How Will the
Aquarian Age Manifest?

Many people will say we live in the time of times!! Many prophecies have been to humanity related to a drametic change in our world around the end of this century. Since I first began to study metaphysics and spiritual philosophy, I have had a strong sensing within my being that some type of global transformation is in the process. There is a great discussion among leading astrologer as the earth moves in its galactic course, through the heavens and goes from the influence of Pisces to Aquarius, what will this mean exactly?

In this chapter of the book, back in 1981 and 1982, I went deep within myself to see if I could understand or receive some inner inspiration to describe the events that were leading up to this planetary transformation and what would it mean for each of us. Although, at the re-publishing of this material in 1995, many things have changed and I think various mysterious situations have been clarified, there is still a great deal of insights contained within this chapter that still apply. In order to balance the information contain in this section, I am also including a new article to summarize and update what I feel is happening now (1995). For many people I have talked to, time is speeding up and people are feeling an inner pressure as if something is going to explode, as if our comfortable way of life is going to be shocked with some new aspect of reality. Only time will tell where we are all headed, but I believe there is no turning back to the old ways. As our technology expands, it is only making the connection between us more close as especially through such on-line services as Internet, we have the ability to almost instantly communicate with people anywhere in the world.

So my friends, I hope this section is able to send more like on the forthcoming Aquarian Age, which some have called a Golden Age. I expect within this year (1997) and on to 2000, we will see more visible signs each day that our destiny is ahead of us. Enjoy and dig in!!!

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