Richard Hoagland's Conference
in England (5/26/96)

Please find included on this page an update of Mr. Hoagland's attempt to continue to share information about alien structures on the Moon and Mars at a conference held in England. This report was sent to me by John Joseph Mercieca of the Malta UFO Research organization. A continuation of my own going reports of Mr. Hoagland's latest work.


Richard Hoagland's Conference
( England -- 5/26/96 )

Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 16:48:59 +0200
From: John Joseph Mercieca
Subject: Hoagland Conference Report (25 May, 1996)

Hi Dave,

I'm finally back!!!! Took a short holiday in Scotland after the conference and I have only been able to access the internet today since I found it impossible to connect to my ISP from out of the country :(

Anyway, below is a short report of the Hoagland/Bauval/Hancock conference - much more was said but short of having recorded the whole thing (which was not allowed) I couldn't remember all the details. Hoagland should have a video soon since there were at least 4 different camera crews!! As soon as it is available I will send you one!!

I am posting the report to as many UFO lists/mailing lists that I can think of so there is no need to repost it yourself. I will also put it up on my web-page soon as well as any new info I can remember!

Enjoy .... and tell me what you think!



Imperial College, London
25th of May, 1996

Richard Hoagland
Graham Hancock
Robert Bauval

Reported by : JJ Mercieca
Malta UFO Research

A wonderful lecture!! Hoagland commenced by giving some general background information on the moon/Mars structures and then leaped right into the new information.

The most interesting item was a film from one of the Apollo missions taken from the orbiting capsule that clearly shows without the need for enhancement the highly eroded and shattered dome across Mare Smythe!

The astronauts were filming "Earth Rise" through a perfectly transparent quartz window in the capsule and since the moon has no atmosphere, the Earth should be a perfect circle. Right? Wrong!!

The Earth looked terribly distorted while it was rising, with the shape flattening, changing and shimmering as if seen through a thick atmosphere rather than through an airless environment.

What could be causing this effect? Well, miles thick sheets of glass between the camera and the Earth could distort the Earth so much. But the glass cannot be seen, or can it ....?

What is important to remember is that the cameras used by the astronauts didn't simply stop running when switched off, but the film continued to pass in front of the open shutter while slowing down. This resulted in several frames at the end of each "take" being over-exposed. At normal speed these frames produce a sort of white-out of the screen, but when seen frame by frame, as Hoagland demonstrated a number of times, much more detail comes out!

In these frames a clear structure that is miles above the lunar surface can be seen! It has a very jagged look.... sharp spires in some sections reaching much higher than the average height of the structure. It looks as if what may once have been a relatively flat surface has been bombarded for lots of years (thousands, millions?) by micro-meteorites or even larger objects. The film was taken looking over Mare Smythe and in the direction of several other mares (the dark sections on the moon), which Hoagland thinks are the foundations of the ancient lunar domes. (Therefore in the direction of the largest concentration of glass that caused the Earth to look so distorted.) The over-exposed frames picked up so much light from the close lunar glass structures, that the Earth can hardly be seen in them!


- 1 megalithic yard = 2.72 British feet

- Large triangle on the moon formed by three circular features
(distinguishable from the APP172.jpg Clementine image - is 272 miles on each side

- The crater Ukert (16 mile triangle) is tangential to one side of the larger 272 mile triangle

- If Diameter of Earth = 1, Diameter of moon = 0.272

- The moon is currently 60.27 Earth radii away from us and is moving away imperceptibly.

Exactly 200,000 years ago the moon was 60 Earth radii away.

- Hoagland thinks that 200,000 years ago whatever was going on at Cydonia, the moon and maybe even Earth came to an abrupt end, and the moon began to drift away very slowly from the position it was being kept in!!!!

- What is really interesting is that Hoagland mentioned a report by some scientist (can't remember the name, so if any of you know anything about this let me know) that the human DNA as we know it today first appeared some 200,000 years ago which is quite a coincidence .... Could the end of a "Cydonian" civilisation mean the start of our own??

- Hoagland also thinks that the groundplan for the construction of the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Egypt was laid at this time, 200,000 years ago!

- The moon first orbited the earth some 600 million years ago during the Pre-Cambrian/Cambrian period. Hoagland put forward a theory that someone moved the moon into orbit around Earth (since the 3 theories scientists have of how the moon came to be don't hold water).

1) The moon and Earth coalesced from the same "dust" at the same time our solar system was being formed. This is impossible since the makeup of the lunar rocks as demonstrated by the lunar missions is totally different from those of Earth.

2) The Earth was hit by a "Mars-size" object, the impact creating the moon which conveniently remained in Earth orbit rather than rebounding back into space.

3) The moon wandering through the solar system is caught by the Earth's gravitational pull and through some "fluke" of orbital mechanics, takes up a roughly circular orbit around the Earth!!

While Hoagland's theory may sound even more unreasonable than these three, it does have its merits. Whoever did this would have needed immense amounts of energy but hyperdimensional energy offers just that : infinite energy at no cost!

The moon also increased the Earth's angular momentum by several orders of magnitude which resulted in an increase in the generation (by the earth and moon) of hyperdimensional energy. (Angular momentum is one of the conditions needed for the generation of hyperdimensional energy by planetary bodies.) This increase in HyperD energy may have led to the development of more complex lifeforms and therefore sentience.

(* My own personal comments/speculation : This theory sounds interesting, and would need to have some sort of "Protector" type alien race going about the galaxy/universe manipulating the very planets they find using HyperD energy to bring about the existence of complex sentient lifeforms in the distant future, which would still be in the single-cell stage if left alone. A message may also have been left by these aliens in the form of immense structures on a nearby planet/moon for any sentient lifeforms that developed space travel to find! - Which we did!!! Who knows....?*)

- Hoagland also thinks that Carbon-14 dating is invalid if his theory on HyperD energy is correct. Scientists at some labs are puzzled how the half life of some elements have increased or decreased randomly, with elements with long half lives just popping out of existence, while those with short half lives remaining stable or prolonging their existence. This may be related to some function of how HyperD draws energy from a higher dimension but Hoagland didn't expand much on this for now.

- Since this is Hoagland's first visit to the UK, he is going to visit Avebury and Silbury Hill, the small part of Britain that is a 1/7 scale model of Cydonia! (the Tholus=Silbury Hill and the crater/pyramid=Avebury). He asked the audience for excavating and drilling machinery to check out the ground on the positions of the Face, City and D&M Pyramid to see if there are any corresponding features at these locations. Wonder how the British government will take to Hoagland going about the countryside drilling holes? :)

- I can't remember if Hoagland or Hancock mentioned this but it sounds quite intrigueing! It seems that there are certain areas on earth that puzzle geologists because there are large patches of terrain where elements are found in the ground that do not match the surrounding terrain and just should not be there! Could these elements be the only trace of totally corroded cities/ports/vehicles of ancient civilisations that have ended 10,000 plus years ago? What would a car or a building or an aircraft carrier look like in 10,000 years time if our civilisation ended abruptly? Maybe just a mixture of metallic and other anomalous elements in the soil!!! Stone lasts, metal doesn't which might just explain why the various pyramids and other ancient buildings around the world have been constructed using this material!

- Hoagland also mentioned the "natural" nuclear fission reactors that are found in Africa. These seem to exhibit all the signs of an ancient nuclear meltdown and yet scientists have labelled these as "natural" nuclear reactors since these scientists cannot imagine how an advanced civilisation that may have been able to manufacture nuclear reactors could have existed at the time, thousands of years ago!

(* For those of you who think that Hoagland is in this for money .... think again ... he didn't even bring along a single copy of his book or videos to put on display for sale!! And the only address he gave out was that of his web page! *)


It was demonstrated by Robert Bauval that the Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza are a terrestrial "map" of the Orion Constellation as it appeared in 10,500 B.C.

Is it just a coincidence that one of the Apollo mission patches incorporated the Orion Constellation behind the large letter "A" on the patch? Is it just a coincidence that Apollo is the Greek word for the Egyptian name of the Orion constellation, Osiris?

In later patches, NASA "obliterated" this Orion connection by adding more stars to the patch thus disguising the original Orion constellation.

Like the "leak" of the Clementine APP172.jpg, someone at NASA seems to be intent on dropping us "hints"!!

Bauval may also have discovered the position of another secret underground chamber below the RUMP of the sphinx. This is different from the known position of the secret chamber discovered by John Anthony West in 1991 under the paws of the sphinx. This new chamber is being called by Bauval and Hancock the Genesis chamber.


Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval had some disturbing news from Egypt - John Anthony West who has previously demonstrated that the Spinx & Pyramids at Giza are much older than previously thought and also discovered the secret chamber under the sphinx's left paw was then booted out of Egypt by Zahi Hawass (Director of Egyptian Antiquities) on the grounds that West was attributing the sphinx & pyramids to an ancient lost civilisation and not to the Egyptians and this was total rubbish according to Hawass ... Hawass actually said that West was all part of a "Zionist plot against Egyptians" of all things!!!

Gantenbrink (sp?) the German robotic engineer who discovered the secret door at the end of a supposed "air shaft" in the Queen's chamber of the Great Pyramid using the Upuat robot was also declared persona non grata!!

Now Zahi Hawass has been sponsored by a multi-millionaire (whose name I can't remember) who just happens to be a member of the Edgar Cayce society (Association for Research and Enlightenment) to open the secret chamber below the sphinx. The multi-millionaire may be one of the select few that know the "truth" (behind hyperdimensional physics/moon structures/mars structures/coverup). The Canadian engineer who has been chosen by Hawass to use another robot to open the "air shaft" door in September also happens to be a member of the Edgar Cayce society and is also connected to the multi-millionaire!

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who predicted in 1933 that a secret chamber would be discovered under the sphinx that contained a repository of Atlantean knowledge and would be opened in 1996-1998.

Zahi Hawass has participated in a 7 minute promo film to try to get someone to produce a direct "live" opening of the secret chamber. Graham Hancock & Bauval were contacted to participate in this live opening but one of the conditions was that they had to publicly denounce John Anthony West as a fraud. They obviously refused!! This multi-millionaire has sued (or threatened to sue?) Bauval & Hancock for libel for associating him with the Edgar Cayce society/sphinx chamber opening!!!

By the way, this is the same Zahi Hawass who said that the secret chamber under the sphinx was just a natural cavity in the rock but now admits that there may be something in it after all! He has also said that they will find a statue of Khafre (or Khufu) and finally prove that the sphinx was built by this Egyptian pharoah - does he have X-Ray vision or is he just preparing the way for another cover-up?!?


During the UFO conference on the next day (26 May), a short video was shown of an interview with Derrel Sims who has helped Dr Roger Leir remove a number of implants [at least 10 at the last count]. Sims was very excited by some of the discoveries that have been made by the labs studying the implants. He didn't want to say much, except that the results of the tests were stunning. He wants that at least 2 other independant labs verify the results before these are made public. We should be hearing something very interesting soon. Could this finally be the "smoking gun" we've been looking for?



I have reported what has been said at the conference as accurately as

possible, however any errors that I may have made are my fault and should

not impinge negatively on the speakers' work!


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"Either these features on Mars are natural and this investigation
is a complete waste of time, or they are artificial and this is one of
the most important discoveries of our entire existence on Earth."

Richard C.Hoagland on the Monuments of Cydonia, Mars

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