Drunvalo Melchizedek

Teacher of the
Flower of Life Training


Perhaps some of you have heard of Drunvalo. He has been offering a special workshop known as The Flower of Life which helps other people align to their cosmic being in preparation for the global transformation we are going through or what he calls the Activation of the Individual's Merkaba. I had seen his name mentioned on Internet and then I purchased a copy of Bob Frissell's book, Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are and Mr. Frissell mentioned Drunvalo as well. So I became intriqued by this interesting person and started to read what he had to say and found some corrollations with information I had been receiving related to the changes on hand as well. So I thought it might be interesting to share some of the material that Drunvalo is offering.

Below are two address I have seen for gaining more information about the Flower of Life Workshops. Also I know that Drunvalo is training other people to offer these workshops (as he can't be everywhere right?) and have seen an add for these workshops even here in Chicago.

Flower of Life Workshops
PO Box 310
Paulden, Arizona 86334 -- USA
Tel: 520-636-2243
Fax: 520-636-2675

One last note of personal interest .... while I was working with Jane Doherty during our midwest lecture tours on the crystal skulls, Jane who brought one of her crystal skulls to the March 21st Mayan Sunrise Ceremony in Uxmal, seemed to remember seeing an unusual man starring at her. She believes that this person was Drunvalo, so I hope to speak to him at some future time related to our research into the crystal skulls.

Below is a selection of materials that I found on Internet which shares information given by Drunvalo Melchizedek (thanks to Density4 on America Online for making this information available -- contact him at: Density4@aol.com)

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Flower of Life and related Jewelry

Flower of Life related Sacred Geometry jewelry
Here are some very beautiful and interesting artwork related to Drunvalo's Teaching. You can also find articles related to Flower of Life and the Merkaba.

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