Sky-watch, mysteriously died on us, but when we were through, it miraculously started again.

In December of 1984, I guess it was time to be called again to go out and share UFO information. A local friend in San Diego, had videotaped the "60 Minutes" program from Mexico, which had a documentary on the Pleiades case in Switzerland. I received a copy of the whole program, which was in Spanish, and another version he created of just the still pictures and live film of the spaceships, with the Tibetan Bell music by Hennings & Wolff in the background.

When I viewed the live film for the first time, and saw the craft flying around in the sky, criss-crossing around a tree and saw it vanish only to instaneously appear in another location, I went through a consciousness shift. It is one thing to read about the ships' capacity to do these things, and another to see it with your own eyes. Because, it says that reality is not exactly how our physicists explain it!! Anyway, this video had such a powerful effect on me, I felt guided to share it with others, so we first had a showing in San Diego in December. Then I went on the road again and shared it with people in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara,San Jose,Mill Valley, and San Rafael, California. During the showing in Oakland, at a friends home, I met my current lady companion, Sandra, and we both connected on the UFOs; as she had quite a few experiences of her own, and said she always has two space beings 'with her.' Also, another friend, in Marin County, who was very interested in the Pleiades case, had another fine documentary called "UFOs are Real" on video, so I got a copy of that. In a showing of the videotape in Cupertino, afterwards I took the group outside to watch the lights which dance. Again, had a small silent red light pass by us like in New Mexico, not making a sound.

I met Lawrence Kennedy, a UFO researcher and teacher at the Whole Life Expo in May, 1985, and he gave us a few more videos on UFOs. It was interesting, but Colonel Wendelle Stevens, the prime investigator in the Pleiades case, was put into jail in 1984 sometime, in Tucson, for sharing too much information on UFOs. So, the message I guess the government was sending, was a warning, they wouldn't tolerate too much of the Truth. Plus, the movie made on the Pleiades case and the live film shown in Mexico (understand they got the film from Japan) have not been publicly shown in the United States. As I was showing the Pleiades video, caution was advised.

After meeting Sandra, Pinole, CA became my new home. Sandra showed me a picture of a UFO she and her son had seen very close to their home. She told me that the way the picture looked, when she showed it to me, was different than when it was first taken. That somehow the energy of the ship on the photograph changes with time. Another time in Pinole, I could hardly believe it, but right in front of the house, there was this gigantic cloud, which definitely looked like a saucer with 3 stacked rings. Sandra, a friend Dywane who had just come over to get a copy of one of the UFO video tapes, and I all saw it. On a different occasion, we saw about 10-15 UFO clouds, all over the place, and we tried to take some pictures. The problem was, the camera jammed and we lost all the pictures. When we turned the camera in to be fixed, it was working perfectly!! Lastly, on our trip to Arizona/Southern California, we saw between Sedona and Cottonwood, AZ, a white light fly in the sky in front of us and explode into white smoke/dust. Of course, in Arizona we saw billions of UFO clouds, per norm. On the way back to California, we passed near Joshua Tree, which is another hot-bed of activity, and saw this large cloud (have a picture) over the mountains there. This was the first time I actually felt myself being pulled into a ship. Actually received a telepathic message of love and peace. We also saw all kinds of lights one evening in Blythe, California. It is said they like the desert and isolated regions.

SUMMARY: Well as you can see from all the places I have traveled, there is always some UFO lurking around somewhere, mostly hiding as lights/stars and clouds. All of these experiences have been very positive. However, if you are ever in doubt, there is a wonderful book out called "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch" by J.J. Hurtak, which has some pretty heavy material {I don't always understand what I am reading}, and it gives a protection mantra in Hebrew. If ever in question about the motivation of the spaceships, say these words:


So to conclude, if you haven't already gone out and peered at the sky, pick a night and see if you can spot your friendly neighborhood UFOs. The best way to find them is just to go on your gut feeling or intuition. The more people there are who recognize these helpers, the easier it will be for them to contact us and help the planet more openly. About getting a ride though, that's a mighty tricky thing to come by. But you never know. And if you do and they bring you back, write about it, tell others. Don't worry if they believe you or not, there will be some that need to hear it. So dear readers happy star-light gazing!!!!!!