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Perspective on Roswell Film After Aug. 28th

Greetings dear readers. Today is August 29th, a day after the showing in the United States on the Fox Network, of their Encounters Show sharing various portions of the Autopsy portrayed the Santilli Roswell Film. After covering this case on our Web Site since early March of this year (1995), after reading many reports from various other researchers who have been able to view this film previously as well as see a number of still images that have been posted on Internet and CompuServe, I was really prepared for this show. I was curious just like everyone else how Fox would present the film, and through our Anonymous Source, heard some tidbits.

I should mention to our readers that you might want to also link to another page we have called The Roswell Film Airs All over the World to see how many countries this film was shown in during the week starting Sunday, August 27th plus some early viewpoints from people who were willing to post them on Internet that viewed the film on TV. Also linked to this other page is another section that will go into more details of peoples opinions of the film, because there were so many!!!

After reading all the opinions I could find plus having a chance to watch parts of the film myself, I conclude that it will still be some time before a final verdict will be decided. I expect to see however, unless there is more extensive proof to add to this film (like seeing Truman in the autopsy room) that the interest in the film will probably start to calm down. I think more people might visit sites like ourselves, which contain background information on this film, to follow the history and research that has been done upon the film and the events which lead up to the special programs just shown on TV worldwide.

I felt that Fox did a good job with the time they had to create the show, to provide a good mix of information interweaved with the film. Of course, like most people I wish they would have showed more film. One person I spoke with, felt we only saw in total (because they repeated the same shots consistently) about five minutes of the actual film. It was incredible to meet Ray Santilli during this show, the man we have been hearing so much about. I had an image of him as an older gentlemen and more heavy set, but I was surprised to see he was quiet young, probably in his thirties, and typical British. He seemed pretty easy going which is what I have discovered when I did have a chance to share a few emails with him on compuserve. Also I have participated in an on-line conference that featured Mr. Santilli, and watched how he responded to questions. The same was true in meeting Phillip Mantle via this show, he just didn't look like anything I expected based on the feeling I had from either reading comments he has made on the film or articles he has personally written.

I thought Fox did a good job of arranging the presentation of the film combining a mix of interviews with different experts to provide various viewpoints and analysis of the film. It just seemed like the hour flew by and that we didn't have adequate time to watch all the information that could be revealed at this time. Now that I have finally had an opportunity to view some of the actual footage, I still feel that we still have not been shown publicly some evidence that clearly proves the existence of UFOs and here is why...........

First of all, what I am about to share and how I arrived at my own conclusions related to my own personal experience of the film, is not going to be accepted by all of our readers as any form of conclusive proof. It requires for one to be open to a minimum that reality as we know it, is far more than just the physical universe we perceive with our physical senses. I believe that every person has extra-sensory perceptions, whether they are aware of this or not, and that we can use these gifts which we all have to receive or discern other information about an activity or event, which is not visibly shown. I have learned over many years of travel and investigation of many strange phenomena, UFOs included (of course), to completely trust my intuition and inner feeling on things. I have the ability to extend myself, my consciousness, my energy field and to experience other people or objects. I sort of merge with the person or object that I am focusing upon and see what it feels like to be that person or object. This is one of the techniques I use when I offer spiritual consultations with others.

So assuming that such abilities exist, and that a person can receive additional insights by trusting these inner sensitivities, I was ready to watch the Fox Show. There I was, sitting on the bed in our bedroom, starting intently upon our Television screen watching the film quite closely. I used my gift to extend my energy and went into the head of the alien we were seeing. I sensed or felt absolutely nothing. To me, this image of a supposed alien, felt totally lifeless. But you say, "Why yes, Illinois, the alien was in a crash, he died, so of course he is lifeless!!!". Yes, this is true, but my experience has been when I extend myself into the mummies we see in the museums, or say dead animals that are mounted as trophies or even a person who has died, even though I sense there is no soul, no spark of life there, there still exists some piece of the living consciousness that worked through that living being. In the case of this alien, it just felt totally dead as if it was a sophisticated manufactured dummy, very precisely and intricately done. I know in this program that several Hollywood special effects people were interviewed and shared how incredible and difficult it would be to duplicate such a film, especially when they were cutting into the alien's body, but for me, I just felt the whole time I was viewing the film, it felt wrong, this form was never alive. Again, I realize I can only share my experience of it, and this certainly doesn't constitute any type of proof, proof which normally requires extensive scientific research. However, perhaps for some of you, my experience might make sense.

Next, I watched how the surgeons or doctors surrounding the alien behaved. In the begin of the film shown, it seems to be that they were avoiding at all costs to really touch the alien. You know when a doctor examines a patient, they will feel your body and in so doing the doctor's hands will press in to your skin as it is supple. If the alien had extremely hard skin, we should see some depression of the surgeon's hand. With this alien, I saw the doctors constantly pointing things out to each other but when their hands got close to the alien's body they would avoid pressing all the way down. This made me feel very suspect. When they began cutting into the alien, and blood started to come out, again following my feeling, I just didn't feel we were seeing real blood, it felt as if it was some liquid that had been filled inside this dummy and just started to creep out. None of the organs that were taken out were recognizable and certainly these organs do not match what has been shared with the Grey Race, purportedly to be present at Roswell. Also I do not recall any of the Roswell witnesses who were interviewed discussing Aliens that looked like one in the film.

In the U.S. version (as compared to what is discussed in the version shown in Holland on August 27th, which some say was the same show that Channel 4 produced for England), they did not show any film from the wreckage. And here again, only going by what I have read in regards to the 3 minutes of wreckage film shown at the Bufora Conference in England, and what we have see of stills from the wreckage, we only see bits and pieces of the wreckage and not a whole craft. So this also makes me a bit suspicious.

Regardless whether I think the film is real or not, the amount of interest being generated by the possibility that we finally have proof for the existence of UFOs is absolutely incredible. If the official agencies holding the secrets about the UFOs do not receive a clear message that people are ready to know the truth and will not react in fear as they assumed so many years ago, then this film has accomplished an incredible work!!! Our site continues to receive over a thousand people a week coming to view the film images or read the background. Some of our readers become even more adventurous and start to read some of our other sections connected with UFOs and Spirituality.

Another things I would like to mention, is a wonderful book just out that was written C.D.B. Bryan about the MIT Conference held in 1992 about UFO Abductions. At first Mr. Bryan was quite skeptical about UFOs and abductions but after listening to a number of abductees and professionals researching these cases, he concluded that something is definitely going on but we still don't quite understand what it is exactly. Are we dealing with aliens who have been influencing humanity for a long time and exist in some other dimensional reality, is one of the questions he poses towards the end of the book. I think this book brings out some good new data about abductions and the aliens and the book seems to agree that the UFO issue is acting as a catalyst to expand's Man Awareness of Reality and the Universe.

The sad part of this story is that there existences absolute proof of UFOs (ships that have crashed) and ETs (the bodies of those found in the wreckage) sitting in secret places held by secret agencies of the world. We already have the proof of UFOs and yet, here we are in 1995, with many organizations, women and men, all involved in the pursuit of researching a phenomena still not officially recognized, spending thousands of hours of time, to find that elusive piece of evidence which already is sitting in secret storage areas. This is not to say that I personally know where such evidence is being kept, again it is just one of those intuitive feelings that just doesn't go away and which I believe, many witnesses who have been involved in this secret are starting to come forth and tell the truth. I would have to say, that for these governmental agencies to use all of their resources to suppress the truth ... to try and hide the truth, only shows that the UFO question, is not really a question any more. We must take it amongst ourselves to find the answers to these questions and not wait for the governments of the world to admit it. It is just sad that the proof is already here, but we are not permitted to see it or know about it. I would presuppose it will be the extra-terrestrials who eventually will force this issue or a person or persons who were involved in the UFO conspiracy that will just come and tell what they know, even if their life(s) are threatened.

Well, some have questioned Mr. Santilli's motive for sharing this film. Many people believe he is doing this only for a financial gain. I believe we must respect his long effects to find a way to be able to share such a possible momentous film with us. I think this is the first time that the computer on-line services have been utilized so effectively to educate the word about a possible historic event, since the media in general tries to ignore UFO related activities. Probably, the only way we can ever hope to really discover the truth about the UFOs is to pay attention to these open lines of communication. I have found for myself, some of the best explanations and information to come via the Internet.

Dear Friends, whether we like it or not, I think I have to agree with one of the conclusions shared by Mr. Bryan, our world is being prepared for a quantum shift. The life we take for granted, our everyday sequence of events, is about to radically change. Some people are feeling that very soon, we will be having aliens walking amongst us, but we should be prepared to challenge these beings and not just accept what they say, because they seem to be more technologically advanced then us. I feel the next few years, more and more of the truth will come out and what has been accelerated by this film will be accelerated even more by the next UFO case that claims to have solid proof. So Hang On to your seats dear Readers, what is coming up is going to require us to use all the resources, talents and skills we have collectively!!!!

This purpose of this article is not to convince you one way or the other about the Roswell Film, it is just a sharing from a brother on the same path of life like the rest of us, sharing some insights and observations he has uncovered along the way. Thanks for taking the time to read this piece!!!

To the Days Ahead ................. ILLINOIS

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