About The UFO Crash At Roswell

The purpose of this section is to post here any NEW information about the CRASH, and all the past pertinent evidence, opinions, documents, eyewitness accounts, press releases, and Government statements, which I feel helps provide some clarity on this case.

The source of most of this information is shown so that any questions you have can be directed to that source. I hope you find this section useful and enjoyable. As always, comments, suggestions, and material for addition here is most welcome.

Dave and "Illinois"

Roswell Photo Interpretation Team Finds New Evidence In 1947 Photos Taken By J. Bond Johnson - 1/99

See related J. Bond Johnson file below

Sadly Col. Corso Passes Away Just After Signing Affidavit proclaiming Roswell Was Real - 8/98

Famous White House Correspondant Wants An End To UFO Secrecy - 8/98

American Computer Co. Claims the Transistor Came from the Roswell Recovery and Much More - 7/98

Scientists Take Jeffrey To Task - 7/98

Roswell A 50 Year Summary - 8/97

Reviews Of The 50th Anniversary Celebration - 7/97

Stan Freidman brands Jeffrey's anti Roswell article nothing but propaganda - 7/97

Corso's New Book Blows Lid Off Roswell

A sad note is added here, Col. Philip Corso passed away in July '98 as a result of Health related causes.

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