New Age Directory
of Planet Earth

The First International
Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Patti Normandy Greenwood
Darrell Thomas Wilson

1997 Mystic Planet


The information that follows is an excerpt from a new book.
This book is the first one of its kind, a global directory
that contains information than spans many interest areas
including metaphysical, holistic health, spiritual, new age,
environmental and alternatives of all kinds.
It covers 128 nations.

The 500-page paperback is available only by mail order
as a two-volume set from various sources including:

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For twenty years I rummaged around bookstores expecting to unearth an international new age directory. As I left empty-handed, I always wondered why no one had compiled such a book.

Spiritual networking is the path of my heart and I readily confess that I am addicted to collecting directories, magazines and newsletters from around the world. The closest I ever came to finding the directory I yearned for was in 1981 when I discovered A Pilgrim's Guide to Planet Earth, a useful directory of spiritual communities grouped by countries. But I hungered for a book with more categories to satisfy my eclectic appetite.

When I meditated, I often asked what direction my spiritual work would take next. As often happens with Divine Guidance, I can look back now and see that the answers I got clearly led me to create the Holistic Directory of Planet Earth. However, the path I chose to get to this moment took fifteen years and required countless baby steps. In a self-created maze, I took many false turns. Each time I completed a spiritual networking project I presumed I had satisfied the directive of my Higher Self to create a spiritual publication to help bring people together. But ultimately, the voice always urged me on, gently reminding me that my mission was not fulfilled.

After publishing a new age newspaper for a year (New Age Gainesville) and getting my first book published by a real publisher (Metaphysical Florida: A Spiritual Traveler's Directory, Pineapple Press, 1991), I arrogantly proclaimed that my "assignment" was finally done. The discerning voice of my inner guidance disagreed. I discovered that the reason I couldn't locate the international directory that eluded me for two decades was that I needed to learn not to wait for someone to do something but to do it myself! I feebly resisted, knowing full well that when I ask for guidance, I had better listen to the answer. I grumbled awhile (You want me to do WHAT?) then surrendered and went to work on the Holistic Directory of Planet Earth. The enormity of the task was challenging and exhilarating and not at all overwhelming as one might think. I became a hermit, focused like a laser beam for years--my friends patiently waiting for me to surface again.

This book is a frozen moment in time, a snapshot of a subculture, once esoteric, now embraced more and more by the mainstream as it emerges into the light. The day it is released, it will be outdated, like any other directory or phone book. This is how things were on Planet Earth in 1997. My fantasy is that it could become a collector's item, like the original Whole Earth Catalog which still occupies a treasured spot in my bookcase. Maybe it will find its way into a time capsule to be opened in fifty years by people who will be shocked that there was ever a time when people needed a book like this at all, people living in a peaceful future-world of cooperation and love where "holistic" is an everyday word and the interrelatedness of the body, mind and spirit is a given.

This book is just a beginning, a sample of what is available out there. It does not presume to encompass all the organizations and groups who offer holistic services or products. It barely hints at possibilities with the hope and expectation that one contact will lead to another. New groups of people blend into the holistic community every day while others add new talents and skills to the services they offer as they change and grow.

This book includes more than 4000 entries in 128 countries from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. It covers over 350 categories of holistic, spiritual, metaphysical, new age and environmental groups, services and products you won't find in the Yellow Pages. Chapter 2 explains how easy it is to use. That's where you will find lists of all the categories in the book and all the nations that are represented by entries.

My wish is that this book will encourage you to try new ways of connecting with the Great Spirit within you. May you find your peace as you realize that this movement toward holism and loving one another is a planetary phenomenon, unfolding all over our beautiful Earth-home simultaneously as we finally enter the longed-for Age of Aquarius.

At last, four years after beginning this adventure, I witness myself completing the one-of-a-kind sourcebook that I have searched for forever. Today, from that place where you and I are One, I offer this book to you with all of the love with which it was created. I thank All-That-Is for the inspiration and guidance.

Loving you in the Light

Patti Normandy Greenwood

How to Use This Directory

Welcome to the first international body-mind-spirit sourcebook, a guide to alternatives you won't find in the yellow pages. This two-volume book is organized geographically, making it the only directory of its kind in the world today. Other outstanding holistic guides are available with their information sorted by categories. My home office overflows with them and I treasure each one. But when I travel, or when I am just curious about what's happening somewhere, I want the instant gratification of looking up the country or city to see what's happening there. If you do, too, this book's for you.

This sourcebook is subdivided alphabetically into countries. Volume One includes every country except the U.S.A., and Volume Two is only the U.S.A. First you find the country you are interested in, then turn to the city. Next you look for the categories you want. Within each category the entries are alphabetical. (A few countries are further subdivided by state or province, such as Canada, England and the United States. In those cases, you will find the country, then the state or province and then the city, category and listing.)

For example, you might wonder if there is a massage school in Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A. You would turn to the United States of America, then Florida, then Gainesville, and finally "Massage Schools" to find out which schools are located there. If you were looking for Friends of the Earth in Copenhagen, you would first turn to Denmark, then go straight to Copenhagen, then the category "Environmental" and there you would find Friends of the Earth.


Patti Normandy Greenwood

is a seeker of wisdom and truth whose heartpath is spiritual networking. For more than two decades, she has been passionately involved in the pursuit of consciousness exploration.

Patti's other new age directories are Metaphysical Florida: A Spiritual Traveler's Directory and Wholistic Gainesville: A Body-Mind-Spirit Directory. With the completion of the Holistic Directory of Planet Earth, her next project is to co-create a fitting cyberhome on the World Wide Web for the vast amount of information she has collected.

Internationally recognized in the field of spiritual networking, Patti delights in her daily communications via the Internet with like-minded seekers all over the planet.

Patti left her native New York in the 50s for sunny Florida.She lives in Gainesville with her husband, Dr. Gordon E. Greenwood, author, regression hypnotist and University of Florida professor.

Their extended family includes sons Randall, Darrell, Joseph, Richard and Donald; daughters Kimberli and Priscilla; grandsons Richard, Niles and Sabbastian; a little girl in Kenya named Ntabaruan; and two hermit crabs they call Hermes and Little Guy.

Darrell Thomas Wilson

has lived in Gainesville, Florida, most of his life. This book marks his entry into the writing arena. He is responsible for researching the informational material that begins each nation's listings in this sourcebook.

Darrell is an avid sports fan and is especially passionate about the University of Florida Gators and Winston Cup racing. He has one son, Niles, who is five years old.

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