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This section is an opportunity for us to share with our readers inspired ideas and observations of events occurring in recent times. The format of this section is that for each day we will offer some commentary, the date will be listed so the readers can understand the comments based on the events of this time. Since our world is changing so quickly these days and information is coming from all directions, the comments, of course, will hopefully reflect these changes over time as well. We hope you enjoy this section and Illinois would appreciate any feedback (or if you have a question, perhaps he can answer this question here as well).

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December 25th, 1996

Again, we apologize for not adding more information to this section but, this year has been quite busy for us personally here at V J and also many incredible events have occurred in our world. So we wanted to take this time to wish all of our readers a wonderful Christmas and may this time be a time of celebration of the sharing of the inner joy within us all.

I am happy to be alive at this time, on the forefront of many incredible transformation to come. Many people I know, myself included feel we are at the breaking point of immense and very uplifting changes coming at any moment. Certainly in 1996, UFOs are now the craze ... it is the #2 subject of interest on the Internet and movies and special shows are flying everywhere ... it seems clear to any logical thinking person that someone in the know is trying to give us a message but unfortunately, most of these public media works seems to promote the fear of Exterrestrials. It is indeed possible that some ETs are not friendly (certainly from the large number of reports we receive about abductions ... no matter how one rationalizes this, being taken without consent is a violation of free will) but I do not believe we can make this judgment that all ETs are not friendly ... Generally, anything (an event or persons/beings) which a person can't understand or is different, we immediate label as being negative or evil. This fear and lack of knowledgment separates us ... clearly we are moving into a time of dropping our fear and embracing our fellow beings (humans, animals, plants, spirit, the Mother Earth) in love and joy.

As I have spoken before, in order to be able to peacefully deal with the transformation prophecised in many cultures and that is become more visible these days, the key will be a connection with the inner spirit ... trusting that one's truth can only be discovered from within ...

Also this year, many different spiritual and philosophical cultures began to meet and find they have much in common. The Prophecy of the Condor of the South (the Inca) and the Eagle of the North (the Native Americans) is in the process. Again, it seems that Native Americans in North America, the protector of the earth and stepping forward as they share their prophecies and the work of Standing Elk who is helping to organize Star Knowledge/Vision conferences where Native Americans can share these prophecies as well as their knowledge of the UFOs ...

We did not get a firm answer with the Roswell Autopsy Film, but it did show the tremendous interest and desire to hear the truth about UFOs. We did have the Varginha case reported in Brasil where the Brasilian researchers almost conclusively showed that a UFO crashed and two alien beings were walking around. We had the scare with the Chubacca (sorry I forget the spelling) earlier this year, apparently some type of alien creature that started to attack cattle and animals in Puerto Rico and spread ... but now we don't hear much about this. It seemed this year that more people who were involved with Governments and secret UFO investigations began to come out, even some astronauts.

I think the key question that each of us must consider is not whether UFOs exist, but what will we do when the Governments of the World (especially the U.S.) finally announce that they are Real? How can they not be real most of say because if one is open and researches this phenomena there are too many cases and unanswered questions. Besides why do Western scientists avoid this subject like the plauge (for the most part) -- this would be the most important question to answer and a scientific curiousity -- Extraterrestrial Life. The reports of the meteorites discovered that came from Mars with microscopic life was a step in the right direction. We had Richard Hoagland doing his press conferences about structures on the Moon as well as Mars. So we must be getting close ... but what will happen to our world when we finally accept? Many researchers believe that 1997, the year coming up in a week, is going to be that time ... it is my personal belief and inner feeling that not only will we finally here the UFOs are real (if the ET's don't do something publicly in mass all over the world so you can't deny what one is seeing) ... but that other so-called miracles or unimaginable events are about to unfold. And what I mean by this is not just the earth changes everyone is talking about but a penetration into our reality of other spiritual and dimensional phenomena. We are going to see a new wave of people becoming open to spirituality and the New Age, seeing that only in examing and contacting their inner being will they be able to deal with the new reality coming, peacefully.

When we were at this point last year, at the end of 1995, I didn't want to go into 1996, because I knew my comfortable world, was going to be forever changed. 1996 was indeed the year of partnership ... even here at V J, we went from one volunteer to over 10 helping us with the web pages ... we started to work with other individuals and organizations and created two powerful networks ... NA NET Global (for New Age related websites, with over 140 members at years end) and UFO NET Global (started in October, with 110 members at years end). The key to happiness in 1997 will be to continue working together to create more and more positive projects and show that our future is a glorious one with a bright Light coming. I believe by 2013, we will be living our life in a Utopian World and having direct contact with our brothers and sisters from the stars.

In an attempt to share this vision that I see each day, I invite you the readers to come and watch the creation of the Crystal Skull Chronicles, an ongoing action adventure story which give me the freedom to express how I see our world moving into a Golden Age by the year 2013. I decided rather than wait to find a publisher and be able to share this story with others, I would just start doing it. Look to our page Whats New 1997 for updates when the story is added to or the Crystal Skull Chronicle Log Page. I do not see the whole story but it is told by a person in our future in the year 2037 and the story could be totally imaginary and pure fiction or may have some events that could be in our not too distant future. We are also inviting our readers to lend a hand in its creation either with story ideas or possibly to add multi-media elements since it will be a Web Story.

We thank each of you for your visitations and support and promise that here at V J we will continue to do our best to report the clearest information about the Global Transformation. Also would like to acknowledge all our helpers, Sentinel, Siam, Sean, Ann, Mike and Jen, Don, Carl, Geoffrey, Yvonne, Pedro, Andrea, Bob, Dave, Randy and Ken .... it has been great and look out for 1997!!

What an incredible year 1996 has been,
We hope your holidays are wonderful!!

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


April 17th, 1996

Today I become a man ... I turned 41 ... nope this is not the Jewish religion realigned. I actually feel like I am 25 ... I am more busy now and have more drive than when I was 25, plus I think I have a better handle on how things work ... so in this special tradition of having one's birthday, and feeling the universe focusing upon us April 17th born people, I thought I would share some thoughts and insights ... so here goes. . . . . . . .

About a month ago, my Mom passed away in her sleep. Being a spiritual person, I knew that her soul is eternal and that as I gazed for the last time on her broken body in the hospital, being sensitive to energy, I definitely felt that her essence was gone, no longer connected to the physical body. Of course when my Dad called me at work, about 1:15 PM in the afternoon, at first I was calm, then all of a sudden I couldn't stop shaking ... as if the reality of the idea hit me ... and then on the way to pick up my Dad to go to the hospital, where her body was being kept, I almost hit a car ....

But a strange thing happened to me, I did not feel really sad, I did not cry when the coffin was lowered into the ground, because I knew that the body was not my mom. I felt her presence during the whole week of her death. As a matter of fact, somehow, perhaps since my body came through her body and spirit, I was having visions and sensations of what she was going through. And when the day of the funeral came, ( in the past, when I attended a funeral, I would feel my throat get tight because I knew the spirit of the person was right there besides, watching us and I wanted to tell the others but ... but this time at my own Mother's time:) I spoke to her ... directly ... regardless of what my relatives thought of me, and had a conversation. I did this for her, so she would know that I was aware of her presence.

You know in the news, we hear about catastrophes, how many people were killed in this country and that country, and we sort of get use to the idea that this is suppose to happen. Thus we expect it and we don't feeling anything. But when it is somebody you really know, it makes you really think about things and it changes you. First of all you realize the impact that person has had upon many other people in their life. So it was a reminder to me that each of us is special in our own way. That we each make a contribution to our world and affect other people's lives in ways we can't begin to imagine .... In any case, I still feel very much in contact with the spirit of Mom and I know that she is no longer in the very excruciating pain. She has rejoined with her "PAPA", who was a golden light in her life and who has also been guiding me, here and there. My Mom use to say I looked very much like him and acted like him. So I thank my Mom for all that she taught me and this chance to be connected with her in spirit has been a major demonstration to me, that all of the Spiritual Philosophies we speak about really is true ...!!!

On a personal note, I have never been busier in all of my life. I feel this 41st year will be THE most incredible year of my life as I believe for many people. So many incredible doors are opening these days, for example: We have had an unbelievable reception to setting up events to share "ET", an ancient smoky quartz skull (last count we were speaking with over 24 different contacts in about 8 different countries); all of a sudden we are getting more people interested in helping our web site and the information about UFOs, and Crystal Skulls is flowing like a sieve ....

I have to think that the word "PARTNERSHIP" as given to me by spirit earlier this year is what is happening. Humanity must stand together to accept the challenges coming ... if there is any way we can encourage these individuals who have been trying to control our world from behind the scenes, for their own motives, to just stop for a moment to consider all the events taking place ... that we must join our hands together as a the family of Man and stop the game playing and lies .... We can all pray and visiualize that a harmonize world is our future, regardless of the news .... we have the power within us to create a glorious future. We just must trust in ourselves and listen to the still small voice within. I know within my heart, no power of any individual or group can stop the process of transformation the Mother Earth is going through. All the secret plans are failing ... as these plans will not work as our world continues to move into a new more finely tuned octave/dimension of Life ... So many of the mysteries are revealing themselves now and more and more people are having spiritual or psychic related experiences.

We have received some criticism on our web site, due to the subject areas that we are shairng and following ... some people write to us that we are propagating lies or are dillusional ..., or are doing this just for the money. And we have thanked these people for feeling so inspired to share ... but if we keep focus on arguing with each other, and criticising each other, this is a total waste of our time. Now we must see each other as brothers and sisters, regardless if we agree 100% (which is impossible when you come to think of it, we will never find another person that will agree with our life philosophy or actions) with each other, we must focus instead of the differences, the points we have in common, or Unity Through Diversity.

Well ... if we could each just cherish every moment of life and just do our best, each day, how much simpler life would be. We can not expect to satisfy every person but, if we are honest and sincere, others will see this. I wish one and all a most glorious year and hope that as people become inspired, they will continue to share their truth, their insights and their knowledge ... without expectations ... and see what kind of world we can build together. No time like the present, right?

In the Light of the All that Is,

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


March 16th, 1996

I can't believe the year of 1996 is moving so quickly. When it first started things were quiet but since the middle of January many activities have begun!!! With only one quarter of the year gone, the connections and new information coming out has been at a level even beyond what we saw in 1995. This must be an indication of incredible things to come.

Just as an example, for ourselves, we are beginning to work with George Pantoulas in Greece, who has his own Production company to do some documentaries, a lecture tour and Metaphysical tours of Greece and Israel. We visited John Raphael, the co-owner with his wife in Wahsington D.C. and are working to put together a crystal skull event in that location as well as an opportunity to participate in the BBC's special program on the Crystal Skulls in May (in England) and also a chance to learn about a very large Crystal Skull in the Smithsonian Insitutue in D.C. Lastly, we have just entered an agreement with Joke Van Dieten, to work together with her to share her crystal skulls with the world and help to educate the public about what the crystal skulls are all about! We have even started to expand the products we are sharing with others via cooperation with other organizations.

So the key word I have received from Spirit for this year is PARTNERSHIP. I really feel we do not have time to embroil ourselves in petty cooperation and ego clashes. We must see what we have in common with others, projects we see eye to eye on and focus on this. On a TV show shown here in the U.S. called Prophecy III, which is a the third in a series of show that examines various prophecies given for the 20th century, the one comment I remember (and when this happens to me it means that my soul is telling me to pay attention) was the comment by the Native Americans, here in the U.S., that we only have 3-4 years to make a decision, to live harmoniously with Mother Earth. I feel deep within my being that between now and the year 2000, each of us will be making major decisions how we wish to live our lives. And all I can stay to our readers is, the key is to walk on this earth in a spiritual way. By this I mean, you must be aware of all aspects of who you are, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All of these levels are real and as we move closer to whatever is awaiting us ... more and more people will be having experiences with the spiritual or other dimensions of reality and no matter what any psychologist or doctor tells you, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

On the Discovery Channel, the week of March 10th, they had a show about "Remote Viewing", meaning the ability of certain people to project themselves out of their body and see what is happening in other parts of the world, in the past, present or future. While of course many people who study metaphysics know this is a potential we all have, what the program discussed is that the U.S. Government funded such a project. If the U.S. Government is going to fund such an adventure, then one can only conclude there must be something to this!!! Otherwise this project which spanned (over 20 years) would never has happened.

So if a person is a wee bit open that there may be other things to our reality then we think ... they will find information or evidence to suggest that this spiritual quality of our being is as real and a part of us as the bed we sleep in or the ground we walk on.

Again, the UFO situation is continuing to capture the hearts and mind of people all over the world. It appears from the various reports being shared on the Internet that sightings and abductions are increasing. We still have not had an official acknowledgement by the various Governments but we do have a few interesting activities occurring. There is the UFO Museum being opened in Japan in July of this year which purportedly will have some remains of an actual crashed UFO! There is a report that Laurence Rockerfeller, about the Best Evidence of UFOs that is being purported circulated this month among all Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress. In addition, Richard Hoagland, known for his research on the face on Mars and a reputed scientist, is doing a public announcement with people from Nasa about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life. The speculation is by next year (1997) we will finally have some announcement. Also in June of this year, the Native Americans are hosting a UFO conference to share with others information they have kept secret for many years.

All I can say to our readers, is each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and each other to really find out what the heck is going on. We can not sit and wait for someone we think should be telling us to do so. Then as we do uncover some interesting insights, we must share with others, our family and friends. The Truth is about to come out ... it doesn't matter what certain secret and behind the scene agencies don't want you to know ... there is a force behind the scenes, I dare say a Divine Force, that will bring it through. You only way to validate this Truth will be listening or feeling what seems correct for you within ...

Lastly, as an attempt to help with this process, V J Enterprises is going to try its best to create a Network of New Age or Spiritual Orientated Sites ... which we are calling NA NET Global. This is an extension of the vision I had back in my wandering days, traveling on faith in 1982 through California ... I saw a vision of creating a Global Network ... this vision developed first in 1992 as NA NET (New Age Network) a Microsoft Fox Pro System to help connect local New Age resources in a specific geographic area or city. We tried this system in Chicago, Santa Fe (NM) and Gainesville (FL) but without financial resources to back it, it did not go far. Now, we are advancing this idea to a network of New Age Web Sites, to create an example of the power of cooperation through the Internet. There already exists a sharing of links from one site to another, which is a start, but this next step allows these organizations via their sites to work in a more connected manner. Check out our web page to explain this system and if you are a web site in alignment with our ideas go ahead and fill out the Request Form.

Well my friends, 1996 seems to be an exciting year in many ways ... it seems that the year will be as incredible or challenging as you make it ... just see how you are feeling inside ... the Mother Earth is going to reflect back to you this feeling by surrounding you with activities and events that correspond exactly with the energy you are putting out.

See ya on the other side ....

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


January 6th, 1996

A Most Happy New Year to all of our Readers and may 1996 be as interesting a year as 1995. Just wanted to take this opportunity to kind of review this past year and share some thoughts on what might be coming up in 1996. Also we express our gratitude to all the people who have sent us positive feedback and stated that they have found some information of value on our site. This was our basic goal in doing the site and we shall endeavor to continue to do our best to share more new information that provides insights into what is happening related to the planetary transformation at hand and to better understanding the incredible period of time we are living in now.

They called the year of 1995, the year of the Internet, and I think this is righty so. I continue to be amazed at all the advances and new technology that is coming up related to the Internet and in particular the World Wide Web. We are talking about 3D, Avatars (characters you interact with), Video/Movies, Live Conversation (been using Internet Phone to speak live via Internet with people all over the world) and more. However, just as with everything else, how we use these technologies will be the key. Already there are reports coming in that the contents carried by various online system is beginning to be policed and censored as well as emails never arriving to the final destinations. What I see as the greatest value of the internet is the ability to connect us, humanity, very quickly and to create incredible projects that pull our resources and inspire us. So I hope you all are watching and paying attention what is going on around us. It seems to me, that Internet is the best place to find out what is truly going on in the world today.

Of course one of the main parts of our site that was accessed the most were the images of the so-called "Roswell Film". Especially during the last week of August and first week of September we were inundated. This was the timeframe when parts of the actual film were shown in special tv programs all over the world!!!

First of all I marveled at how many people came (maybe 5-6,000 a week) and how they had heard about us as we really have not advertised our site too much. However, the key with the web are those links. I personally wish to thank the other sites who have pointed to us. We also have done our best to make people aware of other quality sites (of which this number is growing geometrically each day -- thank you to the Gods of the Web for making it fairly simple to create web pages!!!) who deal with subject matter related to ours. This type of indirect cooperation is again, for me, a strong visual example of the power of working together and cooperation. Indeed the Internet is providing a very graphic example of this.

Getting back to the "Roswell Film" however, even though at this stage, it still is very controversial and the interest around he film has basicly died down at the end of 1995, it DEFINITELY showed that people out there WANT answers to their questions about the truth related to the UFOs and that they BELIEVE more than ever we are being visited by extraterrestrials. The UFO question is not going to go away by any means and I think we are getting very close, if not in 1996, than certainly in 1997, for incontroversial proof of their existence being admited by one or more official agencies (i.e. governments).

At the end of 1995, during the last four months, we did some very interesting traveling which took us to various parts of the US, Peru and Australia. In every place we went, as we spoke with other people, we found that many people are all feeling that something big was coming up. They couldn't put their finger on it, they just knew they needed to be prepared for something whether this would be some type of drastic Earth Changes or a sequence of events that would forever change the way we live. We also did some interesting sharing and research related to various crystal skulls and were amazed at how many people have become more interested and intriqued by these ancient artifacts. All in all, it appears as if we are coming to a time of great decision where we as citizens of the Mother Earth must decide how we are going to participate in a process to create a harmonious world and be responsible. A storm is coming soon and although I can't say for certain what exactly the sequence of events will be that will trigger this, people can sense the underlining force building. People in general do not like change, and change usually brings up some type of fear, but if you are aware of what is going on and know that these changes are for the upliftment of humanity, you will be prepared. Your inner guidance (in whatever form this works with you) will tell you where to go and what to be doing.

The key I believe, as we go into the new year of 1996 is to remember that each of us are a powerful being, and what we feel, believe and think is shaping our future. Although it takes work and concentration to unprogram things we have been taught or so-called truths that are registered in our sub-conscious, if we can just focus in our minds a vision of a positive loving future and live this vision to the best of our abilities, regardless of what is going on around us, we can change the world.

So what does 1996 hold --- I would imagine life will become more intense, again as the planet continues to shifts its vibration, as more parts of ourselves, buried deep within that are not in harmony with the new vibrations are literally kicked out ... I believe that we will hear more information related to secret plans and conspiracies, that there will continue to be an increase in the number of reports of sightings of UFOs, actual contact (via abductions or friendly exchanges) with aliens and much more strange and unexplainable phenomena. More people will look towards a more spiritual or holistic perspective to understand who they are, how to live life happily and to understand all the new manifestations of spirit occurring in our world. I also believe that finally, some of the Light Projects which people have held inside of them for many years, projects for assisting mankind to awakening his divine consciousness and a reconnecting of people to their inner spirit, will finally begin to receive resources and support to fully manifest these projects in the physical.

Also I beieve there were be more of a focusing on networking of shared resources and skills, as individuals and small organizations begin to realize that through sharing we can do anything. That no one person or group is better than another, that we each have a role to play in the coming transformation. That one person or team can not do it all! This process is being reflected in what is occurring in big business as many companies now are consolidating and merging. The online services will continue to spread and become a household item as technology becomes easier, access becomes more available and faster. This phenomena will permit more and more people to talk with each other all over the planet as the extended family will grow. I sense strongly that people are beginning to feel a deep deisre within to reach out to touch others and experience what life is like in other cultures. And finally, we will see more magic, more miracles and perhaps a sensing of incredible doors opening to propel mankind to the next level.

1996 and beyond will be a time of incredible challenges, which depending on an individual's perception of reality, can be the best of times or the worst of times. The key is I believe, that the world we know is changing and that we must become more spontaneously and flowing to deal with it. Time seems to be speeding up which seems to be reflected in the new technologies and scientific discoveries we are making every day now. So I guess, if we just each do our best, help where we can, and find the things which make our hearts sing ... we will move toward a new planet and new destiny. The Inner Call is going out now ... we each have our part to play, with no part too small or less important ....

V J Enterprises will continue to do its part to provide our readers with the most insightful and interesting information that we believe supports the premise of the coming Golden Age. We again invite others who wish to share to feel free to submit articles or ideas and we are also beginning to look for some volunteers to help us with this endeavor. We thank all of our friends and new friends who have been supportive and if there is something we can offer, please let us know.

Peace & Light always,

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro

OCTOBER 24TH, 1995

It is amazing how quickly this year is going by. It has been over four months since I have added an entry here and yet it just hasn't seem that long. A remarkable period of growth has been witnessed by this web site, including picking up a partner, MR SENTINEL and receiving many visits from our readers, especially related to the so-called "Roswell Film".

I felt inspired to add to this page because the last month of my life has probably been the most intense time ever. Taking off a full month from my regular job, I had the fortune to work with Jane Doherty, a fairly well known sensitive on the East Coast who has appeared on various tv and radio shows. Jane is also the caretaker of two small crystal skulls she bought in Mexico about 8 years ago. We shared eight lectures and numerous personal consultations in five states (US) in the month of September. In addition we had an opportunity to work with over 40 people in research to see what reaction they had to her crystal skulls. We were able to tape record and video tape these sessions but our lives have been so busy (Jane is doing a haunted house tour in NY/NJ now and my wife and I headed out to Peru for two and a half weeks right after I finished the lecture tour), that we haven't even had a chance to analyze what we saw. I have worked with a number of crystal skulls before and thus I thought I wouldn't see anything new, but this was definitely not the case. Although I can not say for certain whether the skulls she has are ancient or not, they certainly possessed some incredible energies and almost everyone we worked with felt something with them. The final neddle in the haystack is walking into a camera store, because my slide projector was not working and meeting a local psychic who had a new kirilian camera. Jane and I had just been talking about what other types of tests we could do with the crystal skulls and this opportunity magically appeared. In our aura pictures you can clearly see a drametic difference in the colors around both of us when we worked with the skulls. Amazing!!!

Then there was Peru. I had not been to this special place since 1990, when I went with my wife (then fiance, just after we met) and 50 Brazilians. Fortunately the group that went this time was much smaller (11 people in our group including us) but it did represent three different countries (the US, Brazil and Australia). We will be participating at the Body-Mind-Spirit Conference in Sydney this November with a booth, to discuss Peru with the Aussies (thanks to our new brother Norm from Australia -- who had a baby boy named after him that was born on our boat going from the jungle to Iquitos). The energy in Peru is incredible ... why at times at night, when I was meditating or listening to music, I would feel waves go through me. I also had a chance to meet an Inca Spiritual Teacher, Willaru, who has seen a crystal skull in Peru. I hope to take a group of people back next May to follow up some new leads I gathered while I was there. Also the Peruvian people, even though they do beg a great deal are very warm and loving. It is always a culture shock when I return to the US from Peru, it takes at least a week to recover. I also may have had a UFO contact, a strange light appeared in the skies near the camp we stayed in the jungle just after I had to go lie down. Then when I went to look for this light, I heard a strange creaking sound all around me, hum I wonder. In any case I took notes each day I was there and hope in the next week or so to add this to our site. If anyone is interested to receive a brochure for our 1996 Journeys please feel free to send us an email!

When we were in New York in September, we had an opportunity to meet with an editor from the Book of the Month Club, who thought a book based on some of these incredible experiences around the crystal skulls might be quite interesting. So I am persuing this possibility at the moment, but also I have an idea for a novel too, based around the crystal skulls. I am not a novelist, and have talked with several people about the story but just can't seem to find the right partner. So if any of our readers know of an interesting novelist looking for a new book, please give me a jingle (email me at: Then also during this time we received UFO related information from two anonymous sources (see entry in Whats New for October 19th). So what does all this flurry of activity mean? I can't say why I felt to share this, but it certainly seems that the temperature is getting cranked up a notch .... most people are feeling as a result of the tremendous interest around the "Roswell Film" that some official acknowledgment of UFOs is coming very soon. It also seems that the abductions are not going away either but picking up. I just can't see how our lives are going to continue much longer the way it is now .... too many things are happening, an inner explosion is about to emerge outwardly.

Well dear readers, sorry to ramble but change is upon us. As always, I see the keys: working together (cooperation), sharing of knowledge and insights and most importantly, learning how to hear one's own truth from within (a spiritual trait if you will) and trusting that truth.

This is ILLINOIS signing out till the next time, headed on to New York City this weekend for the Whole Life Expo and next month out to Australia, Sydney, the Outback and the local folks..............


JUNE 22ND, 1995

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I last took the time to pay some special attention to this part of our Site. And in that time so much has gone on. Mr. Santilli has showed his purported Roswell fil, in London and parts of it were shown in Italy at a UFO conference in the later part of May. Merlin Productions, Santilli's film company now has a Web Site where people can see part of the film. The prophecy by Pope John XXIII about visitors coming from the sky has gone and past without any comments. More and more UFO related information continues to come out. One of the special programs shown in the U.S. called "Encounters" (this company has a forum on Compuserve where Ray Santilli will be speaking on June 24th BTW!!!!) has been really sharing some high level information on their shows and I have heard in August will show part of the Santilli film.

On the Crystal Skull scene, just around the time of my last entry, we started a crystal skull mailing list and I was surprised how quickly people joined. Since that time around May 6th, I have heard about a few new crystal skulls and even will be going to New York City in September to do a lecture with one. Even heard that a crystal skull was stolen from an owner in Las Vegas. Hmm, this is starting to sound exciting. We did share some new information about a Crystal Skull in Peru seen by a Shaman named Willaru. We should be having some new information about the Crystal Skull known as "Maya", who participated in the Mayan Sunrise Ceremony in Ixmal on March 21st shortly. Jane Doherty, the president of the Jersey Society of Parapsychology and a spiritual reader is the caretaker. Also via our mailing list, am working with Filip Coppens in Belgium who is writing an article in Dutch about the Crystal Skulls. Things sure seem to be picking up these days!

One of the things I had wanted to do for a very long time was to kind of reflect upon all the new information I have gained in the last year and a half, especially from information shared via various on-line services and therefore, may I highly suggest you take a look at Chapter 4 of my Journey's book which describes the view I had in 1982 about the manifestation of the Aquarian Age and see how it has changed by reading our new page, A View of the Global Transformation, 1995. I am really curious how people feel about this article, so please, if you have some comments (good or bad, in agreement or not), feel free to email me at: I can't even put into words the inner pressure I am experiencing these days about something about to explode. I try to share in this document where I feel things are heading.

We also added in this past period, a large section about Abduction. I was kind of inspired to do this when I received a letter from a psychologist in California and then two people connected to the class we offer here in Chicago talked about some type of experience. Then I was led to call Anne Druffel, who has written various articles about how people can protect themselves from abduction, so I threw in a technique that has come to me as well. I hope you will read this Page. What is surprising is that many of the Native American Tribes were also quite familiar with the "Greys", the little aliens seemingly connected to this business. I think we are starting to reach a threshhold where too many people are having this experience and we need to have an awareness of it. So please check out our Abduction section.

Another area that more and more information is coming out is related to the UFO Cover-up and the possible intention of some of the alien visitors. I really see this as the key catalyst that is about to change our world. I also was happy to be able to share information I have heard through Al Bielak about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, two incredible incidents, if true, that show the level of technology that we are working with behind the scenes is at the level of what we read in our science fiction stories and beyond. Sometimes I wonder if the advances in technology are going much to fast, faster than I think mankind is ready for and willing to be responsible for the consequences. It seems to me we are like children playing with a loaded gun that we aren't always sure what is going to happen. For example, if the story told by Mr. Bielak is correct then it was possible that our world may have faced the ultimate danger. He claims that for a brief period of time, a hole was opened up between two time periods (1943 and 1984), as was shown in the movie "The Philadelphia Experiment", and fortunately it was closed. So I feel we are living in a very exciting time of discovery but one that is going to be quite challenging. The key, as I see it, related to the future of humanity is going to be how well can we work together and to integrate a spiritual perspective into our way of life.

So I don't know, I am waiting to see whats coming up just like the rest of us. If my intuition is correct, we should see something of an extraordinary nature before this year is out.

This is your friendly site moderator signing off till next time ............ OVER AND OUT ..........

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


MAY 4TH, 1995

My God, I haven't spoken here for some time!! Since April 10th, almost a month and so many things have been going on!! (Well ... um ... besides trying to constantly adding new information for this site ... vhat a job!)

Well hopefully in the next day or two, we will find out if the purported Roswell Film is real or not (unless Santilli decides to change the Press Conference again) and the amount of information that is available about UFOs from online services (including as far as I know: Internet, Compuserve, America On-Line and numerous BBSes) is growing by leaps and bounds. I wanted to include information about UFOs from a manual used by the Firefighters in the U.S. and was about to scan a copy I had when what-do-you-know, someone posted the chapter on the newsnet. There is so much information coming out it is almost impossible to keep up with it all. I probably could spend the rest of my life just doing this. We posted some sample of On-line newsletters, one from ORTK (Operation Right to Know) and one from ISCNI which is part of America Online.

Seems to me, with all this information be shared with people from all over the world, as everyone joins the Internet, that how can anyone doubt the existence of UFOs. Just far too many people are having experiences, one way or another. I think what we should be focusing on is trying to determine why we are being visited. Seems like there are a number of galactic (and Inner Earth) civilizations around, with those here to help mankind elevated its awareness, some being netural and others trying to interfer. Seems like the Greys, are the most visible (people being abducted and upon being hypnotically regressed drawing the same type of aliens). I think the Film on Roswell done on Showtime, was very accurate about how this business really started in 1947. I have heard this film is available in almost all Video rental stores in the U.S. So, I think it is time we recognize that the ETs are here, either visiting or participating in some way. So what are we going to do and how this affect our lives?

You may want to look in our UFO section, sometime later this month, after constantly researching and reading information, plus from personal experiences, I am going to go out on a limb like old Shirley (McClaine) and try to share my own ideas of what I think is happening. Not that I claim to have the whole pictures, but so many pieces are starting to fit together.

One thing I will ask all of our readers, is one of our goals in doing this site was to help to make information available to others. True, we do a little promoting of our services and products but with the sensing of incredible events coming to shake up our little universe, I am following my inner guidance to help share information. Please feel free to pass on any information we have here with other people. What is coming up (whatever form this maybe, whether UFO related or earth changes or changes in socialogical order) quite soon, in wahtever form this will take, will require for people to understand why. In the end, our survival will require cooperation, trust and the ability to use our own inner awarenesses.

A clear sign to me that we are close, besides the floodgates related to UFO and perhaps conspiracy type information, was the bombing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Some incredible theories or truths (depending on your perspective) are being speculated on Internet. But three keys which the media in the U.S. touched, which have been long term conversation between people on the net were:

1) That information to build a bomb were on Internet (a reason to shut it down)

2) That a US militia group was behind the bombing (discussion on the Internet talked about the Federal Government arresting various members/leaders of U.S. militia groups, that possibly there was an interest to curb the ability of citizens to own guns.)

3) McVey, the first person arrested for this incident, discussed having a microchip planted within his body (micho-chips are being used to track animals so far ...)

Seems that this bombing instead of convincing people in the U.S. to give the law enforcement agencies more power to stop terrorism, it is stirring up more people's suspicions of what the Federal Government is planning to do. Somewhere I read where supposedly George Washington, had a dream about the future of the U.S. In his dream he saw a deadly enemy strike the U.S. but what he couldn't understand was that this preceived enemy was not from outside the U.S. but from within. Could it be he was seeing a possible confrontation coming up? And where do the ETs fit into all of this? All I can tell you dear readers is the Truth is starting to come out and we will need to be strong in the coming days. The best things each of us can do right now is to send all the Love we have inside of us (centered in our heart chakra) and send it to all the world leaders, send it to all the military leaders, send it to all the unknown leaders and to the Greys. If we could each do this for two minutes each day, it would make a big difference. I think we will need each other to make it through. It sounds like with these powerful events building that we have no hope ... but our strength lies within. If you believe All Things are part of one entity, one consciousness, one being, called God, the Creator, then you know that His/Her Love is there for us all the time. Take it one day at a time and learn to listen to your own inner truth inside. Send out your love to everyone you meet along the way, to all living beings (plants, animals and the Mother Earth too!).

It is not my job to prophecise where our world is going, just trying to share a few ideas of things I am noticing going on. Seems like the forces are in motion for a change, and no person or organization can stop it. We have the power to make our world into a glorious place to live if we choose. It just might be possible that the contacts with Greys may turn out to be a catalyst to unite humanity. We will just have to see how it goes. Violence and wars will not be the solution, I am sure. But if we could only just all take one minute, to ask for peace at the same time, or sing a song together, such a simple event could change our world.

Well dear friends, this is Illinois signing out as I wait to see the new challenges ahead. In the end, I know our world will see a Golden Age, at least this is what my future self keeps telling me ... but you will have to read my upcoming article to understand what this last statement means.

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro



Well in seven days, I turn the big "40", and as I am heading towards this special age I think to myself, do I really feel 40 years old? Sure, in my almost 40 years (as you begin to scan through our Web Site you will see a sharing of many experiences over the years), I have done quite a bit, but being a typical Aries, I would expect no less of myself. That inner fire drives us fellow Aries to experience things intensely, no doubt! But also, I still feel young (maybe late twenties or early thirties), because there is so much to do and experience. And the greatest signs of the Aquarian Age, which all will be able to see, are just ahead, so one must be in a young frame of mind I think.

I invite one and all to partake of a new section that we have opened, which shares some of my early experiences traveling on faith and networking in the early 1980's. Most of the information comes from my first book, Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker, a truely interesting time in my life. At this time I had quit a full time job as a computer programmer and started to travel around the U.S. on total faith. I feel this was truely the beginning of an awakening inside of me that I had come to this world to participate with the transformation of Mother Earth in some way and that such a process was occurring. I had a chance to develop and use my inner awareness (as that was all I had) as well as meet some of the leading pioneers in the New Age movement. I have to say, the person I am today (whoever that might be) was definitely shaped by the events of these early years!

If you will tune in to our section on the Roswell Video recently discovered in England, you will see the intensity is turning up a notch to prove or disprove this film. More and more people are getting a chance to look at the film and the controversy continues. Also it will be shown publicly in England at a UFO conference in August and I still have not heard or read any confirmation that "Encounters" will show this film in the U.S. in August either. In either case, if one truely researches the amount of UFO related information that is available (books, videos, doucmented cases, official government documents available, etc ...) I doubt sincerely we can not accept that we are having contact with extraterrestrials. The main question is why are they coming here, why are they contacting people (telepathic, visits or abductions) and how will this most important event impact our lives and the prophecies of the coming transformation? Although I am not one who believes to keep important event secret from the public, I also feel (as with all things that are part of a divine plan) that it probably has been best, so as not to disrupt our civilization and lives, that this information has come out slowly. I really believe today, that most people (via all the movies and television shows and investigations) are ready to hear the public announcement that UFOs are REAL! But now, we need to educate people what to do if they have a contact from a physical, spiritual and dimensional viewpoint.

Continuing on this train of thought, I feel it would appropriate for the Governments of the World to begin to work with various well known UFO Researchers (so of these special people have spent over 40 years trying to get answers and help people who have had contact) to help prepare a program for public dissemination to educate people. And we the public, must be willing to forgive the official agencies for not telling us the truth. If some of the information that is being shared by the contactees, abductees, researchers and military personnel is true, then it does appear that some of the extraterrestrials we have had contact with (especially the Greys from Zeta Riticulli and the Serpent Race from Orion) do not have our best intentions at heart. I do not believe that all the ETs we are having contact with have such intentions, but usually the races which disregard the Universal Law of non-interference and respect of all living things, will make their presence felt the most. If these races do indeed exist that have an intention to manipulate our world and the beings upon it, we must unite as the race of mankind. As our Governments are finding out, there will not be a solution by trying to use the alien's technology to obtain a defensive/offensive weapon. This solution must come from a spiritual perspective, the concept that if we open up our hearts and focus our attention of sending a loving energy to these visitors, they will not be able to stay with hostile intentions. Also I believe a side affect of such a mass meditation and offering is that the vibration of our world would instantly become more peaceful as well. Yes, it seems that we are living in most interesting times where humanity is being challenged to work together for its survival, assuming of course, the many stories we hear of these particular ET races is true. I can only go with my feeling about this as I have no positive proof other then what anyone else can read in the information available.

Lastly, we were fortunate to have a special guest in our home recently, a Native American Indian chief who shared with us a part of the spiritual teachings given to his people by the Creator, the Great Spirit. Being a student of current events and how our world is moving through its spiritual transformation, I was quite interested to see what prophecies his tribe would have ( the Potowatamee{?} ). First he said that physical Earth changes are much closer than we think, that many of the elders have spoken of these prophecies. Second he said that the prophecies stated that survival through these changes would come only via living a spiritual philosophy, a respect of all life including the Mother Earth. Since my last birthday, April of 1994, I have been feeling that in 1995, some of the prophecised changes will begin. In the U.S., we had two programs about prophecies shown on national television, which basically reviewed the various famous prophets and prophecies given by many cultures. I remember when I saw this show, it was like something awoken inside of me and I started collecting information from Compuserve and Internet related to prophecy. I started to track earthquakes reported by a government agency (via finger) around the world (those quakes greater than 2.7 on the Richter scale). Some interesting results here which I hope to share at some future time. I also visited the ARE center in Virginia Beach, VA (Edgar Cayce's readings), looking for some information given about 1995, but I didn't find any. The second thing I was hearing inside (a spiritual guide I feel off my right shoulder) was that the UFO issue would come to a head in this year as well. Some event would occur that would definitely show we are being visited (the Roswell Film, a simultaneous sightings of UFOs around the world?).

Well in any case dear readers, as time goes on, things are becoming more and more interesting. I see more and more information being shared which I think is giving us a clearer picture of what is to come and things that have been happening behind the scene. I know there is a great deal of disinformation out there and wild stories, but if we trust our own gut feeling or intuition, we will indeed know what is true or not. And I don't feel it really matters is you know point for point what is happening, more that you have a sense of the essence of the events occurring. It is our goal through this Web Site to continue to share the information we feel that provides the clearest views of what is happening. As more and more people come out to share their insights and experiences (without fear of ridicule), we will definitely know where we are going.

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


MARCH 25TH, 1995

I like this section because it is an opportunity to share personal ideas and thoughts which fill my being (and these thoughts come in at any time during the day, no matter what I am doing). We each are a unique expression of the Infinitie Creator, and each person contains some piece of this most interesting puzzle that is unraveling at this time (seems to be speeding up if you ask me!). Therefore, I believe it is vital for each of us to share our feelings and thoughts at this time, so we can gain a better clairity of events. Naturally, in our Web Site, by sharing various pieces of information that touch us personally and that we intuitively feel have relevance, we hope to offer others a chance to see the things that are happening today as well.

So we hope this section, can be beneficial of others as we share our thoughts about what is happening. And what is happening it seems is that time is speeding up. Each week is now just flying by. Also more and more information seems to be coming out around the UFO issue. We heard via the grapevine on Internet that the latest "Encounters" show done by Fox, here in the U.S. seems to be communicating a message that UFOs do exist. What evidence do they have (perhaps the Roswell film) that is making them publicly state such a comment. We heard of another show about UFOs shown by Disney, of all production companies. There seems to be quite a few earthquakes that are happening in the world now within this last week as well.

All I can say dear brothers and sisters, is it is time to share our pieces, to help others to be ready for something coming up in this year. Also we just had a special ceremony in the Mayan Land, this past March 21st. My wife and I participated at sunrise in our own home (also recently I personally had 5 days around this time, where it seems like any physical part of my body went through an intense cleansing -- perhaps throwing out inharmonious energies to be open to receive the higher vibrational light) and felt a connection with many others. As one of the North American Indian dancers we met once told us, "Cooperation is the key for survival in the '90s", but he questioned, "Do People really understand what this means?".

So all we can do is echo our thoughts which is to share with others (if they are receiptive) the best insights you have. Just openly share this knowledge and release it. As for all of us, we will only accept information that rings true (or our hearts sing with) for each of us. Pass out information you think might be helpful to others ... help your friends and family prepare for changes coming ... changes to our understanding of who we are and that we are citizens of a living universe and a living God. Teach about what it means to be "One", that we are all interconnected. So much to do, so little time ... but if the essence of the prophecies are correct, our planet, the Mother Earth, is transforming. She has had patience enough to help us through our growing pains but she can not hold back for much longer.

We salute and send our love to the millions of people who are consciously striving to prepare the way for the New Earth. The key is to be still and listen to the still small voice within ... it will help to surely guide us into the New Heaven and the New Earth. It can be a time of great celebration or tremendous challenges ... but in the end, we shall see a world of total Peace, Love and Calm, of this I am sure of ....

Just a few more thoughts to offer in preparation to the Days Ahead,

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


MARCH 14TH, 1995

Well friends, Romans and Universal Citizens, our UFO Section is finally expanded, and just in the nick of time. Having just attended a very well planned slide presentation by Robert Hastings, who shares with us numerous official documents he has verified through his sources (whoever they may be?) that have come through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act, here in the US), more and more evidence is accumulating that proofs without a shadow of a doubt that we are having contacts with Exterrestrials. Thus, the main question of whether UFOs exist or not, is not the issue any more, the issue is more, "Why are they Coming Here?"

Mr. Hastings said he had personally spoken to a number of US Service people who were involved in working at Nuclear Missile Bases and that he repeatedly heard stories that sometimes when UFOs flew over these Bases (also heard similar reports in Russia), that for no unexplanation reason, all electronics linked to controlling the launching of the missiles, just shut off or would not respond to any computer commands. And when experts were called in to fix them, they could find nothing wrong and no procedures used would restart the missiles. I agree with Mr. Hastings, we have received some very strong messages from our Galactic Friends!!!

You may want to take a second peek at our section about the Video Footage discovered in England related to Roswell as Robert Mitchell continues to send to us updates on this situation. He is linked to some computer bulletin boards that continue to share the latest and greatest on this situation.

Just in case, you might think I am only speculating on the existence of UFOs from a logical or intuitive perspective, I have had my share of experiences too and thus I decided to add to our site, my own personal experiences from my book UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age (1987). I have even included a photograph I took myself. Mostly, it seems I can spot the UFOs (being sensitive to energy and all) that hide in clouds or the Stars in the Sky. If I can ever find the picture my wife has from a slide I took in Peru, you should get a shot at a UFO type cloud that appeared in Stillstani, near Lake Titicaca, not just once but disappeared in the sky and reappeared again, the same shape and size. Must have wanted to make sure I got the shot. (Who are these Guys?)

Last item to briefly mention in passing is about the Mayan Prophecy being shared by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in in Mt. Shasta. The prophecy states that the Spring Equinox of 1995 is a sacred time when a Great Light is available to humanity. Many people are gathering in the Mayan land, including the Dali Lama, to have a special sunrise meditation on March 21st. We have included her complete message which was posted in the "talk.religion.newage" newsgroup in January. We hope that in your own way, you may be able to join together with many others around the world in this special Mayan sunrise meditation.

IN SUMMARY: All in all, as of this juncture, in our grand adventure in the discovery of our self and our connection with our Galactic Friends, events seem to continue to be speeding up these days. I have some of my own theories why the Governments of the World have been holding back this information related to the UFOs, which I hope to share at some other juncture in these proceedings but I definitely think we should not be waiting for official agencies to decide when they will tell us something and what they will reveal. Most of the information that is being received and confirmed is back in the 1940's and 1950's. Upon reading many of the UFO books that one can find in the library plus checking out information be posted on various online computer services (Internet, Compuserve, American Online, local bulletin boards), I think one can obtain a pretty good idea of what is happening. One of the keys that I believe strongly in, is that in order to be able to comprehend the Truth, as it may be, one must have some connection with their spiritual essence. It is only through the marriage of science study and spiritual insight (as was done in the times of Atlantis :-) ) that the UFO scenario will make sense. In any case, we will see what is about to unfold in these most exciting and challenging times.

This is your friendly commentary .... telling it like I see it ... hoping that you and yours are enjoying a peaceful and joyous existence.

Until next time, same place, same channel ........

Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro


MARCH 6TH, 1995

First of all I would like to say, that it is a great honor and a priviledge to be able to share with all of our readers, opening and honestly, some of the inner ideas and feelings that seem to be flooding through in this year. Also, it is a great joy for us to be able to put together this Web Site and share information with others. My guidance has shared with me since last year, that 1995 will be the beginning of a year when certain prophecies may manifest and some conclusive events will occur that all can see to see that the UFO presence is truly here. Whether the intention of these beings is to help guide humanity as we move through the prophecised transformation or the Aquarian Age or some other reason, perhaps we can explore this in future comments.

For the last two weeks, I have personally felt (and confirmed this with other people here in Chicago who are also sensitive to energy) that a pressure is being excerted upon us, as the Mother Earth's energy and vibration is spiraling faster and faster. One women, who is a nurse, that attended our local class last night, said that recently the hospital have been overwhelmed with patients. Could this be an indication that as the Earth's vibration increases, people must now, more than ever, face any surpressed physical, emotional or mental blocks?

Also related to UFOs, I wonder what will become of the purported video footage of Roswell that has surfaced in England? It seems to me, if one reads (as I have over the past several months) the large amount of UFO books available, there can be no doubt that we are being visited and that something big is coming up, as far as official recognition of the Extra-terrestrials. I think we must not wait for the Governments to share on this situation, but should individually do our own research and share the best information we can. At this date, we have not had the time to add to our UFO section much information, but we will be doing so in the future. We do not have any sources who know what is going on, just doing what I have always done, collect information intuitively and share what I feel is the best insights back. Clearly, for me, 1995 will mark the beginning of some new revealing or insights about the UFOs that will profoundly effect our lives.

Well this is Illinois, signing off now ... wishing each and every one, total prosperity and abundance in their lives. It is a time when only cooperation and sharing of the Truth, will mankind move forward to his destiny ... and if my inner visions are correct, after the year 2013 ... we will see a beautiful world, a Golden Age. But more on that at a later time.

Peace & Light always. . . Joshua"Illinois" Shapiro



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