Hancock Explains
The Importance Of Cydonia

The following is an excerpt from Hancock's book, "The Mars Mystery" p.263. It's one of the best explanations I've seen for exploring the Cydonia Region of Mars.


January 1999

"It is permissible, sometimes, to speculate and we offer the following as
no more than an 'amuse gueule', a harmless speculation, intended to
entertain. It is a kind of artifact of our imaginations that arises every
time we look anew at the image of the Face on Mars and at the geometrical
structures that seem to have been arranged so purposefully around it on the
Cydonian plain.

The math feels like a message.

The peculiar interlinkages to Giza and to Teotihuacan don't feel

The latitude games played at all sites do feel as though they share the
same designer.

Last but not least, some of the structures of Cydonia stand immediately
beside and even inside impact features - including, for example, an intact
pyramid, unencumbered by ejecta and not at all damaged, poised on the very
edge af a crater rim. Such anomalies suggest to us that the monuments must
have been built after the terminal Mars cataclysm, not before it.

Our hunch, therefore, is that Cydonia is indeed some sort of signal -
not a radio broadcast intended for the entire universe, but a specific
directional beacon transmitting a message that is intended exclusively for

To receive that message we have to prequalify.

We have to be able to look at Mars closely, which means high technology.
But we also have to have the intelligence and open-mindedness, the vision
and the spiritual humility to accept that even a dead planet can speak to us.

In short, humanity has to be able to see Cydonia, to realize what it is
and to act on what it says.

Who might have devised such a message? And how could they have arranged
to express it in a distinctive "architectural/geometrical code" that would
much later turn up on Earth in the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza
and other terrestrial sites such as Stonehenge and Teotihuacan?

Could it possibly be that the builders of Cydonia also contrived to
exert an influence upon the early civilizations of Earth? Were they
somehow involved here, perhaps during the darkest midnight of prehistory,
perhaps even long before the biblical flood? Could this explain why there
seems to be a lingering and tanatlizing "memory" of Cydonia imprinted upon
the design plan of the Giza complx and why not only the Sphinx but also the
Arab city of Cairo that grew up around it were called be names meaning "Mars"?

Lastly, what about the content of the message of Cydonia?

We go on instinct, nothing more, but in our speculation it is warning
that a Mars-like doom that could spell the end not just of individual
species, not just of human civilization, but of all human beings and of all
life on this planet. That is why the message is addressed excluively to us
because we are its potenial benefactors. that s why it is expressed in a
language of architecture, geometry, and symbolism that strikes a chord with
humans. And that is why there is indeed a deep and ancient connection
between Earth and Mars, anchored to certain astronomical monuments that
were designed, from the very beginning, to awaken us at the eleventh hour."

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