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As the term crystal skull implies we are dealing with objects made from various types of quartz crystal in the shape of a skull. To better understand the crystal skulls, let us briefly look discuss the material they are created from.

Quartz crystal is of course a gemstone that is found in the ground. But quartz has some interesting properties. When temperature and pressure is applied to quartz, it grows and depending upon the amount of force exerted upon it, this will dictate the color of the quartz. Some example of quartz that is found is clear quartz, amethyst (purple), rose quartz (pink), citrine (orange-brown) or smoky quartz. If you are familiar with modern electronics, most device today use some type of quartz component as quartz has the ability to expand an electrical current passed through it. Thus our modern computers using quartz crystals do not need a large voltage to work and do a multitude of jobs. From a more metaphysical or psychic perspective, quartz interacts with the human energy (aura) field and has been known to help people physically or to bring clarity of mind in deep meditation. Some people believe that behind the quartz exist a living intelligence that is able to help interact with humanity as it is a tool to activate the inner divine spark.

Three types of crystal skulls exist:

Contemporary Crystal Skulls -- Crystal Skulls which are being crafted today by skilled craftsmen using diamond tools or other quartz crystals to fashion them. These skulls can range in the size from an inch or two high and wide to skulls larger than our own skull from 15-20 lbs in weight. Not all of the contemporary skulls resemble a human skull, some look like a monkey skull. The contemporary crystal skulls are being manufactured in several places in the world including Mexico, Brazil, and Germany.

Old Crystal Skulls -- Crystal Skulls that are discovered in the ruins of past civilizations or in the ground. Although there is no definitive way to date quartz crystal skulls, a crystal skull is determined to be old if the age of the carving ranges from several hundred years old to perhaps two thousand years old. Generally sensitives do not pick up from these objects the intensity of energy as with the very old or ancient crystal skulls. Also the workmanship and details on these crystal skulls is more primitive, as purportedly a more primitive culture was involved in its creation.

Very Old or Ancient Crystal Skulls -- Until recently it was felt that only a crystal skull human size or large (as this is what was being discovered up to that time) could be very old. With the ancient crystal skulls we find a very powerful energy connected with them that has a profound effect upon individuals in their presence. Most conclusions based that a crystal skull would be ancient is through paranormal research which to scientist is inconclusive. Purportedly, there are only a few such crystal skulls that fit this description. The three crystal skulls that researchers consider ancient and are touring at this time are: The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (clear quartz, a detachable jaw, discovered in Belize in 1924); "MAX" (a cloudy clear quartz skull discovered in the early 1900's in Guatemala) and "ET" (a smoky quartz skull discovered in central america in 1906).

In the image we have shown above, is an example of another crystal skull (purported on display in a large bank in Japan) which is known as the Amethyst Crystal Skull. This particular skull is not as human looking as the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull but people have definitely experienced a special energy connected with it, including your humble writer, who saw this crystal skull first.

The Crystal Skulls are one of the world's greatest mysteries. No one is quite sure how the skulls were made, or by which civilization (if it is a civilization that existed on our world?) and how this objects came to possess a unique energy and power. Many people who have been in the presence of at least one crystal skull have reported having some kind of experience ranging from receiving a healing, to having their own natural spiritual gift open more fully to have a profound dream.

One of the key events that looms deeply in many people's mind who feel a drawing or connection with the crystal skulls is the idea of bringing all the different ones together. That perhaps if these power tools of the ancients were brought together something special would happen that could help our world. What makes it so difficult to understand these sacred artifacts is that scientist and archaeologist refuse to work with them leaving just dedicated individuals to carry the torch to discover what they are and their purpose. In our story, we shall try to include different ideas and suggestion as to the answer to these questions.

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If you would like more history about which crystal skulls are known and some of the existing theories to explain where the crystal skulls came from, please take a look at this rather involved article.

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