Abudctions in Houston

(December, 1992 from Houston UFO Network,
posted on America Online - UFO Section )

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The Mass Abduction Event
of December 8, 1992
by Dale Musser

(Note: In the following report, the term "alien(s)" is used generically to denote the abducting entities, and does not presuppose an extraterrestrial origin.)

In late summer of 1992, Derrel Sims, chief abductions investigator for HUFON (Houston UFO Network) implemented a plan to establish communications with alien abductors. This was to be accomplished by means of hypnotic suggestions implanted in the subconscious minds of several subjects with multiple abduction histories. The intent being, if any of these subjects were abducted again, the hypnotic suggestions would allow the individuals to gather data and/or establish more positive contact with the aliens.

In November of 1992, subject DS92007PH was abducted. The subject maintained conscious memory for a fair amount of time into the abduction before the aliens were able to "zap" the subject (place the subject in a mental state where they no longer have conscious memories of the event). At the beginning of the abduction, the subject was able to communicate with the aliens, although they did not appear to be terribly inclined to communicate or reveal much information. As the aliens were completing their preparations for their examination, the subject felt herself losing mental control. The aliens began to reinforce their efforts to "zap" her. In one last effort to maintain consciousness and communication as long as possible she blurted out "We know what your doing... we know about..." (subject still under investigation). This statement seemed to evoke a reaction on the part of the aliens and appears to have predicated the events that follow.

Starting December 8, 1992, just prior to the HUFON meeting "Alien Abductions: Working with Abductees," several of the subjects on the panel were reabducted. These abductions were not realized at the time, but over the next few days, many of the abductees began suffering PAS (Post Abduction Syndrome). At this time the abductees were not in communication with each other.

Subject DS92002DM reported that he had experienced a dream or possible flashback of an earlier abduction When he began having PAS and other physical manifestations that accompanied his earlier abductions, it became obvious to him that an abduction had taken place.

Subjects DM92003JA, DS92034LC & DS92017RP also reported dreams with possible abduction signs. In addition a number of the abductees reported having nose bleeds and/or sinus pains.

On Thursday, December 10th, at the monthly HUFON meeting, a number of the abductees were questioned by the audience about their experiences. Although most of the abductees were very uncomfortable and felt that they "...shouldn't be talking about (their) abductions," the meeting went quite well.

On Friday morning, December 11, many of the abductees (most of whom were on the panel the night before), awoke to find they had nose bleeds during the night. Almost all had sinus pains and within a day or two almost all had head colds and flu like symptoms.

Subject DS92009LT awoke on the 11th with an irritation in one eye. While rubbing her eye, a small object (about the size of a mustard seed) came out of her eye. The subject called Derrel Sims and turned the object over to him.

This object has been photographed and is currently undergoing analysis. The object appears to be made out of a flesh-colored plastic. It is somewhat egg-shaped (with the narrow end open) and is hollow inside.

On the same day, subject DS92002DM awoke to discover he had a nose bleed (the first in over 20 years). He also called Derrel Sims to make immediate arrangements for a hypnosis session. On Sunday, December 20, 1992, DS92002DM was regressed hypnotically to his latest encounter with aliens.

The event occurred the night of December 10, the night of the HUFON meeting. Some time after the subject went to sleep for the night, he was awakened by aliens in his bedroom who, in a very quick procedure, removed a nasal implant from the subject and immediately left (later under hypnosis a number of other abductees reported similar events). Mr. Sims then regressed the subject to the next earliest abduction (December 8).

On December 8, subject DS92002DM awoke and observed a bright flash of light (there was no sound of thunder following). The subject rolled over and noticed a small gray alien "wearing a harness/utility belt." The subject was instructed to follow the alien outside, where a blue/white light was shining on a spot on the ground. The subject was instructed to stand in the light, and an instant later, found himself in a large circular room (about the size of a high school gymnasium).

The subject was instructed to disrobe and led out of the room and through a series of corridors and passageways. Part of the time they walked but mostly they were transported by a means unknown by the subject (floated or on a conveyor).

Eventually, they arrived at a small room where several other aliens were present. A quick physical examination was given and then a human-appearing individual entered the room (the subject in prior abductions had never encountered a human). The human asked several questions as to how/why the abductee knew he had been abducted before. The subject was also asked how abductees knew/found out about other abductees and why were they meeting together.

A model of the human brain was shown to the subject and he was asked to indicate where the "subconscious mind was located." When the subject was unable to indicate a location, he received a mental image of another abductee (DS92007PH) in a state of suspended animation and had the impression she was being asked the same questions. The human then left the room and the subject was moved to another room.

This room appeared to be some type of meeting or conference room. It also was round, but the lighting and the furnishings were quite different. A number of different alien life forms entered the room, the last being the one with human appearance. The small grey aliens left the room but two of the taller brown aliens stayed. (The description of the other life forms is being withheld pending further investigation).

The subject was again questioned as to the nature of the subconscious mind and to his knowledge of his abductions and other abductees. After each question the subject received images of other abductees. He could see them in a room together. They were all nude and seemed to be unaware of the presence of each other. Each seemed to be in a halucinative state and behaved as if acting out a part.

He sensed that the other abductees were being "accessed" by the aliens by some means and were being asked many of the same questions as himself. The subject also sensed DS92007PH, who was in a different location from himself and from the other abductees. He could "feel" the aliens trying to "access" her mind to retrieve information. A debate seemed to be taking place among the aliens as to whether the "experiment/project" should be allowed to continue or if it had been compromised by the recent events (abductees knowing of their abductions and meeting together).

Accusations were made about "improper procedures being followed by the "Grays" and "Browns." At one point, when DS92002DM "sensed/saw" the other abductees as they were being accessed by the aliens, he had the thought that the other abductees "don't know there are others there."

This thought caught the attention of the human who seemed surprised that the subject was picking up on their activities. Immediately, two "Grays" entered the room and took hold of the subject's hands and he was unable to "pick up anything further of the alien thoughts or questioning."

At this point another of Derrel Sims' hypnotic suggestions activated itself with the subject with interesting results which we are unable to report at this time as further investigation and experimentation are continuing.

One of the more interesting aspects of this case, and one which is being looked into further, pertains to a question asked of subject DS92002DM by the aliens. At one point he was asked what he knew about a government project called "Project Prometheus." Although the subject had no knowledge of such a project, we are researching the matter.

As the meeting seemed to be ending, the human asked the subject what he "would like to do," to which the subject responded that he would like to go with them (a suggestion even he finds bizarre). The subject was told that this was "impossible" as he was "contaminated" (the subject did not feel this implied physically).

The human then took him into a side room where he was shown a "strange sort of chart or diagram" which he did not understand and was unlike any he'd ever seen before. He then was led by the two "Browns" through several other rooms to another examination room/laboratory where a nasal implant was placed in his nostril (the one later removed). The subject was then given his pajamas, told to dress, and returned to his home and bed.

Subjects DS92009LT and DM92003JA were also hypnotized and reported being abducted on December 8, and being in a room with others.

Subject DS92034LC had conscious memories of being in the room on that night.

All three of these subjects have independently described the room, its appearance, and individuals in the room. All of the subjects' descriptions are similar and details of the room match--including several unique aspects unheard of in other cases.

It is interesting to note that all of the abductees in the "group room experiences" perceived events differently although parallel. One believed she had died and was with her dead brother (who had strange eyes). One thought she was with God whose face she couldn't see because of a fog that only allowed her to see his shape. All of the individuals reported themselves and others in the room as being nude.

One abductee who felt hungry was told they would be fed was handed silverware as though they were about to be served food. When she was told to look at the silverware under hypnosis, it was not silverware at all but some strange objects she could not identify.

Each of the abductees in the "group room experience" seemed to be in a drugged or hallucinative state. This condition seemed to alleviate when they were taken to another room for examinations and nasal and ocular implants.

Other abductees also have reported supporting events and experiences. The total number of abductees involved in the event is not known for sure.

Great care was taken in the early stages of the investigation to ensure that subjects were unaware of the others' events. It was only after hypnosis, with similar descriptions of events and locations by five different individuals (each unaware of any other abductee reporting anything) that information concerning the event was released. Numerous descriptions and minute details have been deliberately left out of this report, as investigations are still ongoing.

The significance of this event cannot be overlooked. It would appear that the implants were deliberately placed in the abductees before the HUFON meeting and removed the day after. Whether the aliens knew about the meeting or had simply implanted the abductees with the intent of monitoring a gathering of abductees is unknown. However, for the first time within the history of the abduction phenomenon, the abductees seem to have captured the attention of the abductors.

Although we do not know the outcome of these events we hope that it may lead to a breakthrough in communication, improvement in relationship with the aliens, and an end to abductions and experimentation on unwilling subjects.

For more information on HUFON abduction research, contact Derrel Sims at (713) 353-1550, or Patrice Eldrige at (713) 353-3980.

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