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20 FEBUARY 1996

Dear Philip
Thank you for the copy of Kent Jeffrey's review. You ask for my comments. I've only scanned the document quickly. I find it incredible that volumes can be written based on assumptions and wrong information. Kent has completely wasted his time and it's obvious from the tone of his manuscript that he has turned the situation into a personal vendetta.

I am unable to make any comments with regard to the many experts he lists. their expert opinion is of more value than mine, and obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion.

With regard to Volker Spielberg, of course he is a business partner and friend of mine, how else would I know him.

As far as hieroglyphics are concerned, they do not spell out any English words, you can take any symbol and associate it with another to create almost anything you want.

Turning to the French TV programme, I still don't understand what the fuss is regarding Bill Randle. He was just one of many people we saw while in Cleveland, and I've always made it clear from the beginning that Jack Barnet was not the real name of the cameraman. It may have been a poor choice but it was the name adopted.

Kent states that I am victimising people in the USA and elsewhere. I would be grateful if he could tell me exactly who has been victimised because as far as I am concerned that only person that have been victimised is myself.

Over all, I am aware that the cameraman's story and the footage, etc. has flaws in it, however there's nothing I can do about that; the film is what it is.

In due course, a more detailed account on how the film was acquired will be published. This will answer many of the questions raised.

Please feel free to relay the above information to MUFON and Kent Jeffrey.

Best Regards

Ray Santilli

A note from Dave:

I got this via fax from a well known author on Roswell who is also a consultant to MUFON. I would have posted this as a direct .gif image of the fax showing Santilli's signature, but parts of the text are smeared like when the original slips in the fax machine. I've retyped it here word for word with grammatical errors and all exactly as they are in the fax.

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