The Amethyst
Crystal Skull

by Joshua Shapiro

(from the book:
of the
Crystal Skulls

This picture was taken by Francois Beaudoin,
when the Amethyst Crystal Skull was given to
her {owner of the Ram Metaphysical Bookstore,
San Jose, California} and her friend Steve
Mehler, for four days of research in 1980.

I Distinctly remember my reaction to the pictures of the Amethyst Skull, during my important visit to Francoise's Ram Metaphysical Bookstore. It was as if a shock hit my entire system. It was not that the skull was uncomfortable to look at-- it touched me inwardly, very deeply. I thought perhaps this was a remembrance of working with this skull before, or having contact with it. I also remember hearing myself say, "This skull shouldn't be out yet!" I cannot say why I thought that. All I can relate is that something happened to me, something changed inside me after seeing the pictures. It was as if this had been set-up long ago with the idea that when I was ready, the part familiar with the Crystal Skulls would awaken. But inwardly I kept asking, "Why me?"

The thought occurred to me, as I looked at the Amethyst Skull, that it somehow represented one of the many outer signs that the transformation into the Aquarian Age (or the Golden Age) is really happening now! Even though I was just looking at a picture of the Crystal Skull, I felt that it was as powerful as the real skull itself. Francoise told us that they had another batch of pictures they took, but somehow these mysteriously disappeared and the photo developing company could not find their negatives. This is just one of many strange stories that surrounded the Amethyst Skull, as if there is some sort of protective energy field around it, and only those who are supposed to see or experience it do so.

This particular skull is made out of pure amethyst crystal, of a very deep dark purple. Steve Mehler told me that this skull had been taken to the Hewlett-Packard research laboratories, and they were not sure how the skull could have been created, even if the skull's creator(s) had possessed an advanced technology similar to our own. The crystal itself has a marbled effect with patches of different shades of purple here and there. There are a number of thin light-purple wavy lines (called sutures) which go across the top part of the skull and down the front of the face.

Steve also had the Crystal Skull in his home for five days; he invited many well-known crystal researchers, as well as psychics and healers, to see the skull and ex-perience it. Steve still has tape recordings of all of these sessions.

I gathered some of the impressions received about the Amethyst Crystal Skull from local residents [San Jose] who were psychically sensitive and had been in the presence of it. Many spoke of great wisdom stored within it, as well as memories of events in history which have occurred in the presence of the Amethyst Skull. Many intuitively felt or received visions that such Crystal Skulls were used during the time of Atlantis, the Mayans or perhaps even earlier. My friend Ruth psychically saw that in Atlantis they would place jewels in the eye sockets (probably other crystals) to activate the skull. It then would light up and either communicate telepathically or actually speak in words with the head priest. The priest (or whoever was permitted to work with the skull in this way) could obtain universal knowledge and wisdom directly from the skull. She also saw that the Crystal Skull had some kind of a metal helmet that it wore.

I saw the Amethyst Skull during a special showing of the skull for a potential buyer at an art gallery in San Jose. The Amethyst Skull was kept in a vault at the gallery and the owner brought out the skull wrapped in a cloth. About ten people sat around a table with the skull. Most of the time I was very quiet, just sitting there and trying to experience the energy or vibration of it.

As I tapped into the energy of the skull, I felt a living being, a vibrant consciousness that was sleeping, yet awake enough to know we were there. Many of us felt a loving vibration and great power. I did have a chance to actually touch the skull and I felt a stream of energy move from the skull to my right hand, up through my arm and stop at the top of my shoulder. Somehow I feel that a permanent bond was made at this time. Today, whenever I think of the Amethyst Skull, I immediately inwardly see it sitting over my right shoulder, suspended in space. A few times, I have felt as if this skull has been placed over my head as if my brain is being programmed with the knowledge from this skull. So one does not always have to be in the physical presence of a Crystal Skull to work with one. To this day, I sense it is one of the main forces that guides and protects me on my spiritual/networking journeys.

One result of seeing the Amethyst Skull was that I began drawing many people into my life who were involved with crystals. I feel that the Amethyst Skull was my trigger to get in touch with my past lifetimes when I worked with crystals. Numerous people have told me that they remember me from Atlantis, which was one of the civilizations most active in the use of crystals. Also, if someone had told me back in 1983 that I would be involved with a book about the Crystal Skulls, I would have laughed. As I look back over the years, the signs were clear that this was part of the work I came here to do.

As time goes on we will understand more about these Crystal Skulls. But for now, I see them as physical, natural tools which can connect us to the spiritual realms and the spiritual beings who are assisting our movement into the fast-approaching Golden Age. They can be activated at any moment by the appropriate vibration, giving us wisdom and knowledge of the ancients.

The Mitchell-Hedges
Crystal Skull

by Joshua Shapiro

(from "Mysteries of the
Crystal Skulls Revealed")

Illustration from Crystal Skull book
drawn by Alexandra Kokorich

The Crystal Congress
( San Francisco, California -- June, 1986 )

In the opening ceremonies for this conference, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was displayed right near the podium during the opening speech. Sandra (Bowen) and I were sitting about forty feet away and we could feel its power. It was so strong I could not focus on the speakers. I kept feeling myself being pulled into the Crystal Skull. And as I sat there, I had a vision of Mayan natives kneeling in prayer in front of it.

We were working at a booth at this conference where we sold books and Nick's picture packets of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. On Saturday afternoon during one of our breaks, Sandra and I went over to see the Crystal Skull. We did a short prayer with the skull and then she left, but I couldn't leave. I felt a loving energy surrounding me and I knew I wasn't supposed to go. So I stayed a few minutes, asking the skull, "How do you create the images within yourself, when you are so clear to begin with?" Then I inwardly heard, "Watch," and I saw an etheric copy of the skull move out and float above it. Then I heard, "Now look at the skull and see what you feel." I looked at it and felt that it was empty, as if it had been transformed to ordinary rock quartz crystal and was no longer special. As a substance, crystal is the best conduit for the high level energies passing through it, and the skull shape draws immediate attention. But it is an external consciousness which is in control of the skull and works through it.

The other message which I received was also in-line with my question. I saw little bubbles forming inside the skull and shifting ever so slightly. It was so subtle that if you weren't watching this precise spot in the skull, you would never have seen it. I was seeing the crystal change its form right in front of my eyes. Then I heard, "You see, we can instantaneously re-model this crystal at will. To describe it to you in a way you would understand, think of it as if we could change the crystal to a liquid and mold it." So, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull had indeed answered my questions and given me an experience I shall never forget.

When I left the table that the skull was on, I felt a tremendous feeling of joy. I loved everybody and felt very elated. Imagine what would happen if we could get several Crystal Skulls together, generating a vibration like this. Maybe they could immediately eliminate all negativity in our world. Also, as I reflect upon this experience, I recall that while I was gazing at the skull and having this short conversation or communication, I was oblivious to the entire world.

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