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On this page is information related to the ongoing story of an Extraterrestrial that was captured in Brazil (known as the Varginha Case, named for the place in which this event occurred) as well as reports of increased UFO sightings in this country. Also, the Varginha Case has expanded so much we also have links to additional pages listed below (please see the Indexes in the next section).

What a person not from this part of the world must understand is that to the South Americans, many people believe in the reality of the UFOs. Even though there is control exerted by official agencies (some rumors discuss that the U.S. sents agents to Brazil to stop UFO related stories) to prevent information from coming out, South Americans know that UFO exist and expect sightings to occur. It is a different mind set than we are accustomed to seeing in the U.S. or Europe, or more advanced countries.

UFO Magazine, May 96
Pub; CBPDV, AJ Gevaerd
The image shown here (click icon for full view) was sent by Pedro Cunha, a well known UFO Researcher in Brazil, who lives in the Brasilia area. This is the cover of UFO Magazine (done by CBPDV, A.J.Gevaerd, another Brazilian UFO Researcher) with credit of the picture of the captured alien belonging to Alberto Romero. The case occurred in January of 1996 and finally in May 1996 (when this issue of UFO Magazine was published), we are seeing some images of the case. Thank Pedro ( he has provided a great deal of the information contained on this page and others related to the Varginha case) ....

On this page you will find a number of messages that share information about the situation in Brazil. Below is an Index to the pages of this section.

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UFO Events in Brazil, 1996 - INDEX

ET Captured in Brazil - Pedro Cunha

More News on the ET Capture - Carlos Motta

UFO Flap in Brazil? - Pedro Cunha (March, 1996)

UFO Flap in Brazil, Take II - Pedro Cunha

ET Capture Update via IRC CHAT (May-1996)

TV "Fantastico in Brazil & Dr. Rich Boylan

ET Capture Update - P.Cunha/R.Coppolli (May, 1996)

The Latest Reports on Varginha

Latest Update on Varginha Case (P.H.Andrade, various sources)
Historical Update on Vargina - C. Covo (August, 1996)
UFO Sightings in Guarabira & Brasilia (August 96)
From Magazine IstoE, Report by 11 UFO Brazilian Sources
Article by Luisa Vlllamea in IstoE Magazine, Brazil
Varginha Press Release - A.J. Gevaerd 6/96
Article in UFO Magazine, V. Pacaccini 6/96
UK UFO Researcher Birdsong reponds to V. Pacaccini
Stanton Friedman Comments on Varginha after visit to Brazil
Another News Report on Varginha (via Sharon/Albion)
Reports on Varginha via the ISCNI Newsletter

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