One aspect of the UFO Phenomena that has been getting a great deal of press lately is the idea of being abducted by extraterrestrials for some purpose. The number of books that is being written on this subject is expanding geometrically. I guess some of the best researchers or authors on this subject could be considered Bud Hopkins, who found through his hypnotic regression sessions that several women were claiming being impregnated with alien seed for half human and half alien babies and recently, well known psychologist John Mack.

The purpose of this section is to try to examine various aspect of the Abduction scenario plus look at one of the visiting races which appears to consistantly be involved in some capacity, the Greys from Zeta Reticuli. How do we know that this race comes from Zeta Reticuli?

Well according to abductees, they have received such information and also the famous case of Betty & Barney Hill. When Betty was hypnotised she remembers the leader of the UFO she was taken upon, showing her a Star Map, when she asked him, where they came from. In one of her hypnotic sessions, she was able to reproduce the star map and then Margerie Fisch(?) was able to plot the points in the map to show the aliens Mrs. Hill met came from this Star System.

We call this race of extraterrestials the "Greys", due to the color of their skin which is grayish in color. Many people who have been regressed, have been able to draw the same type of body form with a small mouse, nose and ears and very large eyes, insectoid in a fashion. Therefore, we shall share information in this section which describes this race as well to better understand the possible purpose (if possible) from their perspective of these abductions. Based upon the large number of people reporting this type of experience, it appears that more and more people are being abducted. The problem is, that the official agencies of the world, who I am sure are aware of this situation, are not helping the people of our world, by giving them information to prepare for such an experience.

Therefore in one of our sections, we will look at suggestions of how one can prevent such an experience. Although, you will also find in this section some abductees who feel that even though the experience was very painful and emotionally damaging, that the end result of this experience was an expansion of awareness. We will try to look at various angles of these types of events to see how it relates to the manifestation of the Aquarian Age. Therefore, we will try to share a sampling of information from various sources, to see if we can get a better perspective on this aspect of the UFO Phenomenon. You will hear from abductees (like Whitley Strieber) as well as researchers working with people and their cases which involved abduction.
While I am not a psychologist in any sense of the word, I do feel that somehow, even if I can not say definitively as I do not have a conscious memory of having direct contact with an alien, I have had sensitives tell me that I have guides who are extraterrestrial and I have had my share of strange experiences. Through my own process of spiritual unfoldment and trying to be open to ideas impressed from spirit and unseen friends, a certain technique has come to me, which I feel can help people in dealing with such encounters.

So dear reader, sit back, see what you think about this most unbelievable series of reported events. If there is other information related to this topic which you feel is important, please feel free to write to us at our e-mail address. Just another part of the puzzle of the UFOs .....


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(Notes: More Information will be added to this section as time goes on. Also you may want to read various sections in our UFO Cover-up section as there is a large discussion about the Greys and the Serpent Race from Orion, which according to Al Bielek, the Greys work for.)

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