The Philadelphia Experiment and Time
-- With Drue (Interview by Joshua, 12/6/95 )

While attending and participating at the Whole Life Expo held in that incredible city of New York, in October of last year (1995), I had a chance to meet with Drue briefly. Drue was a member of the UFO panel, but I just heard the end of his talk and his room was jammed packed for his free lecture, so I could only speak to him when he came out of the room and had finished his talk. I have always been fascinated by this subjects so I had to meet him. He gave me his card and told me to write to him and I proposed to share some of his information and insights on our web site. So we had a few phone conversations and included in this page is Drue answers to questions related to the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel.

I was hoping to share with our readers an expanded interview, as I felt that Drue needed to clarify somewhat a few of his points and hopefully, very shortly we will be able to provide this update this interview with his clarifications. I still am not sure how he was present as a scientist during the Philadlphia Experiment and also now claims that he has the DNA memories of this scientist. However, there are a number of new twists he discusses to this mysterious experiment that I felt it was important to release the interview in its current form. Again, as many of the pages we have in this section of our web site, it is impossible to make a statement on the validity of Drue's story but I have found him to be a very honest and sincere person to talk with and very easy going.

Drue is open to speak with others who have interest in these topics (see his address and phone included in the interview), he also has some materials available for sale and is in the process of writing his own book as well as continuing to do public presentations. He has copyrighted the materials here and asks that if you want to reproduce the material, you do so in its entirety (all materials that appear after this brief introduction).

So lets here what Drue has to say about the Philadelphia Experiment....


Interview with Drue
with Joshua Shapiro (12/95)

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Statement: The following interview may be challenging or nurturing to your current beliefs. It has never been my intentions to challenge you or your beliefs, but to give you "Food for Thought". I have a saying, which goes like this: If you WILL to see---you will see; if, you WILL not to see---you will not! For those of you who are well informed, you will most likely find little difficulty in some of the information provided within. For those who are not well informed, prepare to open your eyes and your mind (if you WILL) to a new understanding and a new knowledge.



Joshua: Drue, Can you please share something about yourself, your background and what you are doing today?

Drue: Yes. I was born and raised in the state of Montana. In 1971 I joined the U.S. Marine Corps for 22 years of service, retiring in 1993. Detailed as a systems analyst for major Marine Corps systems for the majority of my career, I was attached to the rosters of the Marine Corps' Headquarters in Washington, D.C., but was geographically located either in Southern California or Okinawa, Japan. After I retired, I got involved with UFO investigations and paranormal research and exploration. I am actively lecturing on Time Travel and the Philadelphia Experiment and writing of my experiences.

Joshua: How did you become involved with the Philadelphia Experiment?

Drue: I joined on with the project as a civilian scientist in the year of approximately 1938. My experience and training in physics, geometry and electronics was a necessary requirement for my assignment. For the sake of those who are reading about my experiences for the first time, I would like to explain who I am in relation to time related government experiments, such as the Philadelphia Experiment and a Time Transfer Experiment. Some would look at my individual case as one form of a "Walk-in". There are many forms of Walk-ins, and my existence is solely based on a government experiment and its uses of technology from extraterrestrial sources. My memory of my involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment are NOT memories of a past life, but DNA memory that was transferred from one body to another. I, therefore, have DNA memory of both existences that had been merged.

Joshua: Can you define precisely what the Philadelphia Experiment was about, and what were its goals?

Drue: The experiment was an attempt to move equipment and personnel through time and space using a Naval warship known as the USS Eldridge (DE-173), a destroyer escort. On August 15, 1943, a total of 181 men (176 sailors and 5 civilian scientists of which I was one of) were on board the Eldridge and along with one observation ship set out to sea for an experiment of which was never before attempted. Using technology that had already been proven successful on a smaller scale, the human factor was for the first time included within the scope of the experiments, whereas before only inanimate objects were used. We did, however, experiment with small animals during a dry run conducted on the 12th of August, 1943, which had horrifying results. There were three different agendas', which were:

1. a scientific agenda, which was to explore the time/space continuum for scientific discovery;

2. a military agenda, which since we were at war (World War II) the military wanted this technology for warring purposes; and lastly,

3. there was an extraterrestrial agenda, which was to map out the earth's planetary magnetic grid for interdimensional travel.

There was a CORE agenda, which was secretly held close at hand by those behind the scenes. I identify them as "those in the know", and their agenda was to REWRITE HISTORY!

Joshua: What exact role did you play in the construction of the equipment that was placed on the USS Eldridge?

Drue: I was very much involved during the theorem and thorium stages. We all had our own assignments and timetables, restricting our involvement with other aspects in the development of the technology, additionally, much of the work was contracted out. It was setup so that the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing and vice versa. All issues were handled in this manner for the sole purpose of secrecy. My role also included preparation and installation of the technology on the ship, after which I was assigned to be one of the five civilian scientists to go through the time/space continuum. We had to literately gut the inside of the Eldridge to install the four generators with Tesla coils to be used in the experiment. Once the operation was underway, the Captain of the ship and other sailors no longer controlled the ship. Their job was to get us out to sea and back, and every decision in between was solely up to us, the scientists.

Joshua: Some equipment was developed to make a ship invisible, was this the only purpose? With equipment so many years ahead of its time, how was this developed in 1943?

Drue: The technology that was developed in 1943 was for the sole purpose of moving equipment and personnel through the time/space continuum. It was with the help of extraterrestrial beings that we were able to accomplish this feat with technology, which was at that time, beyond our level of understanding. So, yes, you could say that the technology was many years ahead of its time.

Joshua: Ok, so this special equipment was placed on the Eldridge and a crew of sailors were chosen. Can you describe how the equipment worked and how it was adapted to the ship? Did the sailors know what was going on?

Drue: The entire experiment dealt with magnetism and the technology was developed around this phenomena of magnetism and the use of the magnetic grid of the planet. We strategically placed four generators with Tesla coils throughout the ship thereby creating a magnetic field that would encompass the entire ship and its crew. The sailors did not know what they were getting involved with, nor, were they selected for any specific extraordinary abilities other then the standard operation of the ship.

Joshua: It has been stated that this experiment was conducted in the harbor by Philadelphia. Can you describe what it looked like? As an observer, what happened to the ship, was it correctly portrayed in the feature film, "The Philadelphia Experiment"?

Drue: From an observation standpoint, the Eldridge did disappear or was rendered invisible as portrayed in the movie, but the experiment did not happen in the harbor, but out at sea. Another correct portrayal was that the ship and its crew members were gone for approximately 24 hours and when they returned had serious harmful results. I would also like to point out that the USS Eldridge had sustained serious damages during the experiment and was no longer sea worthy after we returned.

Joshua: Did the ship disappeared and reappeared in another location? If so, which location was this?

Drue: Yes, what is currently known through witness accounts, the USS Eldridge moved from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to the Norfolk Naval Base and then back to Philadelphia. This observation is true, however, is limited only by those who observed these events from their observation point. Having been on the ship from the very beginning of the operation to its end, we materialized in 12 different locations and time eras. Four of these locations of which the Eldridge will again materialize in our future. The next materialization of the USS Eldridge will and can happen as soon as 1997, and we went as far as the year of 3600 AD.

Joshua: Again, refer to accounts told of this incident, it is claimed that someone on board the ship had to smash the equipment to stop the experiment. Also, that when the ship came back to our reality, some of the sailors were embedded into the ship's structure, is this true?

Drue: It is very true that many sailors were stuck or embedded within the structure of the ship. As far as the smashing of the equipment on board the Eldridge like the movie portrayed, I am not sure. I do know that there was a fire with two of the generators. Again, it gets down to each individual's observation point of the events and based on this observation there can be an interpretation. For example, one man can be located in the pilot room of the ship and observing many things because of his great ability to see the entire ship from that room, while another man can be located in one of the rooms down inside the ship where there is no visibility other then just the room. Each man obviously is going through the same event, but now you will have two different interpretations of the same event based upon their physical positioning or location on the ship. I will not nor cannot discount or discard this possibility of someone having to smash the equipment to stop the experiment. I am still and will continue to be open to all possibilities regardless of its source. Those who work within this arena and closes themselves off to other possibilities, will obviously shutdown their ability in searching for and finding the truth.

Joshua: Do you know what happened to the sailors while they were on the ship during the experiment? Were they in hyperspace, or another dimension? Did anyone on the ship discuss what it was like while the equipment was on?

Drue: While moving down the Delaware, the generators were switched on and slowly we increased the power while moving out to sea. All of us noticed the strange electrical sensations that engulfed the entire ship. This beginning sensation was hair raising and soon turned into panic. It was when we were out at sea that we went with full power and dematerialized. We were fragmented into multiple dimensions without knowing the end result. Of the 181 men on board the USS Eldridge, only 21 of us survived, 40 men were dead and 120 men were just gone and never came back with the ship.

Joshua: It has been implied that Einstein and Tesla were also involved in this experiment and that Tesla was in charge at the begging and when he knew the experiment would fail, bowed out. Did you have contact with these esteemed scientists?

Drue: Yes, I had much involvement with both Dr. Nikola Tesla and Dr. Albert Einstein, but mostly with Tesla. Dr. Nikola Tesla was the mastermind and director of the project, though he did not take part in the final stages of the experiment that took place on the 15th of August, 1943. Earlier in 1942, Tesla had portrayed himself as instable and took himself out of the project solely because he was told to incorporate the "human factor" within the scope of the experiments. It was not a matter of failure that Tesla was concerned with, because he had already had success. He was concerned with the human suffering, and refused to be a part of this incredible act of insensitivity towards mankind, primarily instigated on behalf of the military. The public was told later that he had come to his demise and a funeral was held in his honor in January of 1943.

Joshua: Can you explain how the ship moved from one location to another?

Drue: In the beginning it was our intent to control the Eldridge's movement from one location to other. This was one of the reasons why we went into the time continuum controlling our movement from within the confines of the ship, in lieu of having those from external sources controlling our movement. Since this was our first attempt with personnel and did not know what to expect, we wanted total control of our own destiny. So, if we got into trouble, we could at the very least pull the plug and stop the operation. Whereas, if controlled from external sources, they would have no knowledge of us being in trouble. We were very much at a disadvantage and were totally unprepared for what was about to happen when we were arced. Once arced, we discovered that our ability to control the movement of the Eldridge was NOT under our control and this was for many reasons, one of which two of the four generators employed caught fire. We then ended up much like a stone skipping across a pond. You cannot travel through time without the use of the earth's planetary magnetic grid, because the grid holds all timelines. After we were integrated and two of the generators caught fire, we started to decompress out of control and were pulled to all the different locations and time eras that are now cataloged events of the experiment. This entire experiment dealt with magnetism and the Eldridge was pulled through the continuum by magnetic attraction once the ship's frequency matched frequencies generated in various locations and time eras. So, we got PULLED! Each area that we were pulled to, had man- made dams and large generators producing commercial electrical power. Witness accounts of our materialization at Norfolk, Virginia are accurate, but it was not a man-made dam and its generators that pulled us there. We were pulled by generators located on Naval warships (modified destroyer escorts) known as "Floating Power Stations", and our materialization at Norfolk was just momentary and only transparent.

Joshua: What was the reaction of the scientists and military to the results of this experiment? It has been said that they were so frightened that they did not want to do it again, but did so in Montauk in 1983.

Drue: Of course the reaction of those that were observing the experiment was one of fear, concern and panic for the entire 24 hours that we were gone. They were not frightened to the degree of shutting down the experiments in totality, however, they were scaled down for secrecy purposes and continued; knowing they had tapped into something REALLY BIG.

Joshua: What were the people told not to do who were connected to the project?

Drue: All involved in the experiments were already sworn to secrecy based on whatever their level of involvement was, but were immediately debriefed and reminded of their oath after the experiment. After getting a handle on the matters by "those in the know", approximately 2,000 people involved came under a case review. Based upon each individual's case and their level of involvement, they were handled differently, however, most were terminated!

Joshua: As a result of this project happening, did this create some new conditions for our Earth?

Drue: Yes. One of the paradox's of conducting this experiment was the creation of a whole new 3rd dimensional timeline. We caused a global shift of energy, so anything or anybody that existed on this timeline on August 18th, 1943 was duplicated. Therefore, the Philadelphia Experiment as we know it DOES NOT exist on the new 3rd dimensional timeline; nor, are the world events and structure of this new timeline the same as our 3rd dimensional timeline.

Joshua: You mentioned that you are a time traveler --- can you explain what you mean by this? Can you share your perception about what 'time' is and how this was connected with the Philadelphia Experiment?

Drue: Yes, I do make the claim of being a time traveler or a timeliner. Having the ability to move through time, either forward or backward. These abilities came with my understanding of 'time' and 'timelines' through my involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment and other time related experiences. The highly secretive government experiments dealt with movement through time as it is truly understood only by a few. The correct meaning of 'time' is not as the dictionary defines it, nor, how we were taught. 'Time' is parallel and is nothing but an event. All events are happening simultaneously --- NOW!

Joshua: What is you interest in UFOs? Some have suggested that UFOs have a connection with this experiment in some way, is this true?

Drue: Yes. UFOs do have a connection to the experiment, because when you deal with UFO's, you also are dealing with 'time' as it truly is. It is my opinion that approximately 85% of the UFO sightings are sightings of government technology; one of the reasons why the government will not acknowledge UFO's. This type of technology is nothing but unidentified technology. Today, instead of using warships, they applied this technology to helicopters known as black helicopters. Because of the difficulty in applying the use of this technology to large metal objects such as a naval warship, they took it into this direction. Most sightings will take on this shape in the future, if they have not already.

Joshua: Do you have some comments or clarification on the story that Al Bielek discusses about his relationship to the Philadelphia Experiment?

Drue: He has done a commendable job in bringing to the public awareness of his involvement with the project(s). He is an early pioneer and took the point by breaking the silence, and has done well in documenting his understanding. In my opinion, there are pieces of our involvement yet to be revealed, but we are both actively pursuing the information from our own observation standpoints. I feel comfortable in saying that though we do not work together, Al and I provide many with "Food for Thought". I would also like to point out that there were 181 men that were on board the Eldridge, but also that there were six other ships with men on board that had been involved with subsequent experiments. We are not the only two men that have recall of our involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, but many do. Many who will: (1) not be willing to actively pursue their involvement for reasons only known to them; or, (2) have recollection and be willing to discuss their experiences without their identity exposed; and lastly, (3) like Al and myself, be very public of their involvement. This is NOT the end of the information of this secret government experiment, and "those in the know" are cognizant of this.

Joshua: Is there a connection with the Philadelphia Experiment and the experiments with time travel in Montauk? What involvement do you have if any in Montauk?

Drue: Yes, Montauk was a continuation of time related experiments that ran parallel with the Philadelphia Experiment. As of this date, I have no recall of any involvement in Montauk. However, I do know that on August 18th, 1943, the USS Eldridge was sent to Montauk Point, Long Island, New York to the year of 1983, at which time it was dismantled. Those at Montauk were conducting more experiments in 1993, however, today there is no activity. Experiments by those who worked at Montauk, are presently involved in time related experiments in Canada.

Joshua: From all of your experiences, what is your perceptions about reality, what is happening to our world at the current moment and where we may be heading in the future?

Drue: This is a most complex question that would take a great deal of time and space to discuss. In short, however, know this, with the true understanding of "time" and "timelines", realities are altered for the betterment of all, a richness beyond words. As for our future... you and I will decide our future either together or individually. This, needing more time and space to elaborate.

Joshua: If the Philadelphia Project is considered by the government to be a secret project, why do you feel inspired to speak out at this time? Do you have any concern that the government will try to silence you? Or, do they want this information to come out?

Drue: My being public is a calculated move for my own safety. "Those in the know" knew that they could not permanently keep me from the recall of many of the events, and while I was in the military they were able to do just that --- suppress my DNA memory. Now that I am retired, they no longer have the ability to direct me to places so that a magnetic induction can be accomplished. Wanting to go public with this information of the experiment in the 1940's, I was prevented from doing so. Their motivation was to accomplish a time transfer experiment by using myself in order to track my movements through time. The Philadelphia Experiment took place 52 years ago, and their way of thinking, "those in the know", was different then from what it is today. A good example was in 1959, when a respected scientist in astronomy and mathematics, Morris Ketchum Jessup, was terminated because of the information he was about to go public with regarding the Philadelphia Experiment and the technology surrounding other time related experiments. Today, they are more willing to allow the flow of information to the public through the media and other means only because they know that 50% or less of the people will believe and the other 50% will not. However, where the information is so critical that it could be detrimental to their agendas, termination is still an option. Primarily running interference is more or less the "Company" policy of today.

Joshua: Does the Roswell Crash have any connection to the Philadelphia Experiment, in your opinion?

Drue: No. It was not related to the Philadelphia Experiment, but it was other time related experiments that were being conducted underground near Roswell, New Mexico that caused the crashes. Electrical disturbances along the earth's planetary magnetic grid had caused quantum gates to open up and the ET traveling the corridor got caught up in these disturbances and materialized. Recently, you may recall the televised "Alien Autopsy" of which many who saw this, to include many in the UFO arena, do not believe that this was an authentic alien autopsy conducted after the Roswell incident. The crash site was massive, and instead of the known one or two crashes, there were 16 in total and over 45 ET beings had come to their demise. My point is, that these electrical disturbances did not discriminate against just one type of ET, but affected all traveling through the corridor.

Joshua: Your business card says you are involved with paranormal research, how did you get started and why are you interested? What type of research are you conducting now and what purpose is there for such research?

Drue: It normally takes an event to adjust one's belief! My involvement in paranormal research and exploration came mainly because of my recalling of events and involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment. Having an extensive background as a systems analyst with the Marine Corps and trained not to come to final conclusions until after all the data was collected, I knew it would have been an injustice to move into the interpretation stage prematurely. I therefore, allowed these events to continue through curiosity, without emotions and by doing so, the data and information that I have collected to date is much more manageable. Most will come to conclusions without all the data, and when doing so will MOST LIKELY have an incorrect interpretation of events. I continue my paranormal research because it is an appropriate avenue for me to continue to search for answers. What is necessary here is to define the word "Paranormal". Something that is "Paranormal" is nothing but an event that happened and is NOT part of ones belief structure, therefore, cannot be believed in or understood. In most cases we will pass it off as nothing or deny it. Again, it normally takes an event to adjust one's belief structure, and when this happens, it is no longer paranormal because you will now approach it with a new understanding or new knowledge. I continue to avail myself to search out answers to phenomenal events that not only occur in my space, but to others who desire to seek out answers to events that have occurred with them. With others, I do this on a consultant basis and by doing so, assist and help them understand what they experienced in lieu of going through life with fear of their experience.

Joshua: We have heard there is a technology which is able to take a person to another time or dimension and bring them back to almost the same instant of time, relative to the moment they left so that they notice no time has passed. Is this actually true?

Drue: The technology that is able to take a person to another time or dimension and bring them back is nothing but what I call a "magnetic induction". This is the phenomena that takes place with most of those that claim 'alien abduction'. The abduction process is solely a "magnetic induction". Now, this can either be conducted on an energetic level or on a physical level, though most of the time it is on an energetic level. The technology deals mainly with magnetism.

Joshua: What is your interpretation for missing time?

Drue: "Missing time" is time (seconds, minutes or hours) that cannot be accounted for. It is not the same as going to the hospital for surgery and being put out with anesthesia. As an example, when driving down the road and not being consciously aware of how you got from one place to another. Many will have missing time while in a quasi relaxed state either sitting alone with a cup of coffee or driving down a familiar road. In the beginning stages of an induction, some may take note of how tired they are regardless of the amount of sufficient rest they previously had and will not understand why they are so sleepy. This process eliminates the person from being alert to what is happening. When returned, most will be perplexed by the distinct shift in their conscious awareness levels. When magnetically inducted there is enough of your energy left behind to do routine things, such as driving the car or sipping on your cup of coffee. I do want to emphasis that this type of missing time is not always adversarial.

Joshua: Do you know anything about agreements made by the U.S. Government and certain races of extraterrestrial, such as the Grays? Do you know if part of our modern technology (microchips, videos, etc.) has come from some type of exchange? Do you have any insights related to UFOs as far as to the truth of their existence and what knowledge the government has about them?

Drue: I do not have the details of agreements made by our government with extraterrestrial, however, I do know that we the citizens of this country have been bartered. Without a doubt, technology today has been affected by many unknown sources. One of the many aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment, was that advanced technology from the future was placed on the USS Eldridge to assist the movement and stability of the ship; including medical technology to assist those of us who needed continued treatment after the experiment. Computer systems were and are a prime example. Dr. John Von Neumann, who had involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, used his position to do just that. Being an insider with "those in the know", he took the technology brought from the future to 1943 and used it to gain an advance understanding in his field of study. He is known for his abilities as a mathematician and involvement with computers. While at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1946, Von Neumann with Author Burks and Herman Goldstine published a paper that became a landmark in the history of computer sciences (Preliminary Discussion of the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing Instrument). The ideas in this paper had an enormous impact that strongly influenced the form of all subsequent digital computers. Neither Burks nor Goldstine were part of the experiment, but were subsequent recipients of technology from the future, who like Von Neumann gained a position in history in computer sciences. In 1947, Von Neumann helped develop a method for converting the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (ENIAC) concept of an externally programmed machine to that of a stored-program computer, the Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC).

Joshua: Are you seeking to meet with other people or organizations who have similar interests as your own. Are there some resources you require for current research?

Drue: Yes, I am always in the mode of seeking others out for information and I also allow others who have similar interests to seek me out. I welcome anyone who has the feeling of some connection or experience pertaining to the Philadelphia Experiment or other time related experiences. For those who wish to correspond, they may do so by writing to my post office box depicted below. As far as needed resources for my research, there always seems be a lack for resources to accomplish one's ultimate goal in life; therefore, one can only seed for the fruit one wishes to savor!

Joshua: How has your life been effected by your involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment?

Drue: My life in 1943 with a successful scientific career came to an abrupt end. A nightmare that didn't cease until I was physically transferred through time in 1947 and all my memory overlaid with other memory to prevent recall. Everything that I owned to include my most prized possession, my personality and identity, was taken from me. I became research material and was not allowed to control my own destiny. Others made these decisions for me and were more concerned about their own welfare then mine. Today, I am pursuing a lifetime, if not an eternal goal, of disclosing the truth, no matter how challenging.

Joshua: Do you have a special message to offer others or some insight that you would like to share?

Drue: Through my involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment and other time related experiences, I have come to certain understandings and perceptions on the subject of 'time' and 'timelines'. And, if there is a message in my work, I would only WISH and WILL it to be this:

We are constantly reminded daily of what the future holds for us, and it seems that the future holds only events to be of a catastrophic or doomsday nature. Most of us have a fear of the unknown, thus, most of us fear the future, because, it is an unknown. Your future, like mine, is NOT set in STONE, nor, do we have to experience any of the catastrophic events that have been prophesied. All prophesied catastrophic and doomsday events are truly events that are cataloged and can happen, but are not necessarily events to be experienced by all. By understanding the true perception of 'time' and 'timelines', you will also come to the realization that you do not have to get caught up with all of these predictions that are "Fear" based. Do NOT allow your limited perceptions through the five physical sensories, gloomy fear based predictions of the future, nor the incorrect perception of 'time' to become your shackle. Time is NOT linear (past, present and future), but is parallel and is only an event. All events are happening simultaneously --- NOW! Therefore, we have at our access the "Free Will" to choose what events we want to experience, which are located on different timelines. Our "Free Will" is SUPREME in this universe, but we have the tendency to allow others to make decisions for us, and by doing so, they will make decisions for their own welfare and not ours. Then, when events do not come out like we would want them, we consider ourselves a victim. Is not making a decision, a decision? Fear is an emotion, and emotions are an outwardly projection of our frequency, but also a means by which we can determine our own frequencies. We all have a range of frequencies that we vibrate at, and it's the daily reminders of these predictions, no matter how large or small, that place us in a fear based frequency. Thus, what you fear the most --- you WILL experience! You made decisions using this frequency and its the frequencies along with your decisions that draws you to the different timelines and its events. Some would call this, a SELF-FULFILLED PROPHECY!

Joshua: What materials do you have available to share with others related to these subjects? If someone would like to get in touch with you, how can they do this?

Drue: I am currently writing of my experiences with time related experiments, of which is still pending its completion. However, I do have products, if people desire to learn more of what I do and what really took place with this secret government experiment known today as the Philadelphia Experiment. They may send for these products by sending a check or money order made payable to "Drue" and addressed to:

P.O. Box 586026
Oceanside, Ca 92058-6026

The booklet is $12.00; an audio cassette for $12.00; and lastly, a 60 minute video for $28.00. Cost includes tax, shipping and handling charges. For overseas locations, additional shipping cost may be incurred.

In the booklet, I do provide a list of other recommended reading and viewing material. I along with Debra Cunningham, avail ourselves for group lectures/workshops and private consultations. For specific fees and information you can contact me directly at (619)433- 7876 or contact Debra at (619)755-9783.