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Crystal Skull Connection Tour
Australia - May 1st - 25th, 2015

Above was the flyer for this epic journey
which created the seed to setup a crystal skull
conference in Australia in the late part of 2016;
view Joshua's Blog Site which includes many
photos and detailed reports of this tour at:


( The new international Crystal Skull Network where crystal skull people can meet,
interact, share experiences and knowledge, work together on mutual projects and
creating new bonds and friendship.  This network was begun in April of 2011, inspired
by the Dutch Crystal Skull conference in March, 2011.  Click on the banner above or
go to the website directly at:

Also you can visit us on Facebook, we have a group of our members at: )

World Peace Meditations with the Crystal Skulls in 2012

Crystal Skulls World Peace Meditations for 2018

(click on the photo or the text link above to learn about the special world peace
meditations being held in 2018 - starting on January 13th and continuing
each month on the 13th day at the 13th hour - as we work with these
crystal friends to share a special energy with all living beings on the Earth)

Joshua discusses his first
encounter with a Crystal Skull

This video above is part of the interview done with Joshua Shapiro
for a special documentary that was aired by the Smithsonian Institute
and Channel 5 in England in June of 2008, around the time when
the Indiana Jones film came out - Joshua discusses how he had his
first contact with a crystal skull - just hit the play button (right triangle)


Joshua Shapiro - A Crystal Skull Explorer (FB)

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(how to get your own crystal skull)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own crystal skull(?)  -- but, you weren't sure how to go about to get one and especially the right skull for you?  Well, now we can finally help people out such as yourself.  In this offer, we can provide any size crystal skull you seek (not limited to the small ones that we are offering above).

Or maybe you already are a crystal skull caretaker, and your skull or skulls are asking nicely for new brother or sister skull, well again, we might be of some assistance.

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How to Buy Your Own Crystal Skull (Cristal Skull)

Cover of the book of Our Story of Atlantis or The Three Steps offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers
Have You Ever Wondered What Life Was Like in the Legendary Land of Atlantis?

We have received permission to offer this rare book by the publisher for a special discount if you order in time!

It discusses the translation of an ancient scroll written in Atlantean that was discovered within an advanced stone structure found on an island in the West Indies in the late 1880's.

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(Since 2006, Historic Crystal Skull
Conferences that Happen in Europe)

Starting in 2006, a group of friends in Europe began to create a series of festivals to celebrate and honor the crystal skulls.  The first Festival was  held in the southeastern part of Holland near the border with Belgium.  Two hundred people from several countries attended this event.  The second Festival was held in Budapest, in October of 2007 where we surprised to see over six hundred people in attendance.

The goal of these Festivals is to provide for the participants the latest news and information related to the crystal skulls as  well as offer an opportunity for those  in attendance to have a direct personal contact with one or more crystal skulls.  All the guest speakers and the guest crystal skulls which gather for these festival are honored and respected in an equal manner.  It  does not matter if one crystal skull is much older then another, each crystal skull has its role and service to offer as they all work together.  To read more about the festivals and what took place in the first two festivals in 2006 and 2007, we have setup a special website at:

For the year of 2013 and beyond, there are a number of other crystal skull conferences being planned in the world by various organizations. If you join our free Crystal Skull newsletter, mentioned above for this news, we discuss new conferences being offer. Also as you noted above, we have begun to offer on-line crystal skull conferences, we have done two so far (December 2012 and March 2013, the on-demand videos are available from both, check the Conference website listed above).

Additionally, if you would like to be informed about future crystal skull related events we will offer or are aware of, just click on the button below and fill out the form presented to you.  Hope to meet you in person at one of these special meetings!! Thank you ....  

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(Conferences in Switzerland, 2004-2006)

The Crystal Skull World Mission conferences was started in 2004.  It was a pre-cursor conference to the one that was later held in Holland in 2006.  The first conference was organized by the Heyyanka Foundation, IKA international and the World Mystery Research Center.  Jan Ackermann of the Heyyanka Foundation graciously offered his facilities (a conference room and guest house) to allow us to gather there in August of 2004, as we had 35 people in attendance from six countries. About 20-25 people attended again, at Conference #2 (late August 2005) including the chance to meet some crystal skulls that were discovered in Guatemala. And the third and final event, held in July of 2006, also had about 30 people in attendance including a Mayan Priest from Guatemala.

The purpose of the Crystal Skull World Mission conference was to provide a space for individuals interested in the crystal skulls to meet and share information and knowledge.  To give you a feel about what happens at the World Mission conferences, there is a link below of various pictures from our 2004 gathering. 

{click below to view pictures from:}

Photo Gallery of
the 2004 Conference


Joshua Shapiro - A Crystal Skull Explorer (FB)


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One of the most mysterious artifacts that has been discovered upon our planet are known as the Crystal Skulls. A Crystal Skull is simply defined as an ancient artifact discovered made from various type of quartz crystals that has the appearance of a human size (or larger) and shaped skull. Most of these ancient Crystal Skulls have been uncovered near or within ancient ruins located in Mexico or Central America, possibly linked to the Mesoamerican cultures of this region. However within recent years, crystal skulls are now surfacing or being reported in other parts of the world such as in South America, Europe and Asia. 

                       photo by (c) Katrina Head

Joshua Shapiro
Crystal Skull Explorer
Joshua Shapiro is known as a Crystal Skull Explorer and has been working together with his divine life partner Katrina Head since 2009.  Over the years, he has offered numerous special public events related to the crystal skulls including helping to organize various public and on-line festivals and conferences where several crystal skulls and their guardians have come together.

Joshua saw his first ancient crystal skull in San Jose, California in 1983, made from amethyst quartz crystal which is known as "Ami". Over the years, Joshua has given numerous presentations throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Australia.  He is also a crystal skull investigator and author and the co-caretaker of more than 30 crystal skulls with Katrina.

Joshua Shapiro was the coordinator for the World Mystery Research Center, a non-profit center setup to research various world mysteries from both a scientific and paranormal perspective from 2000-2008.  Starting in 2004, three crystal skull conferences were setup in Switzerland through the Heyyanka Foundation in Switzerland and two International Festivals, the first in Holland in 2006 and a second one in Hungary in 2007.  Joshua and his partner Katrina, also helped to organize and participate in another crystal skull conference in Holland in March, 2011 with other various friends.  Joshua is the sponsor of this website called V J Enterprises that was one of the first websites in 1995 to begin to share information about the crystal skulls. 

In 1985, Joshua met Sandra Bowen and F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino and through this association became aware of a number of the older crystal skulls known at this time including the Mayan Crystal Skull , the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the Texas Crystal Skull ( also known as "MAX"). In March of 1989, the three of them released their first book entitled: "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed", which was also published in Brazil in Portuguese in 1992.

Moving in the 1990's and beyond, Joshua became acquainted with several other skulls including "ET", "Windsong", "Rainbow" & "Madre", "Synergy", "Skully" and had a chance to visit with the British Museum Crystal Skull several times.  In 1999, he received his own crystal skull as a gift , a 10 lb. smoky quartz skull made in Brazil which is known as "Portal de Luz".   In 2001, Joshua's first crystal skull presentation in Holland then resulted in him moving to this country to work on a new book that was published in Holland in 2006 entitled "Kristallen Schedels" (Crystal Skulls).  By the time he left Holland, he had a collection of three crystal skulls and begin to distribute his
 free crystal skull e-book (which provides photos of these skulls). The Crystal Skull Explorers book was also published in Hungary in 2008 as well as Poland in 2004.

Starting on January 1st, 2008, Joshua began a series of world peace meditations with the crystal skulls, which continues to the present time.  Each year 13 meditations are performing with at least one a month on the 13th day at the 13th hour.  You can learn more about these world peace meditations by clicking here.

In 2008, he returned to the U.S. and became involved with a number of media interviews about the crystal skulls due to the release of the 4th installment of the Indiana Jones film having a chance for his first private session with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  In 2009, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he met his divine life partner and fellow Crystal Skull Explorer, Katrina Head and they have been working together ever since.  In 2009, they created the new company, Crystal Interdimensional Journeys & Explorations, LLC and led a spiritual tour to Peru in November.  From October of 2010 - through February of 2011, they travel from the East Coast of the U.S. to the West Coast (going through NW Canada) to offer their crystal skull event and then decided to base themselves near Seattle, Washington where they currently are based out of.  Together Joshua and Katrina released their first book together as an e-book for their readers (including a Kindle version), the Crystal Skull Travel Log Series, Travel Log #1 in May of 2011 starting with Joshua and Katrina's travels to Mexico in 2009.  

In 2012, they become teachers of Awakening Truth Worldwide (ATW) and begin to offer a new radio show and online classes through this group. Further, in December of 2012, and later in March of 2013, they offered two On-Line Crystal Skull Conferences (the first ever). Finally, also in late December of 2012 they release the e-book edition of their new book, "Search for the Blue Skull in Peru" (Travel Log #2) which also came out in a Printed Edition in March of 2013 via their new publisher Global Communications and eventually in late April of 2013 (or early May, 2013) there was a kindle edition. This could be the most important book ever written by the Crystal Skull Explorers.  (Note - in the early part of 2018, they created a revised and updated version of the "Blue Skull Book" to also celebrate the release of their 1st novel, working with co-author Karen Tucker of the U.K. in which the "Blue Skull" also makes an appearance - see above for a link to the new novel ...)

From 2014-2017, Joshua and Katrina were instrumental in helping the Crystal Skull Hearts Council and friends to create a special day of Celebration for the crystal skulls called Crystal Skull World Day - where thousands of crystal skull guardians joined in for a special mediation for world peace, taking place near November of each of these years.

In 2014, Joshua and Katrina returned with their own radio show called "Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other World Mysteries" from July to October of this year shared on the Revolution Radio.  Then in 2016 from June to November, the Explorers were guest host for E.P.I.C. Voyagers radio.  Over the years Joshua has been invited to be a guest on many spiritual and paranormal radio shows.

In 2015, Joshua did a one month tour to Australia, the Eastern Coast thanks to his friend Paula.  The latest version of our free e-book was created during this journey.  Also to create an on-line report of what Joshua was experiencing in Australia, a new version of the Crystal Skull Explorers website was created that enhances the material on this website and is mobile friendly.  To view this enhanced website, feel free to visit:

In the beginning of 2016, the Crystal Skull Explorers began a special on-line membership.  This membership allowed those who joined to read each month a chapter of two novels that Joshua was working with two friends (Karen and Maria) so that the members could read a chapter a month as well as special audio interviews Joshua had conducted with spiritual teachers and mediums with special articles Joshua had written in the past and never released publicly.  The name of the two novels, both of which eventually will be a trilogy series are: "Crystal Skull Chronicles" and "Journeys into the Unknown and Back Again".

"Crystal Skull Chronicles" was originally created in a movie script format working with a friend in Australia (Terry) back in 2001 of which several version of the script was created.  There is a small graphic below on this page where you can read the original story ideas.  The last version of the script was done about 2007 and then Joshua felt in 2015 he needed to tell this story as a novel and found Maria, a member of the Crystal Skull Free mailing to help him.  The first book writing was done in the summer of 2017 and it is hoped before the end of 2018 this novel will be released to the public in both a printed and e-book form.

"Journeys into the Unknown and Back Again", mentioned before came to Joshua as a vision in April of 2014 when he was asking the question, "What If, there was a way to prove the existence of the 'After-life' and other dimensions of existence our soul visits, how would this change the world.  Again, Karen another member of the free crystal skull mailing list volunteered to help and the writing started in 2015 with the first book of this series also finished in 2017.  The first printed edition and e-book was released to the public in January of 2018 and work on the second book has already been started.  To learn more about this novel series click here to visit the novel web page.

From 2018 and going forward, the Crystal Skull Explorers plan to update and revise the two Travel Log books published earlier and to have both the 1st book in their two novel series ready.  Joshua continues to believe that one of these novels will eventually be turned into a feature film and awaits the opportunity to present itself.  The Crystal Skull Explorers stand ready to share new and updated information about the crystal skulls in all forms of media as well as doing public events.  They seek to continue to work with other crystal skull teachers, guardians and researchers to co-create new events and activities which teach about the crystal skulls and find ways to promote world peace.


The Crystal Skulls themselves, are considered to be one of the world greatest mysteries. Some of these artifacts have been researched by Hewlett Packard ( reported in Richard Garvin's book, "The Crystal Skull", 1973) and continue to baffle the modern scientific community. There have been a number of phenomena associated with the crystal skulls including:

  • Individuals receiving a healing in the presence
  • Psychics and sensitives channeling or receiving impressions
  • Holographic Images forming inside of the crystal skulls
  • A Powerful energy measured within or around the skulls when activated

Read the Crystal Skull Chronicles: An On-Line Adventure


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Search for the Blue Crystal Skull  
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Crystal Skull Chronicles (Online Epic!)
Crystal Skulls in Peru?
The Mysterious Crystal Skulls
    (updated article)
Anatomically Precise Crystal Skull by
     German Carver

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The book: Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

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Crystal Skull carved in Germany by a master Carver
Extraordinary and Amazing new Crystal Skull

carved by a Master Carver in Germany
(click on photo above for more details)

"Max" - 18lb Ancient Crystal Skull found
in Guatemala

Crystal Skull in Las Vegas, Jose Iniquez
The Rainbow Skull - DaEl Walker  
Face of Mitchell-Hedges Skull
Floyd Petri and Windsong, a new Crystal Skull
"Maya" - A Crystal Skull from Mexico

Four More Crystal Skull Images
Interview with Mary Thunder
      (Chicago, 6/2/97)

Marc Whitford's Experience in Wash DC
Smithsonian Skull & BBC, Wash DC (2/96)
Secret Images inside the Crystal Skulls?
      (JW Voakes)

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International Crystal Skull Festival in Europe

( A unique international conference of 3 days dealing with
the crystal skulls held in Holland in 2006.  See Photos of
the crystal skulls that gathered and the people who joined us
as well as the report from the Hungarian Festival in 2007 ...
To check on any new festivals being organized for 2010 and,
beyond please periodically visit: )


We are always interested to hear about new crystal skulls as many
have been surfacing within the last few years. If we can assist in helping
to better understand the nature of such artifacts or work with current
owners/guardians who wish to share their crystal skulls with other
publicly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest ........ Peace & Light

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head


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