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Classes / Lectures Offered
by Joshua Shapiro
(with Katrina Head)

Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

One of the most powerful signs of the manifestation of a forthcoming Golden Age is the discovery of the Crystal Skulls. Most of the Crystal Skulls, which are believed by researchers to be quite old (at least several thousands of years), have been unearthed from ancient ruins primarily in Mexico and Central America. In addition, there have been unconfirmed rumors of some Crystal Skulls existing in South America as well. These skulls range from marble-size to human-size and larger. The Crystal Skulls are made of various types of quartz crystal, thus making them able to endure for perhaps centuries and to remain one of the world's greatest mysteries.

In this lecture, Joshua Shapiro, co-author of the book Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed and of the new book to be released later this year (2008), Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, will explain what the Crystal Skulls are and their importance in the current spiritual transformation occurring in our world. Through slides and photographs, he will show a number of what are considered to be ancient human-sized and -shaped skulls. It has been demonstrated through numerous lectures given by the co-authors of this book that the energy of these sacred artifacts can be experienced through any facsimile of them, including photographs, slides, videos, or molds. You will have an opportunity to feel their energy and as well as view some of the crystal skulls that will accompany Joshua and his partner, Katrina.

Also, Joshua will discuss some of his personal experiences in the presence of various crystal skulls and his search for a Blue Skull in Peru and the trip he made to this country in 2002.  He will discuss different theories offered within the crystal skull community that attempt to explain what the purposes of the Crystal Skulls may be and how they were manufactured (since some of these ancient Crystal Skulls still cannot be duplicated, even using our most sophisticated modern equipment). More and more Crystal Skulls and other crystal artifacts continue to be discovered as the ancient's knowledge begins to resurface in preparation for the manifestation of the Golden Age. Lastly, Joshua will discuss the on-going scientific research that is being conducted around the crystal skulls working with the World Mystery Research Center.

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The Announcement of a Golden Age

The Best Evidence & Theories

The public's awareness of UFOs has been growing exponentially within the last few years. Now, almost every week there are new movies and documentaries being shown on television and in the theaters which either share information or tell a story about a UFO. Many people feel that very soon, the true nature of this phenomenon will be publicly exposed.

Join author, lecturer, and explorer Joshua Shapiro as he shares with you the most fascinating UFO-related information he has collected on his networking travels around the world during the last ten years, including information from Internet -- the "Information Superhighway". He has the author the book UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age. Also he has spoken to many contactees and UFO researchers in order to compare notes and find some answers. Joshua will attempt to link together many different aspects of this mystery from some of the tangible, physical proof to the spiritual connection related to the UFOs.

Included in the lectures will be slides and video that show conclusively that UFOs are real and that there is a purpose to our world being visited. He will also discuss the role of the UFOs involved in the transformation of our world into the Age of Aquarius. Other topics that will be discussed include the Hollow Earth Theory, the dimensional nature of some of the Space Beings who visit us, the channeled information received from the extraterrestrials, the connection between the Crystal Skulls and UFOs, the sightings in South America, and the Star People.

Mr. Shapiro feels that our connection with the UFOs is a pivotal part of the unfolding changes that have been prophesied for our world. Thus, it is important to understand the role that UFOs play in our lives so that you will not deal with this phenomena with fear. Also may we suggest you visit our elaborate UFO and Roswell Section for more information about this subject matter.



The Mysteries of Peru
Land of the Incas and More

One of the most fascinating places on our Earth today is Peru. From a modern perspective, Peru is a very pure country that is constantly struggling for survival. Yet, when you visit there, you sense that you are in the midst of a land that contains incredible mysteries about the origins of Man and Universal Knowledge.

Join Joshua Shapiro , as he takes you on a sacred journey through the land of Peru. Joshua has been numerous times to Peru, throughout the country since 1990.  Via this discussion, including video and slides taken during various trips there, Joshua will share why so many people feel drawn to travel to this special place and make their own connection.

The lecture will include a discussion of several of the ancient Inca cities which still remain as ruins. Some of these places are fairly well known and some are not. Each city has its own magic and story; for example, we will look at Machu Picchu and discuss its stories and legends. Near Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca, is a place known as Sacsayhuman, which contains three long, winding stone walls composed of huge boulders that have not even a hairline of space between them.

We will look at the lines of Nasca and discuss who might have carved the symbols and lines there. In addition, we will pay a visit to Dr. Cabrera, who has found a cavern of stones near Inca. This cavern has been dated to be millions of years old and depicts an advanced race of men who used space craft as well as pyramid energy and co-existed with dinosaurs. We will look at the mysteries of Lake Titicaca, the highest elevated lake in the world, where many UFOs are sighted. We will also look at the gigantic stone carvings of animals and people from all around the world at the site called Marcahuasi.

Through the slides and video shown, you will have a chance to experience for yourself the energy of these sacred places. You will understand why Peru, and really all of South America, holds such mysteries and sacred knowledge, which will be used once again during this time of great transformation of our Earth. We are fortunate that places like Peru exist, where much of Man's ancient knowledge and heritage has been preserved and where it is common to see UFOs or know people who have had contact.

Note: For people interested in visiting Peru, please visit our sister site
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Networking in the New Age

The Most Powerful Tool for Personal
and Global Transformation


In our fast-paced society, we have all heard of the term networking. There are large television networks that span our globe, as well as a large network of phone lines. Related to computers, companies are using existing technologies to network computer equipment in order to share information and resources all over the world. Many specialized networks have formed as well, to create a place where people interested in a common subject or business matter can meet to exchanges ideas, information and services. And then we have today the "Information Superhighway", including such computer on-line systems as the Internet and Compuserve.

So, we have many forms of networking around us, and we can see that this process can connect people in our world very quickly and efficiently. Even the best-selling book by John Nesbitt, Megatrends, listed the process of networking as one of the ten most powerful trends in our world to create change.

Join fellow New Age Networker Joshua Shapiro as he discusses how to use the process of networking to expand your life, find the things you desire, and assist the Mother Earth and others in joining hands to become the Global Family.

Joshua has been traveling in the U.S. and South America for the past 12 years using the networking process to collect information to write his books, as well as to help others find the New Age resources and contacts they seek. He has collected about 20,000 names of various New Age individuals and organizations. In addition, he's the author of the book Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker. Joshua will share some of the tricks of the trade, such as how to be an effective networker and how to use your natural, spiritual awareness to guide you along the way.

Lastly, Joshua has had a dream for the last ten years to create a computer system that could expand networking to the next level. The name of this system is NA NET (New Age Network), and Joshua envisions this system helping local communities and cities to completely link the various New Age resources available to them. He hopes that this system can help connect people all over the world and interface with some of the other computer systems which exist. He will give a demonstration of this system during the presentation.



Manifestation of the Aquarian Age
Class Taught by Joshua with Katrina

Today, we live in the time of times!!! Many prophecies of future changes to our world abound. The knowledge of the ancients and the true history of Mother Earth is coming forth. But what is really occurring in our world? The purpose of this class is to share information relating to channeling, discoveries of artifacts from ancient civilizations, sightings of UFOs, and having contact with extraterrestrials, as well as discussing the implication of our lives.

After many years of collecting information on these topics, the Joshua & Katrina believe that they can begin to link together many of these pieces to provide others a clear picture of what is now taking place. In the class, you will be viewing events from a metaphysical or spiritual perspective. Here are some of the topics the class covers:

INTRODUCTION TO THE AQUARIAN AGE: Definition of what the term the Aquarian Age means.

THE CRYSTAL SKULL/UFO CONNECTION: What are the Crystal Skulls, what role do they play in the manifestation of the Aquarian Age, and what is their connection with UFOs?

IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE UFO PHENOMENA: We will discuss information shared within the last fifty years related to the physical manifestation of UFOs. In addition, we will talk about people who have had contact, either directly or via telepathic, or channeling, communication. We will also look at Peru and the events there, the Hollow Earth Theory, Underground Civilizations, Star People and Wanderers.

PROPHECY/POLE SHIFTS: There have been many prophecies of great change to our world; we shall review some of them and determine if these warnings are true, as some prophecies have not been fulfilled.

CROP CIRCLES & THE BIBLE CODE:  Two other subjects that provide to humanity messages and information supporting the idea that a transformation is close at hand.

NEW AGE NETWORKING/AQUARIAN PHILOSOPHIES: What is networking and how can this simple but powerful process help with personal and global transformation? How can we live using Aquarian principles to help ourselves and others? How do we use our own inner awareness to receive life guidance?

The classes also include a guided meditation, so that we can help Mother Earth by sharing Light and Love energies with all life on the planet. In this time of fast changes, the Mother Earth needs it the most.



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