(an ancient Crystal Skull)

Star Knowledge
UFO Conference
Wagner, South Dakota
June, 1996

As has been mentioned in various other pages on this site, "ET", a human-size crystal skull made from smoky quartz, was present at the Star Knowledge Conference. In attendance at the conference was Joke Van Dieten, the caretaker of "ET", and my wife and I were assisting at our booth, to allow individuals who were interested to have a private session with this very special artifact (for more information about "ET", see his ET HOME PAGE). We also were able to offer (Joke and I) a one hour lecture and a two hour workshop about the crystal skulls featuring "ET".

At our booth, we handed out some free material about our organization, V J Enterprises, which included our web site address and email address. Gail Schultz, who lives in South Dakota and apparently is a well known psychic on the IRC chat lines, attended the Star Knowledge Conference and recently contacted us to share her very interesting experiences with "ET" and the after-affects. So please find on this page some of the emails we have received from Gail about "ET" and what happened to her ......


Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 12:48:50 -0700
From: Gail Schultz {}
Subject: Star Conference Meditation Experiences with ET

Dear Joshua,

My name is Gail Schultz. I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and attended the Star Knowledge Conference in Marty, SD in June, giving me my first opportunity to come in contact with the Crystal Skull, "ET". Just thought that you would be interested to hear of my experience during the meditation, and what has occurred for me since that time.

Immediately upon touching ET, I was flooded with a sense of sadness, a feeling of being flooded with all the emotional pains for thousands of years. I couldn't keep from crying. My mind began to be flooded with images of people from all times and thoughts that the returning was seemingly taking forever. The 'returning' was something I couldn't quite understand at the time, but now feel it may be our spiritual return to a purer state, or the returning of the creators of the skulls. Strongest were the images of Peruvian type pyramids, amidst greenery like I have never seen. (the following regressive meditation I did with Chet Snow's seminar once more revealed those pyramids with the same, strange looking, beautiful vegetation surrounding them) The feelings of love emanating from ET astounded the heart-tug of a small child pulling and begging for affection.

As I gazed into ET, I saw sparks of energy that were amazingly like electrical flashes.....but they weren't just the white of an electrical spark......greens, lavenders, blues, pinks, yellows.....they pulled me deeper into the skull and I had the sensation of subliminal or telepathic communications with ET. These sparks were not just within the skull, but shot out the top of the skull, and umbrellad over my head, showering me, protecting me with the colors. I felt like I was deeply connected to that skull and couldn't explain why or how.

Having had psychic experiences my entire life, I was still unprepared for what began to happen to me after the conference and the meditation with ET. Where I had always thought myself to be a good psychic, slightly more accurate than many others I have met, the degree of accuracy I have had since that time has floored me and brought gasps of disbelief from those I have read for. Not only have I become more accurate, I have begun to channel entities of parted humans and have also recently channeled someone who was very much alive, being able to completely describe someone I have never seen, speak in his words, move with his actions. Along with this was higher knowledge on how to help this person who was in a very distraught nervous condition.

Also, since meditating with ET, I have found I have access thru what I can only call telepathic means, to information I have never read or even knew existed. I have been able to quote books and teachings of the spiritual and metaphysical experts of our times, without having ever seen these writings!

This is all quite astounding to me! I have several people whom seek me out on the Internet Relay Chat channels for assistance in attaining a higher evolution and have somehow always managed to be able to help them in their personal quests. I have no explainations for it....I don't understand it, but I must accept it because it feels as if it is right.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience ET, and the forum to let you know of my experience.


Gail Schultz
24440 Oak Meadows Ct.
Hermosa, SD 57744

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:12:42 -0600 (MDT)
From: (Gail Schultz)
Subject: ET Meditation and communications

Dear Joshua,

To begin, I must say that the full(blue) moon last night must have had some kind of affect on ET as I was wide awake most of the night with pen in hand after a meditation. The skulls must have worked in conjunction with the full moons!

When I began this communication/meditation with ET, the first thing that came to me were the words "Welcome back my daughter". It was a short meditation and those were the only actual words I received....struck me as really strange! But, I received some images that I will attempt to describe to you, and then give you a bit more on the Star Conference meditation with ET.

ET, and the other skulls, were not created on this planet, but were brought here. The way they were created involved some kind of 'pouring' like into a mold. (Can Quartz be liquified??????????) It was just a 'flash' of an image when I questioned how ET was created. I feel that they were created in a recognizable to us form of the 'creators' of the universe, yet as quartz can amplify both body energy and thoughts, the actual energy and thoughts of the creators were placed in these skulls. Tapping into these energies and thoughts would truly give insights on WHAT is happening in our universe, wouldn't it?

(Immediate flash just know of 'what I can do, you can do with ET too).

ET is much older than 7000 years. 7000 years ago was the last time the skull 'surfaced' on the earth, and the last time he was fully activated. I get his age as a multiple of those 7000 years, either twice or three times that number. The age of 13,500 years ago feels something from 13,500 years ago will be discovered in connection with the skulls.

I also got an impression of how the skulls were used,but it is very sketchy to me. Activation for use involved telepathy, a pyramid shaped prism, and natural illumination intensified by what I can only describe as either a telescope or periscope ---- a series of what appeared to be mirrors in a pipe or tube structure. There was only one skull in what I was given.....perhaps the remainder of them were with other peoples across the world as it existed at the time they were brought to this planet.

The settings for activation that I saw were two separate places, almost as if there were two steps to fully activate the indoors, one outdoors in a place that was strangely reminescant of Stonehedge (a circular pattern with tall pillars, poles, or something around it).

I don't have a clear image just yet on the way the prism and 'periscope' were used, but with the skull in the center of an almost round room, the image I get is of the skull in center on an 'altar', darkness in the room....the skull suddenly illuminates with a column of brilliance emanating from the top of the skull. It is very quiet, and the skull begins to emit a humming.

I had many images thrown at me last night, some I can't figure out, some that seem almost silly to me, but will give you them incase they 'jive' with what someone else has received. The first image is very similar to the Star Trek transporter.....a chunk of quartz placed next to the intact skull of the 'model' to be used. Some kind of electrical energy turned on and both dematerialize, then the crystal skull is all that materializes. The next image I got was a remembrance of an old 'Jules Vern' type movie where 'talking rings' were found. They were activated by spinning them like a top. (???????????) Like I said, only giving them to you incase they coincide with something someone else was given. They may be completely irrelevant!

Now, more came back to me from the Star Conference meditation I did with ET. Prior to the meditation, I was just kind of flabbergasted into silence from the power of the conference. I was amazed to even be there, as only two days before it began, I had the desire to go, but no means to accomplish the trip. Things suddenly fell into place, and like many others attending the conference, fate took over and I was there! I walked into the auditorium as Barbara Marciniak began to speak. I looked around at the faces of others present, and for some strange reason saw someone I physically knew in this life in every face I looked at. (After much 'where do I know you from' both directed toward me and from me toward others, I discovered this was a common occurance at that conference.... both the familiarity felt and the circumstances of even BEING there!) I felt a type of psychic connection with every speaker I saw....sorry, I was involved in a seminar and missed YOUR presentation on the crystal skulls.

I walked around the vendor room, and was immediately drawn to your booth. I spoke with Vera and then had to go find somewhere to cash a check so I could do the meditation. When I returned, it was as if a door opened and I almost immediately got to meditate with ET. (Was that Joke in the booth with ET???) I sat down and had a brief conversation with (Joke?) prior to beginning my meditation. As I laid my hands on ET, she made a comment about my being powerful, which confused me. My guide, Itzeo, was very prominent to me during the meditation, and was 'flipping' with happiness that I was there with ET....Itzeo is Mayan! I only discovered thru reading on the net yesterday that ET was found by a Mayan family! Coincidence???? (Itzeo has been with me since I was a small child, always guiding, always helping me. Before he gave me his name, I called him Cowboy, because he kinda dressed like a cowboy then, but as I got older realized he was dressed more like the South American gouchos, but not quite.) As I sat there, ET emitted an odor of rich, black, fertile soil. The visualization I got was almost tropical vegetation, very lush and brilliant in color, but unlike anything I have ever even seen photographs of...dense but friendly and inviting looking.

I had an impression of a South American country..pre-Mayan in era, yet in an area of the Mayans. The visualization I had was like being on a high hillside, or mountain, looking down on a Mayan/Peruvian type pyramid. The edges were terraced, each terrace on the two sides that I could see had planters of foliage nearly filling each level. It was difficult to see thru the plants, but there was a lot of gold color to the pyramid. I was about halfway up this mountain.

After the meditation, I noticed a new courage. Instead of being a silent observer to the conference, I suddenly became more open, friendly and began talking with just about anyone within three feet of me. And discovered many wonderful similarities between all those I spoke with. It was like being at a family reunion!!!!!!!!! We all felt a bond, that we were to 'do' something together that was very very important. But, no one could put a finger on any one thing. As yet, tho, contacts with those I shared addresses and emails with has been very limited, like it isn't time just yet to get together. I will say this, if you had to describe the feeling of that conference in three words they would have to be 'awesome and overwhelming!'

BTW, I saw the photographs that JW did with Max. They look strangely like those 3-D pictures that came out recently. I think it would be interesting if I could get my hands on the actual pictures and 'off focus' view them. Am sure images would come out in the fashion of the 3-D pictures. I tried to focus on them on my computer, but no luck.

Kinda bent your ear today, sorry, but ET wouldn't let me sleep last night until I jotted all this down!!!

Peace, Light


(Editor's Note: One of the best ways to receive insights about the crystal skulls, is to work with sensitives and record their information. Thus far on this page we already have Gail's sensing of "ET" but there is another crystal skull, of which I feel is made from clear blue quartz that I am seeing around me all the time these days ... so I thought, I will put the energy of the etheric image of this blue skull into my message and see what Gail picks up ... there were some surprising results as you will see from the next two messages below ............. Joshua )

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 20:17:57 -0600 (MDT)
From: (Gail Schultz)
new skull (AN EXPERIMENT)


As I read your email, I got a distinct impression of what appeared to be a skull with a larger than 'normal' cranial cavity that was more than likely made of almondine garnet....a violet red color. I also perceived that when found, either the jaw will be missing or something rather unusual about the jaw will be observed, almost as tho part is broken in appearance. I don't know if this is the skull you are referring to, but quite a bit came to me about this one. This garnet skull's purpose is even more healing than ET does....all of the skulls have the ability to heal, but healing is not their primary purpose. This garnet skull is a transformational, or transmitter type, (some function that begins with the letters TR) purpose of the skull is to promote progressive change and forward movement in all aspects of life, to help restore order in the New World. This garnet skull was one of the last ones lost, so to speak.

At one time, the skull was in the vicinity of NW Nevada, near the California border, but I can't say if it is there now. It may have been located by some person in the late 1800's and moved from that location.

Part of ET's function is to bring to life past life memories. Using ET should reveal the location, description, and use of several more skulls.

Care to try something for me???? If you have one, put ET on a revolving cake platter, or lazy susan, or a phonograph set for 33 rpm, set in the sunlight. If you can locate a pyramid shaped prism, use the prism to direct a beam of light so that it lands on ET about centered. Focus love toward ET. Turn on the phonograph so ET spins slowly, or spin the lazy susan. This will allow ET 360 degree 'vision' and may create images above him that you should be able to see. These images would be highlighted if some light were like focused up thru the skull from the bottom in some way....perhaps the prism.

Maybe this isn't the skull you have envisioned around you, but it is the distinct impression that I got as I read your letter.....



Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 23:21:06 -0600 (MDT)
From: (Gail Schultz)
Subject: blue skull?


I posed the question of the skulls to a group of psychic friends of mine and two of them imaged a clear blue skull that appears to be under water somewhere in a deep, cold lake. The one woman got northern Europe as a location and the word 'fjiord' came to me. She said "Yes!!!"

Some kind of marking is on the skull above where the third eye would be...just not sure what the marking is.


(Editor's Note: Gail has been meeting with other sensitives via IRC Chat and apparently they had quiet a conversation on the crystal skulls and came up with some interesting insights. Unfortunately this was not recorded but Gail is trying to get a copy of the log, which if she does, we will add to this page! She did remember some parts of the conversation, and I hope to join them at some future point to continue this discussion. In her email below, are a few more interesting insights about the crystal skulls ............. Joshua )

Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 09:44:23 -0600 (MDT)
From: (Gail Schultz)


......trying to rework a log of the conversation that our group had on the skulls so you can see what was discussed.....gwynnyth lives in Florida and really was channeling an entity that was warning about looking for the skulls!! We also came up with quite a bit of information that may be useful on how the skulls would be placed/where they would be to activate them all. There seemed to be psychic information that if the original skulls were all in the same place at the proper location, a portal of some sort would open up. This kinda made me think that since most of the skulls have been located in Mayan territory, that this may have been what occurred when the Mayan people disappeared!!! Interesting theory, to say the least!!!

Chat with you later!


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