The Australian Crystal Skull Tour featuring "ET"

Joke Van Dieten, Companion

An Ancient
Crystal Skull

Coming to Australia

My name is ET and I am a messenger of ancient wisdom. I was fortunate to visit your fair land last year and I hope to return soon!

Seeking Australian Sponsors!

Photos: (c) Vera Lopez Shapiro

THE CALL IS OUT: Based upon the wonderful response we received in Australia last year, participating at the Body-Mind-Spirit Festival in Sydney last November, plus a few local talks (much thanks to the support of our friend Norm and Crystal Forest in Hurstville and the Empower Centre in Palm Beach), we are issuing a call for Sponsorship by interested parties who might have an interest to work with us to offer a tour of your lovely country of Australia with our Crystal Skull Event.

Who are WE? What is the Crystal Skull Event?


(Who We Are)

As the Golden Age is approaching and the old Frontiers are disappearing, "ET" has chosen an international crew of helpers and old friends to introduce me to the World!

Dutch Manager:
Joke Van Dieten

Companion to "ET"
-- and his three friends

Story Teller & Healer

Brazilian Manager:
Vera Lopez Shapiro

Crystal Teacher
Reiki Teacher & Master

Shamanic Apprentice
Aura Readings/Soul Cleansing

American Manager:
Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

Crystal Skull/UFO Explorer

Aquarian Age Networker
Internet/Computer "Guru"

Australian Event Coordinator:
Ajay, New Dimensions Distributing

New Age Book Distributor
New Consciousness Networkers

Joke Van Dieten and her
collection of crystal (gemstone) skulls
(Photo: (c) R. Joshua Shapiro)


Joke Van Dieten along with Vera & Joshua Shapiro are proud to announce their three day Crystal Skull event. Starting in May of this year (1996), they have begun a world tour with their first stops in the U.S. including Atlanta, Georgia; Marty, South Dakota (The Star Knowledge UFO Conference), Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois with plans to visit Europe and South America in the works!

The Crystal Skull Event includes private sessions with "ET" (an opporunity to sit privately with an ancient crystal skull) and a crystal skull presentation followed by a group meditation with "ET". The presentation will give a quick overview of many of the known ancient crystal skulls via slides and share a wealth of information dealing with personal experiences of the presenters related to these ancient artifacts. In addition, the participate will have an opportunity to experience up close a real ancient smoky quartz skull. The goal of our Event is to provide a complete experience of the crystal skulls as well as help to educate the public about these powerful ancient tools for Global Transformation.

We are happy to announce that Ajay of New Dimensions of Windsor in Queenland, has accepted to be our Australian Coordinator. She will be helping to setup our stops in the various cities we will be visiting (please see contact information listed below). If you would be interested to sponsor our Crystal Skull Event please feel free to contact Ajay or ourselves.


Joshua & Vera Shapiro
c/o: V J Enterprises
9737 Fox Glen Dr. #1K
Niles, IL 60714
Phone: (847)824-1822
Fax: (413)604-9059

Joke Van Dieten
Miami, Florida
Phone: (305)532-3382

New Dimensions Distributing
Attn: Ajay
Crystal Skull Event Coordinator
P. O. Box 2015
Windsor, QLD 4030
Telephone: 61 (0)7 3857 4219
Fax: 61 (0)7 3302 2998
email address:

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