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Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer 
The New Book, pre-annoucnement!!

Stanton Friedman's Home Page 
( A Scientist willing to bring out the truth about UFOs )

Alien Autopsy Film Review
(Special 2 Set CD, the complete film, frame by frame)
Two ET's Captured in Brazil - Jan. 1996

U.S.S. Elderidge in the Greek Navy

Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer (cover)
(Cover of the new crystal skull book by
Joshua Shapiro with Desy Shapiro,
ready in January of 2004, to view
--- click on the book cover)

Crystal Skull Chronicles:  
The Adventure Begins!

Roswell Home Page
( The investigation continues ....)

Current Crystal Skull Presentations
(Crystal Skull Lectures and Events done by Joshua Shapiro)

World Mystery Research Center
(Link to our sister organization, researching world mysteries
from Crop Circles to the Bible Code)

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UFO NET Global - UFO Network of Web Sites

Member: UFO NET Global
A UFO Internet Site Network

Member: NA NET Global
New Age Internet Site Network

tree of life jewelry
Some great looking tree of life jewelry of the designer David Weitzman.

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tree of life jewelry
Some great looking tree of life jewelry of the designer David Weitzman.

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