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First, I want to acknowledge and thank "Illinois" Shapiro for hosting my Web page and allowing me to be a part of his team.

I first got on the Net a couple of years ago because there seemed to be, borrowing a term from Art Bell, a "Quickening" of new discoveries, and a lot more attention being paid to the UFO phenomenon by the Media and Hollywood. I decided the best place to keep up was the Internet.

What I discover in "keeping up" is reported here in plain English, which is the only way "DUMMIES" like me can understand. What I report supports my personal views on the origins of Man and the Universe. I developed my views back when I was a kid in High School, and haven't yet seen, read, or heard, anything that causes me to alter them. If anything the "Quickening" has only strengthened my views.

If you agree with the following single TENET you may find this Web site interesting. If not thanks for visiting, but you should probably move on.


Dave Vetterick

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Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission

Rockefeller's UFO Report

NASA Reports and Other Research on Life Beyond Earth

Graham Hancock & Ancient Civilizations

Astronauts Speak and Other MIsc. Info on UFO's

The Roswell Incident

All the files that were here have been moved to our newly reorganized Roswell Home Section. Click on the button below to go there now, or the PAGE INDEX to go to my other favorite subjects.

Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission

(Updated September 5, 1999)

There isn't anything really new regarding Hoaglands research on the Cydonia region of Mars. Lots of photos have been taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), but the results are inconclusive. In the "CYDONIA Pros and Cons" link below I've included a variety of discussions for both positions, and links to other sites where you can see the latest images.

In other news about Richard in the last year, he had a heart attack from which I'm glad to say he's fully recovered. He and Art Bell have been embroiled in a law suit with some detractors. If you're interested in either of these areas visit their web sites.

Be sure to see the tie between the Mars Cydonia region and Giza explained in the Graham Hancock and NASA sections below.

I've added links to Richard's Web site where you can see the Brookings Report, a definition of Hyperdimentional Physics, and the McDaniel Report.

Some of the items below aren't new, but they sum up the thrust of Hoagland's work, namely "The Face of Mars" in the Cydonia region of Mars. Below these are additional articles on what Richard has been up to the last few years.

For even more infomation on Richard Hoagland I recommend you visit his site at www.enterprisemission.com and Art Bell's site at www.artbell.com

CYDONIA Region, the Pros and Cons (updated Sept. 5, 1999)
Summary of Hoagland's lecture at U of New Mexico June 27, '98
Hoagland's 8/6/96 Letter To Clinton (Summarizes Everything !)

* 7/96 NASA verifies Hoagland's "Life Forms" on Europa theory.
* 7/96 Hoagland's 7/28/96 Interview on Paranet Continum
* 5/96 Hoagland's Conference in England
* 5/96 Hoagland Debates Astronaut Egar Mitchel
* 3/96 Washignton D.C. Press Conference Transcript
* 3/96 Background Before 3/21 Press Conference
* 3/96 Various Reviews after the Press Conference
* 3/96 Second Conference One week Later?

The following items are linked to Hogland's www site:
Hyperdimentional Physics Defined
1964 Brookings Institute Report
The McDaniel Report sent to Nasa

Rockefeller's UFO Report

(Updated September 6, 1999)

There have been no real developements on this subject since I first posted it in April 1996. However, there is a new item on Rockefeller's funding crop circle research.

DR. Steven Greer of CSETI claims much of it was his work and his idea, and didn't get propper credit for it from the authors and the Rockefeller Foundation that published it. Check out CNI's or CSETI's Web site for more.

Let me know if you want a copy of most of the BAE report. Although dated, I believe it's an important work.

Rockefeller Funds Crop Circle Research

BackgroundPrior To Release

Review ByCNI

My Reviewand Excerpts

ReportTable of Contents

Research and Reports of
Extraterrestrial Life
This section contains over 50 articles and reports from NASA and other sources on discoveries that indicate the chances of life existing beyond Earth, both past and present.

(Updated September 5, 1999)

News About Life Beyond Earth Sept. '99 - Aug. '98
Official News About Life Beyond Earth Aug '98 - '96

Graham Hancock & Ancient Civilizations

(Updated September 7, 1999)

The Importance of The Cydonia Region of Mars

Hawass Agrees To Open Debate On Unorthodox Views

West and Hancock Reach Understanding with Dr. Hawass

A Secret Tunnel Being Excavated in the Great Pyramid?

1997 Hancock and Buval Newsletter

The Sphinx 's Connection To Mars

NASA Unearths Secrets of the Ancient Nile

New Info On Chambers Beneath Sphinx Paws

Opening New Pyramid & Sphinx Chambers

Ancient Stone Writings from Ica, Peru

So Who IS Graham Hancock

Astronauts Speak and Other Misc. Info on UFO's

Updated September 6, 1999

Misc. UFO Info 1999 - 1998

Aviary-The Truth, Sturrock Panel, NATO UFO Report, French Cometa Report, Joe Firmage, A. Clarke's Beyond 2000, and much more.

Cosmonaut Reports seeing UFO in 1979

Gordon Cooper Interviewed by ISCNI

Edgar Mitchellon Dateline

Linda Howe's Dateline follow up with Mitchell

MORE AstronautComments