Confirmation by the Numbers

Since I have been on my spiritual journey, starting around sometime in 1981 from Chicago, three powerful numbers have followed me no matter where I go. I am going to take a slight detour here for a moment because these numbers are going to creep into our story and I have decided to use them to actually guide me when I write new material. Here is how this situation works for me. I am sharing this as I am sure that everyone has a similar system of confirmation for receiving messages from Spirit and if for no other reason than to just present this as one example. If our inner being wants to communicate something to us, and we are open and paying attention, it will utilize a very subtle method of communication to get us to pay attention. My three special numbers are 8 (infinity on its side, the number of the Aquarian Age representing balance and service), 17 (the day in April when I was born, in numerology another 8 {1 meaning beginning and leadership; 7 perfection, 1+7=8 } ) and lastly the number 37 (which in the study of Gematria - offered by the ancient Hebrews who's alphabet was also used as their numbering system - states that any word that is a multiple of 37 is a Christ like attribute, including the number 666 …. ). So sometimes I will just spontaneous glance at the clock and it will show 9:08 or 4:17 -- my birthday. Another habit I have found myself doing is watching the license plate numbers of cars around me, especially when I am driving to work in the morning (yes dear friends I do have a regular job as well, working as a UNIX administer for a telecommunication company -- but hopefully this story might just give me a chance to ... well you know!). And sometimes I get very specific messages but within the last two weeks I had to start writing these license plate numbers down as I was seeing a lot of them and now I think I know why ….

The first license place I saw was: J89991 …. this came up the end of the week before my startling inspiration (possibly November 7th or 8th). I thought it was a quite remarkable set of numbers, considering the combination of numbers that resonate with me. For example the number 17 was there (J89 or J17) … then if you add up all the numbers plus substitute 1 for J (the value of this letter according to the study of numerology is 1. In numerology each letter in our alphabet has a value {A-I, 1-9 J-R 1-9, S-Z 1-8}. ), then the total of these six characters are 37 (the digits add up to 36 + 1 for the J) … so if you study closely, this magical plate contained all three of my numbers plus the initial of my name (8) (17-89) (37-J89991).

Next, on the very day I received my inspiration how to write my story on the Internet, which is what this introduction is all about … I saw in about a five minute interval, on my drive to work … three numerical confirmations via various license plates I observed …

The first license plate was JEE37 (which is strange since most Illinois license plates have six characters … a personalized one no doubt … so we here J37 … J meaning Joshua pay attention …… or Gee 37). Next came JWE431 … where 431 = 8 in numerology or Joshua We 8 …. ) and finally on this day I saw RSA682. Now this last one you might say doesn't fit the pattern but my birth name is Richard Shapiro (RS) and A=1 in Numerology so we had RS17 … thus in these three license plate I saw my initial(s) with my three numbers.

Finally if I had any doubts, Spirit showed me the day after I met Uri Geller (the famous Israeli psychic who was appearing at a local bookstore promoting his book and tape about Mind Power), the license plate: J14417 …. A double whammy … if you will …. J=1, 14417=17 or J17 and my birthday is 4/17 … could this new number combination not only mean confirmation of writing the story but for this work I might get a birthday present? Naah…. The other thing I felt to do with these five number sets is to create a pattern with them as follows:

J89991 JEE37 JWE431 RSA682 J14417

I think there is some kind of code here and I believe you will also notice in the story coming next how the main characters will be guided by these number combinations. In any case, I have tantalized you enough … here goes … this is the scene I saw inside of me that put the fire to move forward:

It was a scene dealing with the one of the main characters … I saw that he was walking outside on a street, openly holding a crystal skull and of course there were people following him as they were curious what he was holding. He was followed by a person playing music and it seem to have a strange effect on the people around them ..… well, that's enough said for now, I saw more but if I keep going I will spoil the story for you. So you will just have to wait to discover why this scene is a key moment. In any case, let me share with you a bit more of the way the story is going to work as I try to paraphrase or capture the inner conversation I had at the moment I received this scene ... so sit back and imagine an ordinary bathroom as I am standing at the sink looking into a mirror:

"Wait a second, why couldn't I just write the story and share pieces of it while I am writing … it would sort of be like my Dad described back in his younger days (the late 1930's) when the kids would go to the theater each week to see the next exciting adventure of Flash Gordon. This way if I write the story and even invite the readers for their participation (i.e. -- suggestions of other scenes or how to enhance the existing ones, artwork to depict the story, etc …), then I can share this story immediately and not have to wait for a publisher to pick it up (which is a long process anyway). And then I could ask the V J Helpers (V J Enterprises is the name of our company and web site and we have some incredible helpers who are volunteering time to help us build the site ---- thanks one and all!!!) if some of them would have an interest to help. Why since this story would be on the web we could make it even more interactive by sharing some video or sound!.

(Editor's Note: If you would like to know more about participating in the creation of this story please check out our addendum page for Story Helpers)

OK, as you can tell, I was excited after the proverbial inspirational lightning struck me, but then I thought, how the heck can I do this … in what way can I write this story? First of all, I have no idea if what I am seeing inside of me is real or imaginary … Then again, I do believe that anything a person can imagine, must exist on some level of reality … whether it is based on a past or future time, from a parallel earth or even occurring on another world. So what is the right way to tell this story ....?

Well the answer to this last question has been nagging me even as I am sitting down to write this Introduction. So the best answer I have to the question posed above is to just write the story in first person, do it spontaneously and see what comes out. Since I feel there will be other people who will help in this process … I will do the typical Aries job and get the project off its fee.

So I am writing this introduction to not only explain how the ideas for this story came to be but to also share a little bit about the guiding philosophy in creating it along with some of my own personal thoughts. And if you will notice I started writing this piece at 7:37 PM (oh, I wonder why?). So I am playing this new project by the numbers … and thrilled to putting pen to paper (well actually keyboard to screen) as I haven't had a creative writing project like this since I worked on our crystal skull book (Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed -- 1987-1988) and the movie project via Fund (1990).

Sometimes we believe that we just step into new adventures of life, and at other times we have a tingling in the back of our head as if this is a pre-planned event that is beginning to be acted out in the known physical universe. There have been various puzzling experiences I have had over the years which seem to add some credibility to this last statement. One in particular that now I am finally sitting down to do this story is the following. You will have to decide if you think I am a bit crazy or not ….

For about the past five years, I have had the experience of seeing in mind's eye what seems to be a man, perhaps a spiritual guide, standing in front of me off my right shoulder. I see a wondrous world around this gentlemen and he keeps telling me that he is who I will become in our future. So I am going to borrow this very unusual perception to introduce the narrator of our story who is in our future and is called rJis (and if you have been studying our pages closely you will figure out where this name comes --- actually I saw this name when I was playing my Star Trek Next Generation game … this is a clue BTW :- ). Perhaps I am just imagining this person but whenever I think about him, I always see him there. In any case, from a spiritual perspective, they say we all live in the simultaneous now, meaning that past - present - future are all happening at the same time since our physical senses are limited and can only perceive things activities and events in a linear way, we can not directly experience on the physical the simultudity of time. Therefore, if this concept is true, it is possible through our inner sensitivities to have a communication with a part of ourselves from our past or future …. People who are able to do astral projection talk about traveling into the past or future. Perhaps this one explanation how some people can experience the future via their dreams.

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