Special Promotion for our friends - how to receive your own special small crystal
skull that you can carry in your pocket or hold in the palm of your hand. 
These are the skulls we ordered for our a special group of friends who joined
us in Peru in November of 2009 and were energized by the sacred sites there.
Additionally, we will initially charge your skull with our own "Crystal Skulls"
who have been activated during our world travels  -- please read more below ...

 Joshua Shapiro

Crystal Skull Explorer: Katrina Head

 Katrina Head

The work with the crystal skulls is greatly enhanced when a person has their own personal crystal friend who can act as a teacher offering us very special and profound insights into the world family of crystal skulls!!

The newly made crystal
skulls each have their own roles to play and can greatly assist their respective caretakers in
their own spiritual growth and help create
a more peaceful world.

This Time in History
 is the continuation
of a special time as the crystal skulls are being more openly embraced by the public as a cosmic doorway for loving & peaceful energies and the guardians and teachers work more closely in unity.


Now is your time to experience what it is like
to be a crystal skull caretaker and join a worldwide movement to create a  harmonious
planet and join
us with our world
peace meditations.


We are proud
to be able to work with our good friends in Brazil to offer to you a chance to discover the right crystal (quartz) or gemstone skull that is waiting for you.

(examples of the type of
crystal skulls that are available to be chosen to your right .... )

Clear Quartz, Brazilian Crystal Skull, Anton

Anton - personal skull of Katrina who went with us to Peru in November 2009, has an Egyptian Energy.

Braziian Crystal Skull, Atahualpa

Atahualpa - personal skull of Joshua who also traveled to Peru in November 2009, has Peruvian Energies and is named after an Inca Emperor.

Brazilian Crystal Skull, Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart - a rose quartz skull that has joined the "kids" as well as went with us to Peru - status
is unknown at this time!!


$110.00 / each

In this section, is information how to order your own specially priced Brazilian crystal skull.  First of all the skulls weigh approximately 3-5 ounces and please select the type of quartz you wish either clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz or amethyst.  We can accept payment via check or money order or you can pay for the crystal skull via Paypal which permits a credit card payment.  You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use a credit card but you do have to be a member if you want to pay via your bank account that is attached to your Paypal account.

If you decide you want to pay via a check or money order (must be in U.S. dollars), we have a link below that you can download and print an order form that you will send in with your payment (we have the order form in a Microsoft Word document or PDF file). 

Now, each month, we are able to receive orders for individual skulls with our contact in Brazil.  If there is already a skull made by the carvers our agents knows, we can send it sooner or if not, then it could take a month to two months before we will see your crystal skull here, so we can charge with our personal skulls.  Our personal crystal skulls have traveled the world visiting power spots, meaning some of the oldest crystal skulls known and working with thousands of people.

We usually take about a week to charge your skulls by having them sit with our personal skulls and also Katrina does some special energy work as well, taking them to some special natural local places.  We do keep you updated by email on the status of the crystal skull you ordered.

The only difference related to the prices shown below is the difference in the cost for us to ship your skull to you.  Since we are located in the U.S. for those customers in the U.S. the cost of shipping and handling is less.  (Please Note:
if you wish to order more then one crystal skull please contact us by email so we can determine the extra cost for shipping and handling.)  Also recently the U.S. Post Office has greatly increased shipping rates for us to seen internationally.

We hope to meet you soon at a future event, thank you for your order.  In peace and light always, as always a great pleasure to serve,

Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head
crystal skull explorers

Questions or Additional Information:

Email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
Phone: (+)1-206-397-7242


Total Price to Order Your Crystal Skull
(below, in U.S. dollars, includes postage & handling)


Priority Mail/via Air
Within the U.S. $117.00
Canada $123.50
Mexico $131.75
Other Int'l Countries $137.00


1) To Order via a check or postal money order

If you wish to send to us a check or (postal) money order by mail, please click your right mouse on the button below to save a version of our printable order form (either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format) on your computer. Then print out this form and fill it in, and send the form with your check or postal money order. Please make sure that the address where you would like for us to send your crystal skull is clearly written and easy to read on the order form. 


Please make your Check or Money Order out to:
Katrina Head


Crystal Interdimensional Journeys & Explorations
(The Crystal Skull Explorers)

Attn: Katrina Head, Dept I
23415 61st Ave. S., Apt. U101
Renton, WA 98059 (USA)



If you have a Paypal account which is attached either to your bank account or credit card, we are setup to except your order online.  If you pay in a currency other then U.S. dollars, Paypal will convert the currency for you.  Again, if you do decide to pay by credit card, you do not need to be a member of Paypal to do so.  But we have to distinguish this situation in our instructions below, so please read carefully.  Paypal is a great system we use it to sell our crystal skull book and it is free to sign up.

Brief Instructions for Ordering by Paypal

The screens presented by Paypal will take you through the ordering process and are pretty simple and easy to fill out.  However, please find below a short description of each screen that will be presented with a few notes. 

Please Note: if you are not a Paypal member you will see on the first payment screen to the left, near the bottom a link (continue), just click there and then you will get a screen for Billing and Shipping. However, if you are already a Paypal member, then just log in with your paypal login and password and it will take you immediately to a Payment screen (as your address is already recorded within the Paypal system).

To view the full transaction (as Paypal only shows the amount to be paid on this first screen) you will notice a light blue arrow pointing down underneath your order, so if you click on this down arrow, you will see the full transaction. 

Note:  - if you live outside the U.S., then we commend to fill in your country first so the screen will change to reflect the specifics of how the addresses work in your own country.

{ Also when you come to each new webpage, a window will popup about displaying non-secure items, just click "YES", we agree it is a nuisance. }

1) Review Order and Continue -- for a non-paypal member,  after you enter your contact information (which is important for us so we can create a receipt for you) then click the button with this name where the order will be displayed.

2) Shipping  -- this is very important that this screen be filled in properly so that we make sure to ship your crystal skull to the right address, please double check this screen to make sure the shipping address is accurate.

3) Billing (for non-Paypal members) -- this is where you type in your credit card information.

4) Payment (for Paypal members) here you indicate if you wish to use your credit card or bank account associated with your Paypal account, whichever you registered as primary is offered first.

Paypal will then show you the total for your order and ask for a confirmation to make this transaction (Pay Now button).  You will then come to a thank you page and Paypal will send to the email you provided a confirmation of your order as well.

(Available from Brazil, we have three types of quartz
crystal skulls, Clear - Rose - Smoky - Amethyst)

To Pay by Credit Card Using Paypal Select Your Payment Option Below

( Please note, the prices shown for your crystal skull include
the postage and handling to send your order directly to you. Also
make sure you select the type of quartz you wish for your skull below.)


United States

(includes $7.00 shipping
and handling)

Type of Quartz for your Skull


(includes $13.50 shipping
and handling)

Select Type of Quartz for your Skull



(includes $21.75 shipping
and handling)

Select Type of Quartz for your Skull

Other International

(includes $27 shipping
and handling)

Select Type of Quartz for your Skull

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