This part of our UFO section is to share what we deem to be interesting and insightful information into possible theories about the UFO coverup and the type of activities that are still going on behind the scenes. We must caution our readers that we have no official source available to us to confirm or deny the information shared in this section other than to follow our own intution. We believe, at the least, that the essence of what is being shared has some degree of truth but again, there are so many diverse and conflicting theories related to the existence and purpose of the UFOs that it is impossible to say which is the Absolute Truth. At the moment, the world's official agencies and governments who we suspect have a heavy involvement with analyzing the UFO situation, have for the most part been totally silent, which means each of us must investigate for ourselves.

However, within the files contained here, we believe it offers a good perspective on what may be happening behind the scenes. We are grateful to the brave individuals who have been involved in the cover-up to try to come forward and share some part of what they know. Most people feel now that it is just a matter of time before something breaks. I believe knowing the truth, no matter how frightening it might be, is better than to be in complete darkness, especially when events begin to happen and the public learns (shortly) that UFOs are real.

A number of the documents we will include, originate from an anonymous sources using the name of Branton. As I recall, this name represents, according to the document, a collective group of individuals who have researched or gathered information that they wish to share with the public. It could be, as many UFO researchers have discovered in the past, that this information is mostly disinformation with a smattering of good information, only you can be the judge.

Some pages contained in this section are text files which will permit viewing (at full screen) in a Web Browser or the ability for our readers to save the file on their own computer for future viewing. If, again, any information contained herein you find of value, please share with others.

( As time goes on, we will continue to add documents to this list .... )

Thank you for your kind attention,


Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - Peter Gersten
Interview with UFO Investigator - Bill Hamilton
A Mask - The Face of an Alien?
Robert Morning Sky's Terra Papers (Summary-B. Bland)
German Bases on the Moon (12k)
The Psychology of Dreamland - Terry Hansen (61k)
Underground Bases - Billy Goodman Happening (11/89)
Bruce DePalma - Free Energy Device (24k)
Successful Time Travel - Strange Magazine Interview
The USS Eldridge is in Greece - G. Pantoulas
William Cooper's: A Covenant With Death (110k)
The Grand Deception (130k)
The Cult of the Serpent (120k)
And There Was War in Heaven (199k)
The Underground Empire (181k)
Out of the Dragon's Lair (131k)
The Government and the Greys (51k)
Star Warriors: The Hopis & the Greys (72k)
Dreamland in the Rockies - Branton (44k)
Secrets of the Mojave - Branton 13 pages
The Montauk Project & the Philadelphia Experiment (27k)
The Philadelphia Experiment & Time with Drue (38k)
The Krill Report by O. H. Krill (1988, 4 parts, 123k)
A New Theory on UFOs (7k)
MJ12 Documents (15k)
Is This Secret Air Force Memo A Fake??
Richard Boylan - UFO Encounters of a PHD
Pine Gap - Area 51 of Australia (20k)
Roswell Declaration - IRI (86k)

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