Abductees vs. Contactees

By P. G. Moore, U.K.

An interesting insight that was shared on a mailing list in England and picked up by the SNET mailing list, where I saw this, to distinguish between the experiences of the Abductee and Contactee. Just trying to shed light on what the abductee experience is all about ..... Illinois

Subject: abductees vs contactees
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 94 08:57:00 -0400
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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 09:23:51 +0100
From: P.G.Moore@ukc.ac.uk
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Subject: abductees vs contactees

 > all of the people who have come to me with a personal abduction
 > story have done so *in confidence* because they are uncomfortable
 > or unsure about their experience and also because of the stigma
 > they face. Only a few contactees (not *abductees*) that I have met
 > have been willing to go public with their claims.
This is a *crucial* distinction which is almost never recognized. I salute your keen powers of perception, Mr. Rutkowski.

Here is a graphic example of the difference between alien abduction and extraterrestrial contact from an interview I saw with 3 abductees and a contactee. While the 3 abductees described henous violations of their person, the contactee described an entirely joyful and loving experience in which she was taught how to unfold her healing abilities. And of course she remembers everything perfectly. Despite the extreme contrast here, the interviewer didn't see the difference and asks them all the same question. "Are you afraid?" The two women abductees answer yes, with the numb blankness characteristic of trauma, and the man stammers with a stony face, "n-no..." in what I took to be obvious denial. In dramatic contrast the contactee pulls back with raised eyebrows in a very animated jesture of shock and suprise and immedi- ately leans forawrd again protesting, "Oh no! It was such a loving experience!" said with a bright and alert smile, and an obvious lack of trauma.

More to the point of this mailing list, this is a revealing reflection of the distincition between benevolent extraterrestrials vs. malevolent aliens (a distinction in terminology I use intentionally), shown through the effect of their behavior. How else would you characterize this distinction, Mr. Rutkowski, between the contactee experience and the abduction experience?

F. L. M. Reynolds

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