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Crystal Skulls held by the Crystal Skull Explorers at a Labrynth in Wisconsin

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Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, Travel Log Series #1 - Meixco 2009

E-book Cover of Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, Travel Log #1 - Mexico 2009

On behalf of Katrina and myself (we are affectionately known as the crystal skull explorers) - we are very delighted and happy to be able to offer to you our first Kindle e-book ever.  Now, even though we have had very little success having our new crystal skull book (which we have called "Journey of the Crystal Skull Explorers") being published in a print form in English, we have known that eventually a way would present itself so we could begin to share the wealth of information we have collected over many years.  Various versions of this new book have come out in Europe though (in Polish {2004}; Holland {2006}; and Hungary {2008}).  But now with the latest offerings from Amazon via their Kindle e-book readers and the Kindle Apps as well as via Barnes and Noble through their Nook e-book reader and Nook Apps - you can read our new e-book also on your cell phones, tablets and computer. Authors have been given a powerful way to quickly and easily make their books available. So now you have the first of what we hope will be many e-books to take you inside the world of the Crystal Skulls.
Therefore, we have decided in May of 2011, to initiate the Travel Log Series - which will be our formalized way for us to share with everyone parts of our new book that has yet to really appear in print in English.  We have decided to share our travel reports first, as we (the crystal skull explorers) have gone all over the world exploring and discovering what is the new and the latest information related to the crystal skulls which we know have an easy and quick way to share this special information with you.
Related to the book at hand: In 2009, in March, Joshua had an opportunity to visit two important gentlemen living in Mexico City.  Maestro Rosales is a very famous muralist who's work is shown throughout the city.  He invited Joshua to come to Mexico to view 5 crystal skulls which are part of his collection of mesoamerican aritfacts which the government of Mexico allows him to keep. Most of these crystal skulls are hollow (a new type of skull surfacing for which no one knows the origins) and he had one human size clear quartz skull.  Also during this visit, Joshua has a chance to meet with Jamie Maussan, a well known journalist and UFO researcher who also had a human sized crystal skull discovered in the ground in Mexico.  The second part of this book shares Joshua & Katrina travels back to Mexico City in October of 2009 where they participate in a crystal skull conference and also have a chance to meet their first large pyramids at the ancient city of Teotihuacan.
Joshua Shapiro speaking at a Crystal Skull Conference in Mexico City in 2009
( here we see Joshua speaking at the Mexican Conference in 2009 with
a table full of crystal skulls, some quite large and old, behind him)
We would have to say today, that Mexico is the one area of our world where the most crystal skulls have been uncovered in the ground.  One can feel as you travel through this country, the essence and presence of the many civilizations who have lived here before, some like the Mayans were quite advance as archeologist keep learning more about the Mayans each day.  So journey with Joshua and Katrina as they take you with them into this mysterious land as they share no insights and discoveries about the Crystal Skulls in Mexico.   Be one of the first people to have your own copy of this exciting new e-book with more books coming up from the Crystal Skull Explorers world journeys!!

Please Note: at the bottom of this page is information that discusses the second book in the Travel Log Series, "The Search for the Blue Skull in Peru" including an online form to fill out if you would like for us to contact you when this next e-book is available which is expected in the summer of 2012.  If you fill out the form below, you will be returned to this webpage.

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Thank you for your interest in our new series of e-books.  Stay tuned because we expecting to write several more.  As a matter of fact, the next one we plan to release is in July-August (2012) and is entitled:

Illustration of the Blue Crystal Skull Joshua is seeking in PeruSearch for the Blue Crystal Skull by Joshua Shapiro in mystical Peru

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