My Experience with the Greys

Andrew Brough, Australia

Here is an email about an experience of a person in Australia having a contact with the Greys. He felt inspired to write and share his experience after reading on our section how to protect oneself from the Greys. Hope this is helpful to others .......


Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 21:54:48 +1000
From: James Brough
To: "Joshua Shapiro"
Subject: My experience with the greys

G`day Josh, it`s Andrew from Sydney.

I`ll tell you of my most important experience with the greys...........

On the 4th March `95 I finally learnt that the greys were not the altruistic beings I thought they were (Many people and books had told me that the greys are negative but I stupidly did`nt believe them!!)

I was living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the time which is on the German-Austrian border. Anyway I was terrified I did not know what to do, so I asked for help, divine help-it worked.

On April 2 I met two abductees (Ex-abductees!) and they told me the solution. LOVE!!! They said "Tell the greys you love them" "Sag ich liebe dich" I was skeptical but they were very honest calm and happy people and they put me at ease for the first time in four weeks.

Anyway at 3am on April 3rd the greys came, it was a telepathic contact and as usual I was utterly terrified but I managed to blurt out "I love you, I love you!" They disappeared and three minutes later I found myself sitting outside my body as it lay on the bed on it`s left side I could see it`s (my) back.

Suddenly, from the base of my spine, poured forth a stream of the most beautiful golden light I ever saw, it was exsquisite!, it was a soul-the greys had "injected" another soul into my body, they can manipulate souls, they also steal them.

Anyway after the soul left me I experienced a happiness that I had rarely known in my life which remains undiluted to this day,save for a little sadness and a strange kind of homesickness, a homesickness for that light. They came back in early August-this time in the physical, I awoke to find a metal stick pressed against my "third eye" I hit it away and said "Get out" I could move! they went!

The greys have barely any willpower! I should have said "I love you" but I forgot, I still have much to learn but I`ve made a start.

So try not to hate, love them, I know it`s very difficult in these situations but by loving the greys you not only help yourself but them also with no Karma side effect.

So there you have it, feel free to use this letter as you wish and please write to me any time you like, I`m eager to hear from anybody and I want to help.

See ya! .........Andrew