by Joshua Shapiro

(for "Manifestation of the
Aquarian Age Class", 1995)

This is the last class in our series of eight sessions to discuss events and information related to the prophecies of a Golden Age, also known as the age of Aquarius. I consider this particular class to be the most important one, because when everything is all said and done, and whatever is the destiny of events that shall occur, all that we will be left with is ourselves. However, since we are all Divine Children of God, we have incredible inner connections to guidance and knowledge at all times. The key is to be able to trust in this source and trust in ourselves. To further our discussion, we shall define some simple terms and concepts related to our subject matter, so that we are all starting at the same place.

What do We mean by Inner Awareness?

Well, let us look at the two words: Inner, meaning inside, within the essence of our being on some spiritual level; Awareness, meaning one's perception of reality from one level or plane/dimension to another. Some people have only awareness of existing on the physical plane, others who are more sensitive to subtle energies around us experience other planes of reality. Therefore, what we are discussing when we say inner awareness, is our ability to use our inner awarenesses, our inner senses to perceive and interpret other vibrational frequencies or dimensions which exist side by side with us. I believe for each physical sense (sight, hearing, et c ... ), each of us has a similar inner sense. The key thing to remember is that if one is attuned to these subtle vibrational dimensions, the laws of these other realities can be extremely different than our own. For example what would a reality be like that did not have the constraint of time and space? Where one could be in multiple NOW moments in different bodies at once? Thus, each individual generally will have one or more of their inner senses or awarenesses that are sharper or more acute than others. Lets look at some examples:

If you are a creative person, say a musician, how do you receive musical melodies and the words for your songs? In the case of Mozart, if what was portrayed in the famous movie "Amadeus" is correct, he actually heard the entire symphony inside of him (perhaps he was a channel for this cosmic music of the spheres) and then he knew immediately which instruments could produce the sound he was hearing. Maybe in another musician's case, they get only a piece of the melody and as they play around with this small portion of the song, the rest of it starts to come to them miraculously. Almost as if once they were able to grab and hold onto a piece of the song, they opened a door to receive the remainder. Or what about when you read a book, do you hear the words inside of you or do you see the words and just immediately understand what you are reading? These two examples provide a way to determine which inner senses you are using now without even being aware (No pun intended) of it!!! Obviously if you hear the words, you will be sensitive to the inner or still small voice which we call intuition. If you see the words, you are probably more gifted as a visionary. Some people, I believe, are very fortunate, because when they meditate, or dream, they see everything vividly and in color. Sadly to say for myself, this is not the case. I can see images in my Mind's eye and sense by how I feel the energy of this object or person what it is and then I just know what I am looking at, even though everything I see is in shadow or black & white. I also am not good at remembering colors but I will remember the shape of an object or person.

Every person on this world has access to these abilities. It is just that our subconscious was programmed to forget when we are young because we live in a very materialistic word that is often times run by logic and scientific achievement and discovery. That in order for something to be real we must perceive it with our physical senses. But just as a dog has a more acute hearing than we, which means a dog might hear a sound we do not, does not mean, because a human doesn't hear this sound that the sound does not exist. The same could be said for radio signals. Without having a radio set, we can not hear the broadcast waves of the various radio stations. Therefore, this demonstrates even on a physical level, there are other dimensions or frequencies of reality (which could also be a parallel world or just some level of spirit) that moves with us. If our inner awarenesses have not been developed (some people are born with these gifts, some work hard to develop them) and fine tuned, then we just have to accept there are many activities and energies around us of which we have absolutely no conscious awareness of.

The goal in the Aquarian Age is to create a balance, between the physical senses and the inner senses. Also to create a balance between the masculine energies and the feminine energies which in a sense is the same kind of balance between awareness of physical and/or spiritual reality. A masculine energy is more aggressive, a logical action to take, which results in a creation of something in the physical world. A feminine energy is a more flowing and spontaneous energy which relates more to the spiritual essence of our being. Inherent within all beings are both energies which when one works together, creates a harmonic balance.

A key element in developing one's inner awarenesses is to trust an initial response, answer or insight you receive from yourself. For example, how many times have we had an intuitive insight to do something, which made absolutely no logical sense at all ... we let our logical mind talk us out of it and then kicked ourselves later because we lost a golden opportunity? The same is true in acknowledging these abilities. You must be quiet and listen or pay attention to be receptive. If your mind is too busy, you are thinking about all the problems in your life and worrying about tomorrow, you can miss important information or insights that will come to help you in your life. Also, people have a tendency not to trust themselves when making a key decision in their life and will defer this to the opinions of others. By using your inner awarenesses you can receive guidance on your life from your best source, yourself. And how is going to know better than anyone else what is best for you but YOU? With the advent of the prophecies of the Aquarian Age, many people (Lightworkers) and also receiving information about how they can help the Mother Earth and the inhabitants here move forward into the Golden Age, which brings up our second topic of this short paper, Spiritual Guidance.

What is Spiritual or Inner Guidance

Spiritual Guidance implies that before we are born (since we are all divine sparks or souls from the Creator), we have a meeting with some beings in spirit to decide the lesson we will learn in this life. These spiritual beings or guides agree to be with us for some portion or all of our lifetime here on the Earth. You might think this could be a boring job but since on the level of spirit time and space do not mean the same, these guides can come in and out of our life in brief moments to them which would be years in our life on the earth. The only problem here is that once we are born, we forget who we are, we lose our ability to be able to sense the realm in which our guides exist and then only when we are quiet or calm, can our guides whisper gentle suggestions which we actually might receive.

Of course, which spiritual guides choose us is kind of a free will choice of theirs. Part of this could be a karmic situation, where you were a guide for one of these spirits at one time and now, they are helping you back. Or it could just be a question of vibration, of harmonics. It could just be that the goals that you set out to accomplish in this life, draw a certain spirit, that wishes to help you, so it is sort of a team effort. Even though a soul might reside in spirit, it is possible to learn and grow spiritually by helping a person who has incarnated on the Earth too. For example, say you never had a lifetime as a scientist, you might want to help a person involved in this field, to learn more yourself. Why not?

As we mentioned before, you also have the ability to communicate with your own soul or higher self (and some people might say that in order for us to understand this guidance, and since we are accustomed here on the earth with other people, it is indeed possible for our guide to appear as another person even though, in fact it is a projection from our higher self), to receive inspiration. It is the goal of a spiritual guide to help you achieve your life's dreams and goals and thus they basically hang around as an advisor. They must be very careful they do not pressure you to do something you do not choose on your own or this would affect you opportunities for learning and growth. Thus to test a spirit whether it is a guide, make sure they do not make any demands upon you or tell you something is right or wrong. The guidance should be given as a gentle suggestion. As we move closer to the full realization of the Age of Aquarius we are each becoming more responsible for our own lives, taking full responsibility for the events that occur around us, recognizing that we each create our own reality. So it is nice to know that you have this unseen help around you and I believe that everyone has at least one spirit guide at all times.

One of the keys in receiving any type of guidance is the ability to discern where is this guidance coming from. Just as we perceive the concept of good and evil in our world, (which remember is a relative point of view for each person) there also exist some spirits who are not here to help and guide others but to cause confusion or feed off of our energy (negative thoughts and emotions). I have found that when I am depressed or sad, I feel that there is a hole or opening in my aura or energy field and this provides an opportunity for a confused spirit or entity to come in to feed off of this energy. When I am in such a state, even if it is very painful, I just can not receive clear guidance on how to overcome this situation. That is why it is best to try to be in a peaceful and calm state (or meditative state) before asking for guidance. And even after you ask your questions, the answer(s) will come in many surprising and unexpected ways.

Sometimes guidance will come to me when I am in the bathroom, either taking a shower or just sitting on the toilet reading. Why, because the bathroom or restroom is a place we go to rest and relax. Or maybe a certain sequence of synchronicities will happen, three things of the same nature within a short time, to confirm a decision. There are a number of books written about people who have received various forms of outer signs, (if they are paying attention that is) with a sign being some form of communication with a person via symbols, numbers, images of familiar objects or words. This type of confirmation can come in many forms. It may be something you read in a book or magazine, it may be a sequence of events related to a common subject, it could be something you hear in a song, or something that a person says. It could be a settling sound in the house or a bird who flies over you at the exact moment when you are thinking a specific thought. This level of synchroncity or reading signs is really a good example of the Law of Cause and Effect. That our thoughts and feelings are energy and by the universal law, like energy draws like energy.

Some people will go to psychic readers or spiritual consultant to get guidance about their life. But even if a reader is good and they can tell you many things about you and your life, which they had prior knowledge of, one should never automatically accept such information or suggestions from others, unless you can confirm this inside of you using your own inner awarenesses. How do we know when we have heard a truth for ourselves, what kind of reaction might one have. I know for me, when I discover something incredible, my heart begins to sing. I feel this incredible energy inside of me and all around me (that aha feeling where you want to jump up and sing to the top of your lungs!!!) but I must be careful because during this time, I am probably in an altered state and this euphoria does not last for a long time. I have just received an incredible idea or insight of something that is perfect for me to do but once I am passed this euphoria, and the energy is not so high, I start to question is this really happened and if the suggestion I received would be for the best. So one must trust this process because one thing we must remember is that sometimes we receive insight and inspiration for the future, but since time does not exist on spirit, this dream or goal could take years to accomplish. I know for myself, I have many visions of incredible projects I can see quite clearly, so much so, I feel as if I am really there, that this dream is already happening now.

I believe when we are spontaneously, when we let our Inner Child come out and play, that is when we are truly channeling the God within us. You can tell when you are around a person in this state because they become contagious, they start to make you feel all happy inside as well. In our society, we are taught that it is not proper to be spontaneous, that we must act in a certain way and follow certain rules. I believe this subconscious programming is detrimental to our health. We must go with our creative flow and be who we are and not worry if we are accepted by other people. Probably no matter how nice you try to be or courteous with others, there will always be some other person who will be disturbed about who you are and how they are behaving. This is not a bad thing in itself, because when we see something in another we do not like, that person is mirroring something inside of us we wish to change. The truth is usually the opposite of what we have been taught.

So the key to receiving inner guidance is to trust in yourself and to be open to the incredible and infinite possibilities of the adventure of life that present themselves to us in our lifetime. What new situations can I explore in my life and finally how can I share what I learn with others, the incredible things I have learned through this process that might be of benefit for them?

Why is Developing Inner Awareness
and being Receptive to
Inner Guidance Important Now?

The major theme of our class has been that our world is going through a transformation. We are moving from a dense third dimensional consciousness toward a light fifth dimensional consciousness. As the Mother Earth's energy becomes faster and more energetic, this is activating the Inner Part of our Being, our link to Spirit. This also means that the physical laws we expect to work and how our live is on the planet Earth, is changing quickly as the truth becomes known, as our inner self begins to express its beauty and joy outwardly. This transformation is bombarding our physical bodies with a higher frequency of Light or energy and the cells in our body are transmuting to attune to this higher frequency.

Of course, there are many prophecies which describe vast physical changes that might occur in our world, with some predictions stating mass destruction. Most people want to believe that these prophecies will not come to pass, that our world will continue in its current directions, slowly but surely changing for the better. However, there is one Universal Law that I know is always true, and that is: NOTHING RESTS, EVERYTHING MOVES, EVERYTHING VIBRATES (from one of the Seven Great Principles by the Greek Teacher Hermes). It is stated that the prophecies of change to our world are part a cyclic process the Mother Earth goes through periodically. And that now, is another time when the Earth will go through such changes. I can not say definitively how, if or when such predicted changes will manifest, and if so, which place on the Earth will be a safer place to be than another place. I still believe that the destiny of our world, to move into the Golden Age rests entirely upon our own creation, and that if we could live more harmoniously such dramatic changes could be avoided. However, if the Mother Earth needs to move into a different energy or vibration, change is inevitable. It seems that no one knows for sure what is going to happen exactly, yet many people feel an explosion is about to occur as well.

I believe that many souls have volunteered to go through a physical birth and be born at this time to help the Mother Earth through this transformation. They have come here to also help other people (souls) to deal with this transition period as teachers, as examples of the Light (Lightworkers). The key to understanding these changes will be to work with your inner awareness. To listen inside, to pay attention to your feelings, about where one should be and how one can help. I keep hearing repeatedly from many teachers and Native Americans, that to survive this transformation, one must be attuned to their spiritual self. That even with our advanced state of technology, we not prevent the process of transformation in whatever form this will take. And conceivable, the pollution of our environment by our technology could also be a part of the problem. If a person becomes too attached to our modern conveniences we have and this way of life, if changes do come up it may be very challenging and difficult to live a life one moment at a time (otherwise known as "Going with the Flow"). So, whatever the Mother Earth needs to do to move into these new levels of consciousness, we must be able to go with changes and check in with our inner guidance of what might be coming up.

I do not say these things to scar others or place fear. I just know that what the Aquarian Age is about is the coming together of the race of humanity, where we work with both the masculine (scientific & logical, assertive) and feminine (flowing, attuned to spirit, loving) energies and really create the family of Man. For people who are not open to this balanced approach, the days ahead will be very testing. And just as we are beginning to utilize these special gifts and abilities in our every day lives, I can see that in the future of our Earth, that all the people in the Aquarian or Golden Age, will be using this abilities every day and will consider such things as normal. The change in the vibration of the planet is awakening this inner part of us as humanity is about to be welcomed into the brotherhood of planets where other beings exist. It can be a time of great rejoicing and celebration or a time of great challenge. It is the time of Giving up the Old for the New. And working to stay aligned with one's 'inner being is a very important key in the time coming ahead to have a sensing of what one can do to participate in harmony with this process of transformation.

I hope this short article has been able to share some aspects of the Inner Reality that is always with us. Remember, we are all One, Children of the Divine Creator and that our answers lie within. As Hermes said, "As Above, So Below".

Peace & Light to one and all,

Joshua Shapiro

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