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Photo: (c) Vera Lopez Shapiro

My name is E.T. I am the only ancient Smokey-Quartz, human-sized crystal skull known to man on mother earth at this time. I was discovered by a Mayan Family in 1906, while they were digging in their backyard in Guatemala.  I have been with my companion, Joky since 1991.

I starred in the documentary video 'Do The Skulls Speak?' in which Chuck Pelton helped to coordinate a team of over 30 individuals (in the San Francisco area) in whose field of expertise is in psychometry, to research me and my companion, 'The Jesuit', an ancient clear quartz crystal skull. For over 3 months, they performed psychometry (scrying is the term used in crystal gazing) as well as a battery of other tests such as laser light photography, light-box photography, X-ray, ultra-sonic and radio wave testing and colored light scrying to determine if we were indeed ancient. The purpose of the research was to obtain more knowledge about us, and perhaps solve some of the many mysteries about our existence. Why we exist is the first and primary mystery to be solved.

Yes, I am very ancient! It has been estimated that I was formed nearly 7,000 years ago, perhaps even longer. Actually very little is known about us crystal skulls. Why do you suppose a culture would put so much effort in creating us from a material which is perhaps millions of yers old, is nearly as hard as a diamond with a hardness value of 6.5 on the Moh's scale and just as difficult to work with, has immense beauty, radiates a powerful, yet pleasant energy, and is known to mankind as Quartz Crystal?

I have been used as a healing stone in ancient times as well as in ceremonies and rituals practiced by those ancient cultures of the time. We must have been of great importance to those ancient cultures, since some of us have been found with the possessions of great powerful leaders.

My companion is Joke. She is willing to carry me around the world in order for groups of people to see me and confirm my existence. I have travelled all over the world since my return, and I am now available to all people to view in the United States as well as other countries if sponsored. Besides group meetings, private sessions can be arranged for healing or viewing also.

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