Federal Government
Investigates Alien Abductions

National Institute of Health,
Complaint by Kathy Kasten

This information was posted to the Searchnet mailing list by Density4 about an abductee who is filing a formal complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services (National Institute of Health). For other people who feel they may have been abducted or want to get the Federal Government to start to take action, you may wish to participate in this project.


Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 23:04:53 GMT
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Subject: NIH Investigates Abduction

On 10 Feb 96 10:08:06 -0800, Melinda_Leslie@msn.com (Melinda Leslie) wrote:

A Federal Investigation begins to look into the military and government's involvement in abduction, mind control, and harassment of alien abduction experiencers

The attached letter, below, from Kathy Kasten, an experiencer, is an explanation of what she has done to lodge a formal complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services of the Federal Government regarding the human, civilian, government's or military's apparent involvement in the alien abduction scenario.

I support Kathy's brave and courageous efforts and have chosen to help in both participating by responding as part of the investigation due to my own experiences of this nature and in doing all that I can to inform other experiencers and researchers of our efforts. I have become involved because I strongly feel that to take action is to start the healing process and that in doing so it is a way to regain some control in our lives.

Those of you who have had the human element of involvement in your abduction experiences may know how difficult it is to live with. You may agree with me that those people conducting such activities as harassment, surveillance, interrogations, implanting, medical procedures and mind control experiments on abduction experiencers must be shown that we are not going to just do nothing and continue to let these activities go on. The infringements on our rights and liberties can not be dismissed and that those who are conducting these activities must be stopped and held accountable.

I realize that many may say this can't be done, but what's our choice, to do nothing? Besides, the Dept. of Health and Human Services has responded with interest and this open door must be taken advantage of. We have a responsibility not only to our selves but to anyone else who may be experiencing such intrusion in their lives. Those of us willing to participate will be speaking for the many who can not.

The Dept. has responded after Kathy's discussions with them by requesting further information regarding what is taking place with those involved. At this point Kathy has already mailed off the first set of responses from those experiencers who have participated thus far. While the Dept. of Health and Human Services has received these at this time, they have made no comments as of yet. We await further response from them and are sure that this is only due to the recent government shutdown. After all, Kathy was sending the information at their request.

If you have any of the related activities such as, but not limited to, harassment, surveillance, abducted by humans, uniformed personnel present during abductions, interrogations, implants by humans, medical procedures, drugged and mind control experiments then please write a brief description of your experiences for us. Try to include the forms of evidence mentioned in the questions in Kathy's letter as much as possible, but if you are not able to then at least describe the event as best you can, i.e. what did the people look like, what were they wearing, what did the environment look like, how were the procedures performed, what was said and what was the effects of any of this on you? Any contribution of experiences you can make will assist us.

Our plans are to submit the next group of responses in early March, 1996. I encourage you to participate and send us what you are able to by then. If you can answer any of the questions in the letter to any degree it will be of great help. We already have the attention of the Dept. of Health and Human Services who have said that they are interested in going forward with the investigation. The more we can submit to them as evidence, the greater that investigation will be. As well as it will help to make it impossible for them to ignore us for any reason.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns. You may also write to either Kathy or myself. Thank you so much for any assistance you are able to give us.

In loving memory of researcher Karla Turner who's pioneering work in this area helped pave the way for those of us with these types of experiences. She helped us all to be able to come forward and gave me much courage to do so. She will be greatly missed.


Melinda Leslie
e-mail: Melinda_Leslie@MSN.Com

Dear Researchers and Abductees/Experiencers:

I have been in contact with Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services, in an effort to persuade her to begin an investigation of the covert research involving abductees/experiencers. The reason I did this is because Federal regulations, mandated in 1974, require that all human subjects involved in research must sign an Informed Consent Form (ICF). The ICF is a legal document which states who is performing the research, the duration of the study period, the reason the research/study is being done, the procedures to be performed, the possible risks/side effects of the procedures, certain required statements - such as, informing the subject that they are free to refuse to participate in the research at any time, and requires the subjects' signature. In the case of children 12 years old and under, a parent's signature is required and a simplified form of the ICF is given to the child. As far as I know, I did not sign an ICF; therefore, I know that the research involving abductees/ experiencers is illegal/covert, and so stated this fact to the Secretary.

In order to proceed with the investigation, Lana R. Skirboll, Ph.D., Director, Office of Science Policy and Program Planning, one of the people from NIH assigned by the Secretary to contact me, informed me by letter (dated August 29, 1994) that she needs certain information from the individuals involved in the covert research project. This is the reason for contacting you. I realize the effort it will take to put the information together in a coherent manner, in a way which can be understood by someone not involved in dealing with abductees/experiences, but it is a good cause. That cause being to call for a government agency to undertake an investigation into the covert research and to stop it until Federal regulations are met. Once that happens and the research is brought under this agency scrutiny, the research can proceed, individuals will then be cognizant of what they are participating in and be apprised of their rights under Federal regulations.

Instead of going directly to the public, I thought that it would be better to ask you to contact clients you think are creditable and wish to participate to answer Dr. Skirboll questions. Creditability is a sensitive issue, because we are dealing with a government agency who does not even acknowledge the phenomena of abduction. The answers need to provide specific information to allow the Secretary's office to begin an investigation.

Please ask anyone you consider to be a reliable witness (i.e., someone having some type of physical proof of an abduction) the following questions:

1. Can you name the institution to which you were taken? Where the research was conducted? Can you name/describe the contact point? How were you transported? (If it you know the name of the building or the address, provide it. If military personnel were present, state which service.)

2. Can you describe the investigator performing the procedures? Did s/he state their name? (If the researchers looked human, then so state. Try to look beyond the paradoxical answers usually given, to an event that caused to think that maybe you were, in fact, dealing with humans.)

3. In order to help determine where funding for the research might have come from, can you remember whether the investigators wore uniforms/white coats with any patches or identifying markings? Did the investigator tell you who s/he worked for? (To help answer this question, provide information on signage you might have seen in the hallways, clinical areas where the procedures took place.)

4. In as few words as possible, describe the procedures? (If you know the clinical terms, please utilize them.)

5. Did the investigator/researcher tell you the name of the research project? (Again, look past the paradoxical answers usually given. Perhaps, there was a moment when one of the researcher said something to a co-worker when they thought you were not paying attention.)

It will be necessary to provide specific information to Dr. Skirboll, such as name and address, so that she can verify the where and who is performing the research. Remember, I contacted NIH; they did not contact me. There is no way to go forward with an investigation into the covert research projects without providing this information. It is the policy of the agency to keep all information confidential. I understand the hesitation, but the agency is bound by an oath of confidentiality. And, the only way to stop the abduction from happening is to bring everything out into the open.

If we can provide verifiable information to Dr. Skirboll, I have been assured that the matter will be pursued. I think it is time for this covert research to be stopped and brought to light so that the research can be brought under federal regulations. Then, if anyone wishes to participate they will be able to sign an informed consent form, as described at the beginning of this letter. Please help me in this worthwhile effort.

Thank you,

Kathy Kasten

As of 2-10-96

This is a quick up-date to the investigtion:

Lana Skirboll has left the Dept. of Health and Human Services for a teaching position. Her assistant, Andrea Baruichin, Ph.D., Assoc. Director of Sci. Policy and Program Planing has now taken over this project. She has told us that she will review this with Donna Shalala and determine how this new investigation can best be handled and through which channels it should be handled. At this time they have received 8 detailed case responses from us and we are in the process of collecting more then that now to send off in the 2nd batch. Andrea is currently reviewing all we have sent to them. We are waiting to hear what their next move is. Also, the response we have had from those with experiences, who wish to participate, is overwhelming and these are all good solid cases with a lot of evidence and facts to support them.


2/14/96, received a letter from Andrea Baruichin; it consisted of two lines; it was sent out 2/09/96. I called her office to tell her that the letter was unacceptable, but she had taken a leave of absence until 2/20/96; so I left word for her boss, Dr. Richard Narakura to return the call. When he returned my phone call, I told him I could not go back to my people with Andrea's letter because it looked to me as if she had not reviewed any of the documentation we had sent her. He asked me "what details." I stated that we named a couple of institutions who I am sure receive NIH funding. He asked me how I knew whether they did or not. I named "Cornell Univeristy." Dr. N. asked did I know for sure whether they received funds from the NIH. Well, I said, I sat on UCLA's Human Subject Protection Committee and knew that information was confidential. Dr. N. then said, "Cornell. You're sure." I assured him. He said he would review the documentation and get back to me. I reminded him that I had been on the radio, and two articles were coming out in two magazines; that we expected many responses and I really needed to know where to send the material. Once again, he assured me he would review the material." That is it, the latest from Washington and the NIH.

We are interested in all comments.

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