Star Knowledge UFO Conference
Interview with Darryl Simms
( with "Illinois" Shapiro, June 1996 )

Star Knowledge
UFO Conference
June 14th, 1996
Wagner, South Dakota

( J: - Joshua Shapiro; D: Darryl Simms,
transcribed July, 1996)

J: We’re at the Star Knowledge Conference with Darryl Simms. Darryl is a speaker here at the conference giving presentations about work that he’s done with implants which have been taken out of the bodies of various abductees. Until recently, this has been something that has been very difficult to prove physically, with some physical evidence that people are being abducted.

Darryl can you just talk a little bit about your professional background and why you’re qualified to do this kind of work?

D: I’m really not sure what qualifies a person to be an investigator, but my background is in Hypnotherapy. I’m a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Master-Level NLP and a Hypnotic Anesthesiologist by trade. This gives me some background as to what’s memory and what’s hallucination, so maybe that qualifies me for some things.

J: As part of your work in retrieving these implants is that you have a medical doctor that you’re teaming up with, is that correct?

D: That’s correct. I actually have two surgeons that are working with us currently. These two surgeons who are working with us are actually partners with me for a nonprofit entity. What we do basically is look for a person who meets scientific or medical criteria established for possible implant detection or removal. If we find such a person, we will accept those people on that basis as well as review them with post-op and pre-op psychological tests and evaluations. They have to consent to medical follow-ups afterward as well, because we’re interested in their entire well being, not just getting an object out of them. In doing so, if they go through this whole program. Financially there are no expenses incurred by the experiencer at all.

J: When did you begin starting to do this work? What year or how long have you been doing this for?

D: I have had an avid interest (in UFOs) and began UFO investigations with my high school psychology teacher, who is a UFO investigator. I began this when I was 16 years old.

J: Have you had any problems with your research? For example, a lot of people might think “Oh, the government might not want you giving out this information”, or something like this? Has there been any interference in your work?

D: I have had no interference, governmentally, for my work at all, and I suspect that there is so much information out there, so much good information, as well as bad and sloppy information, that in fact the government, even if they wanted to couldn’t contain it all because there’s just too much in too many directions. I think it’s just a matter of what’s going to break loose first.

J: How are you being received by the media based on the information that you’re uncovering or evidence you have found through these physical implants?

D: We’ve had some real interesting contacts with the media recently that indicates they’re interested in what we’re doing because we’re permitting what we’re find to be open to scientific and medical scrutiny. We feel like if we do not make this evidence available or anyone else in the UFO community who also purports to have similar evidence or claims to have such cases doesn't allow the medical or scientific community to pursue this in their areas of expertuse as they can , and bring these type of disciplines to focus upon what we’re doing, then if we can’t make a case here or allow these professionals to make a case, then we ought to be out of business.

J: Can you discuss any specific cases you have worked on, where an implant was removed that the findings were the most significant from your perspective or shed the most light on the abduction experience?

D: Sure. One of the most interesting case is on the backboard here of our display (I was interviewing Darryl at his booth where he had a display showing photographs form his research sitting on a board). Basically what this shows is a woman who has three little tiny metal objects next to her toe, very deep into the flesh. The reason that interested me, and of course my first response was “Well, what that is, is some kind of needle that broke off and migrated” and all these normal things. The problem is she handed me her medical report which says those three metal clips are noted in the soft tissues adjacent to the proximal phalanx of the great toe, is due to a previous surgery. So, I’m not gonna argue with her doctor, if he says they’re surgically installed, we’re gonna buy that. So that and her abduction background gave me an indication we ought to be looking into this. We also found in her remarkable case there are no signs of inflammation, which is just impossible -- if you have a foreign body inside the human body you’re gonna have acute or chronic inflammation. Those cells weren’t present, they were not found there. We found that those items were housed in a biological casing or entombment which in fact turned out to be carotid [Editor’s Note: Webster’s defines it essentially as a section of artery tissue], which at that point we found out to be human skin, probably that person's own skin. We also found no signs of inflammation. So that made the case very interesting to me.

Also, we worked with another person, a man named Pat. In his case he had an object in his hand -- it was encased in the same entire material, no signs of inflammation. There again, the object had nerve tissue around it as did the other objects, and it was the wrong kind of nerve tissue. This was a rather interesting find. We have those in analysis currently.

J: The implants that you’ve taken out -- have you been able to analyze what the actual material of the implant is made from?

D: Yes. We’re not prepared to give out the information on what we found so far, the reason being is because scientific protocols don’t allow it. We honor this. We certainly want to make all of that public when all the tests are done. I will say this, that thousands of dollars worth of tests have already been done on these first four objects and, in doing that, the lab that has done that work has elected to call in another lab. They’ve ordered a whole new group of tests, and I’m not sure what that means. Did they find something that was interesting, or did they not find something that was supposed to be there -- that’s a good question. So, at this point we really don’t know what it all means until we get a comparative analysis.

J: Are you able to determine in any way what the purpose of these implants is or what the implants might be doing to people?

D: Well, certainly there’s nothing we can prove. We have suspicions but if in fact the implants exist, and if these abduction stories are true, and I think that both of these possibilities are viable, then one of the functions the implants might do if they exist, is to control or inhibit the person’s behavior in some way by controlling neurotransmitters like seratonin and dopamine.

J: And the people that you’ve removed these strange objects from have said that they were abducted or had some memory of UFO contact?

D: That is true -- that is very true. These particular people, and we’ve had six surgeries to date, some have memories through hypnosis but many have conscious memory of their events.

J: Did the people that you’ve worked with so far indicate what they felt the aliens were doing with them, what the intentions of the aliens were? Was there a consistency amongst the people you’ve worked with?

D: There seems to be a consistency among the people we’ve worked with in as much as we’re finding some rather interesting stats. About 31% of these people have procaine allergies, which is very interesting. [Editor’s Note: Webster’s defines procaine as “a basic ester of para-aminobenzoic acid”, but more importantly notes “its crystalline hydrochloride used as a local anesthetic”. Interesting.] A more amazing number to me is that there’s a percentage of people that procaines don’t seem to work on, and I find that rather interesting. We found 45% of them to be Native American Indian, 60% of them had phobias of unexplained origin, and so on. So all of these are kind of interesting stats and there's a lot more -- I don’t know what they mean yet, but it’s sure interesting.

J: And, just a last question to summarize your research. What is your conclusion based on the work that you’ve done so far? What do you think all of this means or do you see a future direction for research that you want to continue related to these implants?

D: Well, certainly the meaning of the implants we do ascribe it to something, and I don’t know what the meaning is, if there is one. As far as direction for research, and what we ought to be doing, well I think the objects themselves, if in fact they turn out to be implants, and if, whatever these objects are, they turn out to be from another world, rather than if they’re made here and; if they are actually implants from whomever these beings are, if in fact that’s true we might be able to determine some interesting things about them. Is their composition from some type of metallic materials with other objects or materials inside of these implants having an unusual isotopic range, Know this and some other properties of the implants, would be important for us, it’ll probably tell us where they’re mining the stuff or where they did mine it. You have to understand these particular alleged implants have probably been in these people, the particular ones we’re discussing, for probably around 30 or 40 years.

J: And, is there any future research related to this that you’re going to pursue based on what you’ve found so far? Some directions you want to take?

D: Most certainly. First of all we have to use the science and medical fields as a baseline. There has to be a baseline somewhere, so we feel like this is the right way to go. In doing that, that will establish certain things and that will allow us to move on to other areas. We have to prove the phenomenon first. In proving that, there are certain things that ought to be there, and we think that they’re showing up. If in fact that’s all true, then that leads to the next obvious thing -- certain other kinds of medical tests and other things that abductees allege, and we’ll see if those hold up as well.

J: Very good. Thank you for your time Daryll.

D: Thank you sir.

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