Hidden Chambers
To Be Opened Soon

According to John Antony West, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, concessions have now been granted by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities to open the door at the end of the southern "AIRSHAFT" running from the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid and the hidden chamber between the paws of the Great Sphinx.

The shaft door is due to be opened in September '96 and work has already started on the Sphinx chamber.

Parties involved include the Shore Corporation (?spelling), the Edgar Cayce-related Association for Research and Enlightenment, and the University of Florida.

Apparently, there are plans to charge television companies UKP 10 million to cover the openings live.

The original posting on the Sphinx and Pyramids appeared in sci.archaeology, a newsgroup out on the Internet. The posting reported that a team of researchers had received permission to explore the Sphinx and the Khufu Pyramid for possible hidden chambers. This team is not, however, associated with John Anthony West and Robert Bauval, who discovered the evidence that these chambers might exist. A source of current news specifically on Giza may be found at:
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The Egyptians have maintained that the Edgar Cayce predictions about hidden Atlantean records near the Sphinx are fictitious. The team leader officially denies that his group is looking for hidden chambers. But the London Daily Mail on May 2nd reported the granting of permission to the group to explore and film a documentary, and the group's intentions are unclear. Graham Hancock is familiar with the situation and may comment when he visits this country in June on behalf of his new book with Robert Bauval. The Egyptian press has been asking questions too.

There is now a web page for John Anthony West that has links to pages in Britain for Bauval and Hancock. The address for West's page is:

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